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Ellen DeGeneres

Thanks For Caring

About My Heart, TMZ

9/26/2011 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ellen DeGeneres
wants everyone to know ... her heart scare that triggered a 911 call Monday morning has been happily resolved ... and she gave TMZ special mention for spreading the word, Paul Revere-style.

Ellen taped her show hours after paramedics arrived on the Warner Bros. lot to check her out.  She says she felt a tightness and heaviness in her chest and felt she needed to have it checked out.

Her explanation is actually pretty hilarious.  Thanks for the shout out, Ellen.


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Ellen is a wonderful person and the world needs her.. Are these people blind? or just can't appreciate beautiful creations.. tsk tsk!! poor them!!

1061 days ago


You don't wish bad one someone because they are not doing or living right. You pray for them.

1061 days ago


You all are so conservative, homophobic and intolerant (partly already influenced racist, because you are against everything that is different). We were supposed to have arrived at a time where homosexuality is an accepted part of our society.
Someone you do not know, to desire the death, just because he does not like any other runs after the herd and decide for themselves what is right, put one back into the Middle Ages and shows how primitive the people but are in reality.

Incidentally, issue here is neither a cost if someone is gay or not, nor about his personality, but to that health of a human like you and me.
Everyone has sometimes ups and downs and it is logical that one is not always a good thing and can be funny, in this business it is important to build a facade and let out everything else in the private. That's the job and guaranteed would everyone do so and put on a mask, you should just remember how many times we meet people and greet nice and think in reality something quite different (for example the boss we crawl in the ass to reach our aims).

One can only arrogate to judge a person if you know her personally.

I wish her a long life, health, fun, and that she does what she thinks is right.
I wish you more openness towards others, health, a long life and enjoy the beautiful sites in your life and not only look to narrow-minded at everything.

I think it would be nice to watch her show in german tv, too.

Dearest greetings from Germany


ps: sorry for not perfect english^^

1061 days ago


Life is beautiful and can be a waste if just filled with hatred. hope the meany ones change before 2012 ends.. =)

1060 days ago

amanda silberstein    

Hello, i would like to start off by saying i love ur show very much..... i had hand wrote a letter to u and couldnt find the address to send it to.... i was woundering about some advice... i am 25 and in school right now tryinf to graduate and i ahve this month left... i am going through alot trying to help my family my dad has been a truck driver for about 30yrs and is not doing very well at all he is a bad diabetic and is in alot of pain right now he has been sick for several years.... he has lost half of hi right foot and 2 toes on the other.....because the doctor didnt chrck everything right before he did and thats how he lost half of his foot... nowbwcause of that he had to have open heart surgey and is doing ok...idk wut do for my mom to help her with anything because i struggle myself and was woundering if there was any advice u could give my mom and dad are going to loose their hm and my dad buisness i am very stressed and dont know wut i can do for them except say a prayer and i keep prayen and nothing is getting better no matter wut we try to do i jus know that everyone in this world has a hard time but i jus dont understand why thing like this happen to good people..... my dad is sick my mom is stressed and i cant help i struggle with my girlfriend to try to psy my bills let alone help my mom.... he has been in the hospital for almost 2 months and in all honesty its best hes there because we dont know if he will have a hm to come hm to and heal and get better..... if u have any advise at all for me im all ears i have tried to get them help with bills and food and nobody can help.... it would mean alot to get advice from someone like u.....i know its sounds horrible but i am desperate and would like my parents to live the life they deserve and not wounder where the next meal or dollar is going to come from... like i said if there is anything u could say or pray it would help a bunch... thank you for taken the time to let me vent because i have no one else to talk to...... it was a pleasure to write on ur page....

1060 days ago


I like this lady and wish her the best but however Im totally pissed as well because being a very poor person who wrote her show a dozen times wishing for one of the new cars she was giving away which would have been great to have because of my disability.....and didn't get because others who had families to support them and others that had money and others that already had a the new cars. So, now I just don'*****ch her show anymore cause it is depressing to see people win stuff all the time.

1060 days ago


She's aiming to become a woman but no, she still has some work to do.

1060 days ago
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