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People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

Michael Jackson's Chef:

Murray Begged Me For Help

9/29/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kai Chase -- Michael Jackson's Chef Testifies
Updated 9/29/11 at 2:35PM

0929_girlk_on_standMichael Jackson's personal chef Kai Chase just testified -- claiming a frantic Dr. Conrad Murray begged her for help the day MJ died, ten minutes before anyone called 911.

According to Chase, she was in the kitchen preparing lunch for Michael and his kids -- and between 12:05 and 12:10PM, Murray ran downstairs, yelling for her to "get Prince, get help, get security."

Chase claimed she sent Prince to Dr. Murray and returned to work.

Chase admitted she didn't contact security -- a point highlighted by defense attorney J. Michael Flanagan.

Yesterday, MJ's personal assistant Michael Amir Williams testified ... Murray called him at 12:13 PM, and Williams immediately phoned security. MJ's security guard Alberto Alvarez eventually called 911 at 12:21 -- between 11 and 16 minutes after Murray allegedly asked Chase for help.

While Chase was leaving court today, we asked if she thought her testimony was helpful -- she responded, "Absolutely."


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the bit ch kai knows mj was unhappy with looking and talking like a real man; ahe knows he WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR bringing down himself and people who never were too smart (like her).

he was a transexual who thought fame was the same as love of 13 year old boys. frustration ate him up inside, even though he was a negligent-type of abuser instead of a sex deviant.

1064 days ago


Murray called ms anding and another girlfriend. he was sending text messages. yet in time of a life crisis, murray doesn't call 911? he yells for a child, and the chef? you fools have not followed this case since 6/25/2009. People are blaming the chef now. More ignorant bs blaming the cook......for a man who committed suicide?

per ms chase back in 2009, security arrived super fast...when the EMTs arrived they were running up the stairs skipping two and three steps at a time with a gurney. what happened to that footage.

tomorrow they'll show murray walking and sitting somewhere at forrest lawn far away from michael's grave.

then the defense will show murray dancing at a wedding.

next they'll present murray getting a haircut on crenshaw.

then they'll present murray's passport, college transcripts, dry cleaning bill, the tube of creame he retrieved and saved as a momento, footage of him arriving for the prelim, and of course the chicken bones found under the seat 0f his bmw......somehow the defense will use this as evidence to clear murray. the defense will do such a poor job that it will result in a hung jury...

1064 days ago


...Michael Jackson might have survived if any of his employees would have called 911 right away. my goodness the chef continued making lunch rather than get help. Neither did he security guard...what is wrong with then...

1064 days ago


We are only hearing what she heard the doctor say, but the Doctor could take the stand and say " I TOLD the cook to call 911 and get the security people immediately
While murray was running to tell someone else what to do, he was wasting time..... murray was responsible for michael's medical care. blaming ms chase is total BS,BS,BS.
Ms Chase is not responsible for michael's death. ms chase is not responsible for murray not calling 911 himself to explain to the EMTs the status of his client's condition. only a damn fool would argue that a doctor should not be held accountable for his negligence because a chef and three minors did not call for help when he the only responsible party never ever attempted to call 911.
the defense team does not have a damn thing to defend murray. after two years, its blame the cook.............for a man who committed suicide??.....pleazzzz with the BS.

1064 days ago


In a way I'm hoping the Defense team is looking at this thread for ideas. :)

I believe the GOOD DOCTOR told the COOK to call 911 immediately and get security immediately. PERIOD. HE would not have told her to bring kids upstairs. That is not a priority. Not at all.

I hope first thing in morning , they call the COOK back to stand as ask her POINT BLANK.

Did the doctor tell you to call 911. YES or NO.

When the doctor told you to CALL FOR HELP, what did you think he meant. And no matter how she put it, ask her, why didn't get CALL FOR HELP?

And the doctor never told you to bring the kids upstairs, no MD would bring young children into Emergency LIFE THREATENING situation.

The defense should have really gone into it. Really PRESSED her.

Even if she knew she wasn't going to call 911 as the doctor urgently requested, why didn't she TELL him that she wasn't going to call 911 or tell the doctor she would not walk in back and get Security. Why did she go back to cooking?

The 3 parts of her story don't add up.

The doctor didn't say call for help ,he said call 911 (which to many people could be call for help) but the DOCTOR told her call 911.

