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Dr. Conrad Murray [Video]

Pacing Frantically in Hospital

... After MJ Dies

9/28/2011 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Dr. Conrad Murray was captured on video anxiously pacing around the waiting room at UCLA Medical Center ... after Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 ... and the footage was just presented in court.

Prosecutors claim the tape shows Murray leaving the hospital around 4:36PM that day -- two hours after MJ was pronounced dead.

The defense refuted the claim -- and showed additional footage -- which appears to show Murray in the hospital around 5PM (notice the timestamp).



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I don't understand how that video shows him as "Pacing Frantically" Honestly TMZ who comes up with the titles to your stories.

1118 days ago


Where was the "pacing frantically" part? I must have missed it. I see him walking.

1118 days ago


He was hungry so maybe he was frantically looking for food.

1118 days ago


The prosecution will win this case. A. Because they have a strong case and B. Because they come across as "decent human beings" while the defense seems VERY sleazy and unnecessarily condescending/combative/hyper towards cooperative and articulate witnesses. After the Anthony case and now this trial, I've seriously lost respect for Defense attorneys based on the way they act.

1118 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

Did everybody see all of the loser MJ fans chanting and holding up signs outside of the courthouse?? HAHAHAHAHA.
Nothing more pathetic than a bunch of loser adults with nothing better to do in the middle of a work week than show up and protest some trial for a dead guy they never even really knew. Get a job you loser hippies.

1118 days ago

not a chance    

horrible misrepresentation of a video...

1118 days ago


Michael Jackson's molestation issues have NOTHING to do with this case. If he was a molester (which he probably was), then the world is rid of one molester. Great. But this case has to do with a doctor (a cardiologist for crying out loud!) who practiced GROSS NEGLIGENCE that contributed to the death of Michael Jackson. And if you ask me, both he and Arnie Klein should be on trial right now. It is simply not enough to say "the right hand wasn't talking to the left hand." Both Dr.s had a responsibility to find out what Michael was on and treat him accordingly and properly.

1118 days ago


While I do not condone Murray in any way and the way he handled things, I am not surprised at all that the prosecution has embellished facts.
VERY VERY RARE to find an honest prosecutor, one that does not have an agenda to accelerate their careers or have a personal vendetta against the defendant and will resort to lies/embellishments or sneaky tactics to enhance their case.
Prosecutors are notorious s***bags.
One out of one hundred is honest and does their job with ethics and merit, the rest are a dime a dozen.

1118 days ago


Good Lord, is this what we have to look forward to for the next several months - non stop coverage of this trial on TMZ? I think I'll be taking a break from TMZ for the next few months.

1118 days ago


question somebody said the doc got rid of the security video but how did he do that when he was not part of the security team? These NOI guards seem shady to me

1118 days ago


He`s guilty simply because he took an oath to help people, not fill them full of drugs. MJ hired him because he would do as he was told. He went against his oath, his better judgment and now he`s a murderer.

1118 days ago


And he was screaming "This house sure gone crazy!" over and over again.

Later he was heard singing "What a nut, wake him up"

1118 days ago


I don't see the diff whether he was pacing or not. The man gave Jackson a drug that is to be used in hospital OR only then he left him unattended. Case closed.

1118 days ago


Nancy Grace, once again, is prejudging another person on trial before all the evidence is presented. She is certain Dr Murray is guilty and she is going to make tons of money by screaming "guilty" before she has actually heard any evidence. I wish she would stop saying she is a lawyer.

1118 days ago
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