Sean Kingston Jet Ski Accident Caused By Inattention, Inexperience

9/22/2011 6:00 AM PDT

Sean Kingston: Jet Ski Accident Caused by Inattention, Inexperience

Sean Kingston
's near-fatal jet ski accident could have been avoided if he had bothered to take a boating safety class, or at least read the manual ... according to a newly released police report obtained by TMZ.

Investigators say Kingston's "inexperience" and "inattention" were solely to blame. The cops specifically called him out for not understanding basic boating safety procedures. They believe Kingston stupidly released the throttle while turning the steering wheel at the same time, causing him to lose control over the watercraft.

As we reported in May, the "Beautiful Girls" singer was critically injured when he crashed his brand new jet ski into a bridge in Miami Beach.

The three-month police investigation reveals just how close Kingston was to dying. According to the report, Kingston crashed into the bridge with such force, his head, arms and upper chest, left an imprint on the cement (see photo below).

Kingston was cited for "careless operation in an accident" and fined a whopping $180.