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People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

AEG Live Co-CEO:

Murray Wanted Too Much $$$

9/28/2011 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Gongaware -- AEG Live Co-CEO Testifies, Day 2
Updated 9/28/11 at 8:50 AM

0928_Paul_Gongaware_trial2Paul Gongaware took the stand again today -- claiming Dr. Conrad Murray requested an astronomical salary for his services to MJ.

* Gongaware said it was Michael who asked him to hire Dr. Murray... but Murray was asking for $5 million ... way too much money.
* But Michael insisted he wanted Murray so he called him again and this time offered him $150 thousand a month -- per MJ's instructions.

Paul also told Dr. Murray's defense attorney he was on the lookout for any drug use by MJ, saying he noticed a "slight slur" in Michael's speech during their interactions.

Paul Gongaware -- AEG Live Co-CEO Testifies, Day 1:
MJ Wanted 21 Extra Shows

Updated Yesterday, 9/27/11 at 3:45 PM

AEG Live's Co-CEO Paul Gongaware just took the stand ... telling prosecutors Michael was the one who demanded 21 extra shows.

* Gongaware claims the first 10 shows sold out nearly instantaneously and Michael wanted to add another 21 bringing the total to 31.
* Gongaware says Michael was obsessed with beating Prince's record of 21 shows at the O2 arena. 
* He said even after selling out 50 shows, there were still 250,000 people waiting for tickets.


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Thanks, Phantom. Loved the 30th Anniversary Show concert of Michael performing "Billie Jean", his dancing skills are amazing.

1101 days ago


Michael once said don't try and understand him , a am assuming the reason being how could you ever understand such perfection many people mocked Michael as I fear this is all part of human nature goes back to jealous . jealous of a man with such a incredible imanation a love for life in all in life as I can find no words to describe the length of of his compasion .maybe you loved michael or maybe you hated michael but you still knew his name the most famouse man alive a thousand years from today you will still hear people talkimg of the master that changed the world michael jackson so people open your eyes open your hearts let justice find its way as i believe in our justic system , just as i believed in michael.

1101 days ago


Well Gee..
Tmz has been building up to this for over two years, and nobody seems to care other then some negative people/ perhaps internals.. ..just trying to make a living in this down economy..totally understand .....
and of course a few others..
At any rate ..most people who posted on this site are easily found on I will always look for phantom and others stuff.,
I am still around because I have met some really good friends on this site..
what can i say other then ,,UNCLE,, ..just got bored on this site..but i will check back every once in a while ..we'll always have

1101 days ago


This guy is not tell the truth at all look at his body language he is creepy to me.

1101 days ago


Mr. Gongaware seemed awfully nervous and blinked an awful lot (a sign of lying) ... not so sure I believe his take on Michael's agreement of 31 shows ... one has to wonder if MJ was of sound mind when he (or if he) agreed to more shows - we will likely never know the entire truth of this story. So sad. Justice for MJ.

1101 days ago


I am not sure where to post on this trial info. The picture for the prosecution presentation is so gross. I understand prosecutors may have wanted to remind everyone that we have a trial because a person has lost his life. However, I am sure it is very hard for the family to look at it. Man may be able to hold up, but it would be hard for the women and children to comprehend one word from that presentation because of the background. These people had no mercy for Mrs. Jackson. All I can say is, stay strong.

1101 days ago

get it right    

This GOOMBA and his body language and weird azz demeanor "30 years" as a promoter speaks bodily and has facial expressions like a complete idiot that's ****y and nervous at the same time. AEG GOOMBA contracted Consh*t ... LISTEN to how he DIRECTED Consh*t in his testimony LISTEN TO HIS WORDS.

The DATES between ordering all that Propofol (APRIL) oh but didn't hire him til MAY 8TH and that RECORDING of Consh*t of MJ , guess when --- MAY 10TH.

GOOMBA here is LYING OUT HIS AZZ. Tickets were sold out TO TICKETMASTER IN BLOCKS of which AEG Anshutz OWNER is OVER THEM TOO they were not sold to out to individual ticket holders.... YET. Hello "pre-sales".

LOOK. The investigation by some stellar seriously dedicated and intelligent MJ FANS, digging out INFO of AEG, Anshutz, THE POLITICAL corruption which Anshutz is a main player of REVEALS EXACTLY why MJ is now gone.

This "trial" is absolute and total BS. MJ was merely a pawn of power of Anshutz/AEG and the moment they were done with their "fun" of "winning" they no longer had any use for him, and the threat of MJ's intelligence and his constant warnings that he was being threatened were no longer going to be tolerated so BUH BYE.

It's as disgustingly simple and factual as THAT. Can it be proven? Yes. Will the proof ever come to court for TRUE justice? HELL no. Mafia IS what it is, folks. That will NEVER change. Ask DiLeo. Oh wait...

The PIC is photoshopped Bsh*t, the "recording" is UNsubstantiated by LEGIT voice authenticators never mind where's the proof that these actually come from the source they CLAIM they do?

Stay stupid to the REALITY of the WHY's of MJ's death. Stay stupid to the REALITY as to how ALL that may not be directly involved with AEG's agenda still run amok with their own illegalities to profit off of MJ.

