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People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

MJ's Bodyguard

Prince & Paris Saw Everything

9/28/2011 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Faheem Muhammad -- Michael Jackson's Bodyguard Testifies
Updated 9/28/11 at 2:05 PM

Michael Jackson's head of security, Faheem Muhammad, claims Prince and Paris witnessed Conrad Murray desperately trying to resuscitate their father the morning he died, and had to be removed from the scene.

Muhammad testified Paris was  "on the ground, balled up crying," and Prince "was shocked and slowly crying."

Muhammad claims Jackson appeared to be dead when he arrived at the scene -- and when he noticed Prince and Paris in the doorway, he took them downstairs.

Muhammad says that's when he heard Murray asking if anyone knew CPR -- and his fellow bodyguard Alberto Alvarez rushed to help.

Once MJ was pronounced dead, MJ's assistant Michael Amir Williams relayed to him Murray's request to go back and retrieve the "cream" -- and that's when they both agreed not to let Murray back in the house.

Muhammad also claimed MJ visited Dr. Arnold Klein's office several times a week and often came out "a bit tipsy" -- but never explained why. According to Muhammad, MJ once said to him, "You must think I'm crazy for going to Dr. Klein's everyday."


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Why did the Dr asking people if they know CPR? Why is a DOCTOR giving someone CPR on a bed?! WTF?

1092 days ago


Murray says that's when he heard Murray asking if anyone knew CPR. Alvarez came to his aid.
..... should say "Muhammad" not "Murray"

**And AQUANET: his testimony completely clarifies that he was on the FLOOR while receiving CPR by Dr. Murray. Muhammad only saw his feet sticking out from next to the bed because he was on the floor.

1092 days ago


Michael :we love you so much !

1092 days ago


Sure, sure. MJ's chief of security would say things like that. But they're all lying---this guy (about Murray saying to get "the cream"), the paramedics (they'll lie that Murray didn't mention Diprivan), Kenny Ortega (who said Murray told him to leave the doctoring to Murray). Ed Chernoff will explain it all at the end. All these people are lying because Murray wasn't friendly to them...or something like that.

1092 days ago


During the 911 call alverez said the Docort was giving him CPR ON THE BED

1092 days ago


This testimony is confusing. Did he see Murray performing CPR or not? On one hand, he said he SAW Murray trying to resusitate him and then he says Murray asked if anyone knew CPR. How was Murray trying to resusitate him? If these people are gonna lie, they need to get their lies straight!!

1092 days ago


being sane is more important than being smart... smarts are not the last thing you want to have, but sanity is first...

1092 days ago


who cares about jackson, he was a pedophile, and a drug user, so big deal!

1092 days ago


The MJ surrounded himself with some very "stellar" and "intelligent" people.

1092 days ago


Hey Phantom...

I really like that video, it shows the real Michael,
not what we are seeing and hearing now within this
ConRat Murderer trial.

good job !

1092 days ago


Too bad that Michael Jackson didn't just use marijuana for insomnia and other problems. More people should use marijuana; its safe, easy to use, and won't kill you. Using cannabis instead of cocaine, opiates, crystal meth, or Propanol, is a better option for all. a great recipe for medical marijuana chocolates, yum!

1092 days ago


Those poor kids :(

1092 days ago


Really scary to find out that A DR could not preform CPR?!!!

1092 days ago


A Cardiologist asking "Does anyone know CPR?" !!! WTF?!!! Take away his medical license NOW!

1092 days ago
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