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Who Wants to OVERPAY

for My "Celebrity Home?"

9/27/2011 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


For Sale:
Banged up "celebrity home" ... 4 bedrooms, but uncomfortably sleeps 15 .... 3 bathrooms, but there's crap all over the place -- and it's up for sale for $25k OVER market value!!!!!

Yes, Octomom Nadya Suleman has finally listed her Orange County, CA home -- in a last ditch effort to squeeze some cash out of the place before the bank forecloses on it in the next couple of days.

As we previously reported, the Octocrib was appraised at $500k -- but she must be feeling lucky because Nadya has listed the place for $525,000.

A master of the sales pitch, Octo has described the pad as a "celebrity home" -- complete with artificial turf in the backyard and a "desirable" cul-de-sac location.

If ya want it, better act fast -- and also, you should lick yourself, because you must be a sucker. 



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In this market, she will be very lucky to get enough to pay off the mortgage on the property.

It's a distress sale, after all.


1088 days ago

T. Bag Jones    

No sympathy. She had an entire litter of children BY CHOICE all in the name of publicity. She thought she would get rich by being this sideshow freak. She trashed the house! If she cannot provide a safe, clean environment for her children why are they still in her custody? Yank them away from her until she GETS A FU*KIN JOB and can support the children SHE chose to have. I hate women who think just giving birth entitles them to some reward.

1088 days ago


Octomom got herself into this mess, she can get herself out.

There's a safety net for the children available anonymously to anyone who wants to "drop a dime".

1088 days ago


@maggie 11 hrs ago as u said all the bashing begins, but what i want to know is where was her help to clean up the place to make it marketable?? did everyone on earth desert this woman? and maggie is right TMZ u guys are the worst for making peoples lives worse than they already are. u should be ashamed, but your not. may God have mercy on you. and i hope karma comes around to EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOUR STAFF HARVEY INCLUDING YOU! MY #1` ON MY WISH LIST IS THAT ALL OF YOUR HOMES GET TERMITES, YOUR PLUMBING BACKS UP, WATER LEAKS, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING SHOULD HAPPEN TO ALL YOUR HOMES JUST BECAUSE U ALL THINK U ARE SO SPECIAL AND HARVEY YOU ARE NOT FUNNY AND U LAUGH LIKE A GIRL. PIZZ OFF ALL OF YOU.

1088 days ago

Star Whacker    

Celebrity???!!! She's a legend in her own mind - at best. Dilusional - at worst. God help those kids.

I'm really happy for her neighbors though. They should all get together and write a tell-all book with stories about their time with her in the neighborhood, and then use the money from it to have one hell of a big block party!

1088 days ago


Why tne he*ll should anyone be offering to help her clean it up? She's the one who let the property turn to ****. It was remodeled and upgraded before she moved in 2 years ago. It takes a whole lot of neglect to trash a house so badly in such a short time.

BTW, LMAO at the "celebrity" reference. It didn't help much with the last house she let go in to foreclosure.

1088 days ago


i think you suck TMZ for this post she still has to kids to worry about and if you feel she is a joke that fine keep it to yourself or better yet help her out....

1088 days ago


Maybe if she spent the donation money wiser people would cut her some slack but she's selfish and cares more about herself through her actions. Makeover is not essential as well as spas and other assorted b.s

Private School?? Private f'ing school????

Whats wrong with those kids being in public school. There are parents who work who would love that. But an unemployed woman who knocked herself up with all those welfare brats on purpose??? She doesn't know how to spend money wisely. Even if i had sympathy still left for her wtf would i knowing her dummy foundation isn't taking their cut or she's not spending it on junk.

She doesn't deserve any sympathy for her rampant stupidity and she doesn't care if she takes down her kids with her.

Move to a cheap place in the country buy yourself some land and start by not begging for more handouts and maybe we can foster up forgiveness. ugh..she screwed up those kids lives and expects society to feel sorry for her actions. Sorry but she doesn't deserve any. Also don't expect your neighbors to feel sorry with all the noise and mayhem surrounding having a single mother with 20 kids. Not to mention the cameras around when they want a quiet neighborhood. She shoulda moved to the country and actually had space to trash if need be actually had some cash left over. She really thought she could move all those kids to a residential area in close proximity to neighbors and there wouldn't be problems??? Yeah blame them for your lack of foresight; which seems to be ongoing.

Unselfish action on her part? Give those kids up to families who actually can take care of them properly. Shudder to think without a family and proper family structure how this liter is going to turn out.

Her actions not only effect the kids but also society as you can be damn sure we taxpayers are paying for her

1088 days ago


May I remind all of you that are suggesting that people should be helping her instead of commenting... Suze Orman, who went through all her finances stated on the Oprah Winfrey show that Nadya made more than enough money to provide for the kids through adulthood, and she just squandered it away(and Nadya agreed),
Why should anyone want to help her anymore. She doesn't use it for the kids, she uses it for her own selfishness. She got a Breast Augmentation with that money instead of putting a roof over the kids heads for heaven's sake! What's more important in YOUR opinion????

1088 days ago


Just wondering how does someone sell a house they don't even own?

1088 days ago


My info came from octo's flapping lips - she said the house was a lease option. Amer said the bank was going to foreclose because he didn't get the rent money from octo so he couldn't make his mortgage payments. said in December that the property was in pre-forclosure and is now in foreclosure. Since Amer isn't foreclosing, it must be the bank that is holding his mortgage. All that back and forth between Haddadid and Hairy Ed and Harmony Enterprises is null and void as it seems Haddadid couldn't sell the house since it was mortgaged. Just a bunch of cons trying to out-con each other.

1088 days ago


Bellestarr, Thanks, I'll check it out.

1088 days ago


Just wondering when this story is going to tell the truth. The house is not owned by Octomom. She was paying RENT. The press does not seem to want to search the facts concerning any part of Nadya Octomom Suleman's life.
Once again Suleman has used someone to get what she wants, tires of it and walks away. This house was remodeled to fit her situation, FREE, and she allowed the kids to run wild, thus making the home a disaster.
Again...Octomom does NOT own that house!

1088 days ago


Can you say,"please won't you be my neighbor?" LOL, you are so pathetic that you really think no one knows you are using all of these names? Wow,you poor thang, I thought you had a little bit of a brain, sorry.

1087 days ago

becky hernandez    

she did wrong but at least she is not mean and snooty like kate is to her precious children. Kate thinks she is better than everyone, at least octomom admits her wrongs and doesn't sell her childrens life for money

1056 days ago
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