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Patti Stanger

"Sorry" I Blasted Gays & Jews

9/26/2011 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Patti Stanger 
says she's extremely sorry for her homophobic and anti-Semitic remarks last night on TV -- telling TMZ, she didn't mean to stir the pot.

Patti tells us, “I am so sorry. I did not mean to offend anyone with my comments last night."

Patti appeared on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" -- when she said gay men are incapable of monogamy ... adding, "There is no curbing gay men ... I have tried."

But gay men weren't the only target of Patti's unprompted criticism -- she also generalized, "Jewish men lie."

Bravo is also apologizing for Patti's outburst -- telling us, “[Patti's] comments are not representative of the network’s beliefs and opinions.  We apologize for the offense it caused.”


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This is MAN bashing. She's Jewish too.. What I think is really silly is that she SAYS she broke up with her fiance because he didn't want kids. The woman is almost 50! I think her child bearing years are behind her. Maybe she's thinking of adopting!

1089 days ago


Compare and contrast the following statements:

Men lie.
White men lie.
Black men lie.
Jewish men lie.
Catholic men lie.

There's no curbing straight men.
There's no curbing gay men.
There's no curbing men.

I submit that you could make some of these comments and no one would notice and yet others apparently cause great offense. Sometimes you have to wonder...

1089 days ago


Chill out people, She is Jewish herself and all her posse is gay....

1089 days ago


Seriously, is there anyone who actually knows any gay men that won't agree that gay men are, in general, huge sluts?

That's not homophobia, that's reality.

1089 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Alright folks, it's seriously time to check yourselves. A form of mind control is imposing ones views constantly upon another until they actually believe it.

That is exactly what THZ is trying to do to you and then they hope you take the learned message to others you know.....

Don't let them turn you into a fruitcake.

1089 days ago


Never heard of her and certainly care to never hear anything more about her EVER AGAIN.

1089 days ago


Isn't it okay for a jewish he/she to say that kind of stuff about themselves?

1089 days ago


I don't care who you sleep with. I don't care who you love. What I am offended with TMZ, is that you presume or expect me to have an opinion. THAT IS OFFENSIVE and I RESENT THE HELL OUT OF IT.

1089 days ago


whats wrong with Patti she should know the only people she can get away with bashing on Bravo are Rebulicans...Gheesh what a chubby jerk !

1089 days ago


Who is this clown and why is she running her mouth?

1089 days ago


Why is it when A male celeb say something like this everyone goes crazy blasting them. But this lady who not only this time, but times before has done it and all is ok.

1089 days ago


She shouldn't have to apologize! People can say what they want!

1089 days ago


a) I'm pretty sure her comments do not constitute having a fear of homosexuals.

b) Her comment is right on the mark. Homosexuals are incapable of monogamy as this is unnatural behavior. They are mentally ill. The prevalent spread of HIV infection among homosexuals compared to the normal population says it all.

1089 days ago


hos can gay guys stay faithful when there's things like football and big manly buns

1089 days ago


What about her comments that women with red hair should change it since men don't like redheads? Also, that girls shouldn't appear too smart when getting to know men. And curly-haired girls should straighten their hair! She is homely and pathetic in her "advice" And///Red Heads are HOTTTTT. And make the hottest lovers.

1089 days ago
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