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Oksana's Son

Gets Big Settlement

From Mel Gibson

9/27/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Mel Gibson
is paying Oksana's son, Alexander (Sasha) Dalton, $100,000 ... in return for a guarantee that the 14-year-old will not sue the actor ... TMZ has learned.

As we have previously reported, Oksana's lawyers were trying to get Gibson to pay Alexander $500,000, for allegedly terrorizing the boy during the blowout fight between Oksana and Mel on January 6, 2009.  Oksana also alleged Mel once pushed the boy onto a table.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ ... Mel agreed in his settlement to pay the boy the $100,000, but there is a complete waiver on Alexander's part to sue Gibson.


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Since when are kids allowed to sue anybody?

1091 days ago


If I were Dalton I'd hang my head in shame and get full custody of my child. That he's done neither spells cheap, greedy, ***** to me...

1091 days ago


The Succubus is training her offspring to mooch off of others.

1091 days ago


Gibson and Ox were just not working out. Ox, get's pregnant on purpose...Little Lucia...Ox's baby jackpot.

Gibson supported her and her son and that was still not good enough. Now 3 years later, Ox want's money for her 'son's trama, who has been living in a house payed for by Gibson.

Who knows, maybe Timothy Dalton is questioning, finding out where his child support has been going. Gibson has been paying for over 3 years.

1091 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Here's to hoping that Oksanity walks in front of an 18 wheeler after stepping of the curb checking her mail.

There are really only 3 women that absolutely DISGUST me;

Glorihole Allhead
Nancy Disgrace
Oksanity the russina bietch

oh wait, 4, I lied, Dina Lohan!!!!!

Can some really nice businessman take these 4 on a quaint vacation to Aruba already?

1090 days ago


She certainly makes sure her name is out there as often as possible!!onfused

1090 days ago


Let's just hope she has finally run out of things she can think of to sue him for. I agree with Majestik that he's shut off every avenue that she would try to make money off of. The police already know what happened anyway because they interviewed the kid when the argument happened, I think. This kid isn't doing the suing himself. She's using a normal teenager's angst and turning it to look like it's Gibson's fault. Believe me, I have a teenage daughter and the temper flares are almost uncontrollable at times. Maybe I should find someone to blame it on too....what a copout.

1090 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Alexander didn't pocket exactly $100k. Keep in mind that the Russian cronies got their share before he got his.

1090 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    


1090 days ago


I'll bet Dalton is getting his cut. That will not leave much for Alex.She must be the money maker for the family.


1090 days ago


I hope anybody in this country is paying very close attention to this case. Especially men. I don't care if Mel have issues or not this case should've been resolves long time ago. But no...I'm waiting for the next reason that she's gonna come out with to sue.

1090 days ago


OMG, who is responsible for the justice system in our poor little country. How could somebody allow something like that to happen. Does that woman even pay taxes here in this country. what kind of judge will let any lawyer claim something so outrageous. $100,000 I hope that little boy grow up to be better than her mommy and daddy. What kind of father allow somthig like that. Let me see Tim Dalton can't make money anymore he got his ex wh*re to do the dirty job for him. Timothy Dalton you should be ashamed of yourself. your are and that ex b**ch of yours belong together. wow. what is happening with our justice system. We are turning into jokes. Karma is watching, if karma don't get her somebody close to her will pay,how sad.

1090 days ago


Majestik: 31 minutes ago
Well, for some reason I see this as a brilliant move on Gibson's part. He's paying the kid off so that he can't be sued, how much you want to make a bet that a book deal can't be reached with this kid now also. The judge said no more recordings, and neither could release details, he didn't say anything about Alex lying through his mother and writing his own book. I'm sure that the January blowup wasn't the only stellar argument those two have had in three years and I'm sure the kid was privy to all. Seems to me, Gibson just shut out the one avenue OxyKaka had to release a book, her son.

I completely agree with you, Majestik. Team Gibson was just tying up a "legal" loose end that would have come back to haunt them at some later point in time. Considering the boy was paid much less than what his attorneys were asking tells me that Team Gibson had considerable "leverage" on their side. Mel Gibson is trying to move forward with his life and secure a safe, stable environment to raise his daughter. This settlement gives him considerable "leverage" in case Alexander disrupts Lucia's household in the future. The boy has already demonstrated that he has a somewhat "volatile" temperament. From this point forward, both Ole Greedy and Timothy Dalton will have 100% responsibility for "ANY" of Alexander's actions until he becomes an adult. No future blame can be placed on Mel Gibson, if his parents don't ensure he's properly disciplined and counseled. Now Ole Greedy will be left completely to her own devices and won't be able to "SCAPEGOAT" anyone else for her glaring "DEFICIENCIES" as a "PARENT"!!! The unnecessary "media circus" she created has done far more damage than anything Mel Gibson could have done. At least he had enough sense to end their "FAILED" relationship and attempt to broker a "private" settlement with her. SHE WILL REGRET NOT TAKING THE HIGH ROAD!!!

1090 days ago


Of course that was her idea and the kid wont get a cent of it!

1090 days ago


his mom needs serious therapy. she marries wealthy men, gives birth, and abracadabra she's $et for life. "kids for cash" business venture. always looking like the down trodden victim, head tilted to one side. can't feel bad for Mel or whoever she targets, Mel's a smart cookie, he had to know what he was getting into up front, but the kids are the real victims. she'll pull them into all manner of $cenarios, $olely for the purpose of $upporting herself. impossible to feel bad for her. just my opinion.

1090 days ago
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