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Halle Berry & BF

On Their Last Legs

9/28/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0928_oliver_SplashExactly one week after Halle Berry broke her foot in Spain, her boyfriend Olivier Martinez hobbled out in Paris today -- sporting a brand new crutch.

It's unclear what befell the French actor -- but one thing's for sure, a couple that limps together ...



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some guy    

... Is cursed together. Got a feeling someone's not happy about the custody agreement.

1124 days ago


THAT is NOT Olivier Martinez!! WTF did Berry do to him?!?! He was young-looking, healthy-looking and always smiling before hooking up Berry. Now, he looks haggard!! This woman seems to suck the life and joy out of every man she dates.

1124 days ago

Christina G.    

She has terrible taste in men.

1124 days ago

Cheryl A.    

They are probably kicking the crap out of each other.

1124 days ago


and with all of this going on she still will not let Nahla go to her fathers...even for a while
what a bitter/nasty/vindictive/controlling woman....... I could go on and on....for no good reason he digs in her heels to prevent a loving dad from spending time with his daughter!
does she hate fathers so much because of her own absentee father that she will continue to do this??
she nees therapy to understnad that Gabriel Aubrey is NOT the man who abandoned her
so maybe she will finally STOP taking it out on him and at the same time doing permanent harm to her daughter's emotional well being

feel so terribly sad for the little girl and her dad

you don't need to have a psych degree to know this woman has major problems!!!

1124 days ago


Poor Halle .. This woman has completely lost her fan-base ( Yeah , both black and white audiences ). Am not sure when it's going to hit her Yet . Maybe when her next movie BOMB'S . Well, Now , she's dating some Euro Trash , and reducing her sexiness even further - Grrr, don't these people have someone in-the-know to advise them when they are making bad moves ? O-M-G..

1124 days ago


Probably from getting it on "REAL GOOD" kinda made the knees sore! Since she cannot do too much with that broken foot - can always lay on one's back!!

1124 days ago


This man sure looks old.Is this the same man i saw pictured with her not long ago?My GOD GIRL!!!!

1124 days ago


Halley Berry is a vampire obviously. She sucks the life out of every man that crosses her path! Look at that old coot..

1124 days ago


Wow....just wow. WHat in the HECK happened to him? He was soo hot before Halle. He really looks broken down and so much older. She must destroy every guy she's with all her craziness and drama. Oliver, dude...WAKE UP AND WISE UP! THIS WOMAN WILL BE THE DEATH OF YOU AND YOUR CAREER!

1124 days ago


Must be all the bone-crushing sex they're having...

1124 days ago


He looks awful...he used to be so hot. Now he looks not just old but sick too...too bad.

1124 days ago


Oh my goodness! Who is this scary looking man!!?? Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes

1124 days ago


Ugh...newsflash. Olivier Martinez has looked like this for awhile (over the last few years) even before Halle check the photos, clips from there unreleased movie. Guess booze and cigarettes don't help neither does not working for awhile. Can't blame this one on Halle, sorry! Not to say he probably didn't expect all this bs for being her fake rebound bf. Funny folks said Halle was slumming when she had her arrangement with Aubry.

1124 days ago


That's a cane, not a crutch.

1124 days ago
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