MJ's Estate. It isn't a matter of IF the catalog will be sold, NEVER WAS. It's WHEN. And, THAT will happen when PPJ are as well controlled by the same 'powers' as MJ was blindsided by and found himself too late, to be. IMO, they're already "in the bag". In the meantime to "when".. EVERYBODY makes their money a la zero moral compasses and all that happy horse sh*t.

Gripe on ppl... won't make a bit of difference. Even if Consh*t goes to jail. JUSTICE with NEVER HAPPEN. Consh*t going to jail is THEIR snarky laughing hyena selves just throwing you a bone to gnash on to keep your mouths busy. IF he walks... same difference... because what ANYONE feels IS OF NO CONCERN TO THEM. NEVER was NEVER will be.

It wasn't drug abuse that exacted the price from MJ for his fame AND HIS MESSEGEA he used his fame and God given brilliance of talent to put on blast for 40 yrs. It was AEG's greed of political and financial power. Period.

1101 days ago

Call me cranky    

Hmmmm, methinks both MJ and Prince were 'jw's' and were likely 'counselled' from the pulpit to not draw attention to anyone other than God,Jesus or Jehovah. But I could be wrong ...... or not.

1101 days ago


I do not trust or believe everything this AEG Live's Co-CEO Paul Gongaware guy. He does not seem reliable or a credible witness. His performance on the stand leaves something to be desire. I believe Murray was going broke and needed a lot of cash and it's the only reason he signed on and agreed to MJ term to help illegal drugs to MJ. This whole thing sicken me and should have never happened. A bunch of greedy, money hungry SOB's wanting to get rich off MJ and seeing all kinds of dollar signs and nobody bother to help Michael who desperately was crying out for help.

I still say Murray was Michael last doctor, he knew what he was getting into and didn't care because all he saw was $$$. He should pay for that crime alone, by not only losing his license but contributing to MJ death by providing the drugs that killed him. He's guilty by fault and if Michael is paying with his life, so should Murray. Just admit you were dead wrong for breaking your medical oath and for being greedy Murray, you are guilty! Michael's dead because people used his illness for their benefit instead of helping him get better, the whole thing just makes me cry.

RIP MJ, you didn't deserve this at all.

1101 days ago


Murray's lawyers are the worst! They can't even keep their story straight. Wouldn't it make more sense to claim Wacko took the Lorazepam BEFORE the Propofol was administered, since the propofol sets in within seconds? How on earth would Wacko be able to take it once he's unconscious? He was probably dead within minutes of Murray administering his last shot. Murray was on the phone, sleeping and goofing off the whole time. Then he wasted more time trying to cover his ass after discovering Wacko was dead.

I believe Wacko planned his suicide and wanted it to appear to be someone else's fault. He had such an inflated ego that he couldn't handle being second best - to Prince. On one of his rare good days when he was flying high on drugs, he told the promoters to up the shows, knowing he couldn't handle even a few of them. People who plan their suicide usually get giddy in the days before they die. It was probably a relief to him once he decided, which explains his 'good days' right before his death. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he planned those shows knowing full well he would die before they would take place, just to put himself back in the limelight. He was an attention whore.

Now it's out that EVERYONE wanted to end it once they discovered the condition he was in. Those shows would have been shut down within a week after the day he died anyway. He managed to keep everyone at bay so nobody knew he was a junkie except Murray and that s***bag Arnie Klein. When he stopped going to rehearsals it was pretty much finished.

Why is it so important to blame others for Wacko's 20+ year drug problem? He did it to himself and should have known he was in no condition to raise children. He wasn't a good role model. The way he made the kids hide their faces in public was shameful. Then hanging the baby over the balcony? At what point will someone alleviate Blanket of his ridiculous name? He was grossly negligent on so many fronts, yet someone else is a murderer for trying to keep him on his feet. Murray is a dumbass for sure, but Klein is the bigger criminal. Why let him off the hook?

1101 days ago


mj obviously wanted a desperate, illogical dumb criminal to go down with him in case he got exposed as a damn drug addict and thief. he used drugs when his negligent behavior around the abused boy jordan chandler was publicized. he reward thief evan chandler just like he tried to pay murray millions to make pain go away, but murray was never paid. murray gets the last laugh.

1101 days ago


Well, we all knew MJ was delusional, just LOOK at him over the years - clearly not in touch with reality.
He had never dealt with significant failure in his life, had he? He was too emotionally fragile to handle it & he bailedwhen he realized this time he couldn't "bring it".
AEG is not to blame here - there never was a "conspiracy" for Murray, if not wholly culpable, definitely had a significant part in it.

1100 days ago

king Edwing     

As a first time reader i can honestly say that extensive backgraound in news is in high demand and TMZ alwayz delivers the best lates and the show is great the best gossup news in showz bizzzz alwayz politicly correct as far as im concerned the show that i was looking for and missed since the last time i turned on television on basic channels the best.........................................

1100 days ago


To the dip****s you say MJ was a pedophile. Look that WORD up before you decide to use it. Victim has to be of pre-pubescent age in order for it to be labeled pedophilia. YOUNGER THAN 14!

1100 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

What up all you emotionally illiterate, Nancy Disgrace following, irrational, rode wet, mental midgets? FYI, MJ was a drug addicted pedophile who suffered from an identity crisis and took it upon himself to OD!

1100 days ago
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