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People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

Michael Jackson's Chef:

Murray Begged Me For Help

9/29/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kai Chase -- Michael Jackson's Chef Testifies
Updated 9/29/11 at 2:35PM

0929_girlk_on_standMichael Jackson's personal chef Kai Chase just testified -- claiming a frantic Dr. Conrad Murray begged her for help the day MJ died, ten minutes before anyone called 911.

According to Chase, she was in the kitchen preparing lunch for Michael and his kids -- and between 12:05 and 12:10PM, Murray ran downstairs, yelling for her to "get Prince, get help, get security."

Chase claimed she sent Prince to Dr. Murray and returned to work.

Chase admitted she didn't contact security -- a point highlighted by defense attorney J. Michael Flanagan.

Yesterday, MJ's personal assistant Michael Amir Williams testified ... Murray called him at 12:13 PM, and Williams immediately phoned security. MJ's security guard Alberto Alvarez eventually called 911 at 12:21 -- between 11 and 16 minutes after Murray allegedly asked Chase for help.

While Chase was leaving court today, we asked if she thought her testimony was helpful -- she responded, "Absolutely."


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He was a junkie! He was a mess for years and his family knew it, and did nothing! Money is all they cared about, and all they still care about! They should be ashamed! They knew the enviroment those kids were living in! Now they blame Dr. Murray. They will all rot!

1118 days ago


arrogant greedy chef. just like the sycophant raymone bain, his fired assistant who said on hln that she wanted the drug haze recording rechecked because she never saw mj abusing himself and unable to communicate.

1118 days ago


I read some of the testimony of the assistant to MJ. I was totally incorrect with my previous statements concerning Dr.Murray. That man messed up big time.

1118 days ago


Rogue Warrior: 4 hours ago

He was dying of AIDS anyway, whats the big deal if the good Dr. took him out of his misery?????







1118 days ago


gayforliz shedid the right thing 1. she would have been in the way with althe commotion in the home. 2 when she was hired I'm sure MJ gave her here responsiblities as he employed her.3 Mj was probably already dead so what's your point.$ she is not trained as a physican she could havent help him. enough said.

1118 days ago


Rogue Warrior: 60 minutes ago
MJ really should have been prescribed medical marijuana, having AIDS and all...... Propofol was OVERKILL, no pun intended.......
Michael Jackson did not have AIDS. He had lupus which in a way acts like AIDS (drastic loss of weight, pneumonia, fatigue, et...). Lupus is genetic while AIDS is caused by a virus called HIV.

1118 days ago


Regardless of what happens, you REALLY need to create your logo the same way you made that awesome 3d manslaughter image.

1118 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

What up homies, you know WHO you are! As for the rest of you rode lizards, MJ was suffering from an autoimmune disease and pedophilia, profonol was just another way out of his and our misery!

1118 days ago


mj needed a mental hospital, not concerts, greedy employees who knew mj was dazed. it was already deadly when he had a drug dealer and piece of crap deceitful family... the guy needed 2000-3000 calories a day. his face was sunken in, nothing mentally and physically good for so-called concerts

1118 days ago







1118 days ago


Everyone is forgetting that Dr Murray had a responsibility as a medical professional and claimed friend of Micheal Jackson.. Yes Jackson was an addict he had problems. He admitted that years ago. But this so called cardiologist comes in and feeds a known addict more drugs, drugs that specifically say only administer in a surgical setting without the proper tools in case of problems. Yes this may be about Jackson death but also its about the wrongful of a so called doctor. He needs to be held accountable for what he did he may not have killed him on purpose but his lack of knowledge and carelessness also played a major part..

1118 days ago


To Doctor's Lawyers!

You should call the cook to the stand when you present your case and roast her alive. :)

The doctor in panicked state with bulging eyes, anxious , yelling at her to "CALL FOR HELP, go get security, and bring the 12 year old upstairs immediately.

The lawyer only has to say, you stated you knew it was an emergency, that MJ was having Medical problems, and he told you to CALL FOR HELP. Did you understand what he meant by that.

She could say, "no sir."

LAWYER: So if your mother was having a medical emergency and you were asked to CALL FOR HELP , you wouldn't know to call 911. Everybody knows that.

Now the Lawyer takes his time with these questions, and says that for 10 minutes the DOCTOR had assumed you would do what he asked you to do.

LAWYER asks: Did you say "YES" or "OKAY" to his request to CALL FOR HELP, get security and bring 12 year old upstairs.

Or did you say "NO!, I WILL NOT DO THAT". or "I will only walk 10 steps and tell 12 year old to go upstairs". Did you say anything telling the Doctor that you would not CALL FOR HELP, or go get security?

Did you say to the Doctor you would not do as he requested , yes or no?

Was it your intention to do what the Doctor told you to do?

Did the Doctor say "you only have to do 1 of the 3 things, pick the one that is easiest?"

Didn't the Doctor tell you to do 3 things? GET HELP. Go get security. And get 12 year old to come upstairs.

You only did the 3rd thing and you didn't' do the most IMPORTANT thing. GET HELP.

And if it was unclear as to what "GET HELP" meant , coming from a DOCTOR who is YELLING at you , and you knowing it's a medical emergency. Why didn't you ask him. Do you mean call 911?

Lawyers for the Doctor, come on towards the end of your case, you got to call the COOK to the stand again. And NAIL her.

I mean, walking 10 feet to tell the 12 year old to go upstairs and go back to cooking. Come on. Why are you gonna give her a pass on this? It's GOLD. PURE GOLD.

1118 days ago


....In the upcoming weeks the most predominant issue will be the question of why Michael Jackson died with his eyes opened.

If one's eyes are open at the moment of death, then one dies with eyes opened. This is common in sudden, or violent deaths.

More often a person slips into shock or unconsciousness immediately preceding their demise, and therefore their eyes are closed. When death occurs, the relaxed position for the muscles in the eye is open. It actually takes muscular effort to close the eyes---therefore Michael had to have been awake at the precise moment of death.

Assuming that Doctor Murray Conrad did not leave the bedroom until Michael was asleep, this would mean Michael had awakened as the Doctor was not in the room---giving credence to the theory that Michael indeed self administered a subsequent dosage---most likely a very large dosage, which would have stopped his heart so quickly that his brain would not have had enough time to send an energy signal to his eyes lids to close.

This will be a major hurdle for the prosecution, and conversely, become a major selling point for the defense in its claim that Michael unwittingly killed himself....Artofwar 09/29/11

1118 days ago


Not guilty.

This trial is a circus. MJ wanted the drugs and got them. Who is to say who administered the last and fatal dose? No one can, besides MJ and Murray..and one person is dead.

There is too much reasonable doubt here. If Casey Anthony can get away with murder/acquitted of murder with all the evidence against her, then there is just no way that Murray should be convicted.

He's the scapegoat.

1118 days ago

Conrad Is Guilty    

For all of you idiots that keep trying to shove the blame off on the rest of the staff, who's responsibility was it to make sure that Michael was in good health / condition? And with Murray being the one that “discovered” Michael in the state that he was in, why didn't CONRAD MURRAY HIMSELF CALL 911 immediately instead of acting like it was someone else's duty? He was the doctor wasn’t he? Why run around the house and make phone calls to everyone else but the people that could have possibly saved his life?

Because he wanted to make sure that Michael was dead and there was no chance to revive him that's why. With him being a licensed doctor, am I supposed to believe that he didn't know that he couldn't administer CPR on a bed? And having the children come in the room to see that was just plain sick and cruel. He knew exactly what he was doing and he should have been tried with Murder. I don’t believe he was “just negligent” I believe he wanted the man dead.

1118 days ago
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