It's the cooks fault. 10 minutes lost because she didn't call 911 or get security as urgently requested by MJ's Doctor.

1064 days ago


Murray called Ms. Anding. But Ms. Chase is responsible to call 911? perhaps murray should have redialed ms Anding and yell for her to call 911. Ms. chase did not keep making food after murray started act two. she went to the children. ms chase started preparing lunch because she thought michael was sleeping late. murray starts act two and yelled get prince. she went and got prince. murray called security and started cleaning the crime scene. security called 911 after evidence was removed. tmz is lying and distorting the whole story.

no charges have ever been filed against murray and the security guard for tampering with evidence and lying to officials. just the 3rd degree charge........
yet it's still a homicide. michael was murdered.

1064 days ago


You hear call security, get help and you don't do either? This staff seems very odd.

1064 days ago


the defense going after the cook. murray admits to giving michael a lethal dose of propofol....and the defense should go after the cook. ms chase did not take the kids upstairs. she was not allowed to go up stairs. the doctor wanted prince upstairs. that's not ms chase's fault. after two years they can't defend murray so go after the cook? this trial is a mockery. going after the cook and pressing her does not excuse or clear murray. if they bring her back it will only prove the defense doesn't have anything else after two years. just pathetic... blame and lie on the chef.....pointing fingers at someone else over a person who committed suicide??????hmmmm
murray murdered michael.....all guilty roads lead back to murray. Every damn thing is MURRAY'S FAULT!!!! MURRAY IS A LIAR AND A KILLER!!!

1064 days ago


mj could forgive his CRIMINAL FAMILY AND get his buddies to chop UP his face and spend time in his bedroom, but he'll ALWAYS BE A DRUGGED GHETTO FOOL FROM INDIANA.

1064 days ago


mj could forgive his CRIMINAL FAMILY AND get his buddies to chop UP his face and spend time in his bedroom, but he'll ALWAYS BE A DRUGGED GHETTO FOOL FROM INDIANA.
LOL!!!!!!Murray has no defense! Please just stick to the queen's english. Trying to use slang all out of context. Projected incorectly, awkward and at the wrong time.
Your timing was way off!



btw: michael was never ghetto.

angelina jolie dressed to the nines with her black dughter's hair ungroomed......THAT'S GHETTO!!!

1064 days ago



LOL! i spelled incorrectly......incorrectly!!! lol!

............her black daughter

1064 days ago


She was paid for interviews. She is a wash as a witness.

1064 days ago

get it right    

No I'm not reading this whole thread - too late, and too tired, after THAT mess of a day in court.

Kai Chase came across... smirky, really. Don't get the nod with a smirk towards who I'm not sure as the camera was only on her.

Prosecution asked her about "time" and basically was she one to be aware of time. She responded that she is/was because in her line of work as a chef it's imperative you be aware of time, and timings. Well, that's true.

What I DON'T get - unless I missed that part - is WHY wasn't there then questioning of her as to THE TIME, and timing, of Murray coming down the stairs outta the blue and freaked out... demanding she get Help, Security, and Prince? Secondly... why'd she only get Prince, then just go back to the kitchen? Then there's her "prayer circle" thing, I get that.

It's the "WHAT TIME DID MURRAY SUDDENLY COME DOWN FREAKED OUT" - since, for whatever reason the prosecution made a point of directly making clear WITH her that she's hyper aware of TIME, and timings - I don't get it. Was she asked the TIMING between getting Prince and having him go upstairs to when she KNEW that security had been made aware and THEY were helping??

She goes back to the kitchen to work... THEN (WHEN EXACTLY??) was it she sees the cleaning staff crying and because of that THEN assumes something went horribly wrong with MJ.... not just "bad vibe" in the house.

WTH is up with the smirky thing/looks, and making a point of her sharp awareness of TIME/TIMING then NOT ASK at what time this, that, this, that HAPPENED?

Did I also miss anybody asking her WHY she only went back to the kitchen to cook instead of running for Security after getting and directing Prince? All I heard her respond to "you didn't get security" - as Murray had asked - she said "no." ... "where DID yo go?"... "I went back to the kitchen".

WTH??? Anybody know if I missed it, or DID I get it, and just can't make any more sense of it then WTF?


1064 days ago


Simple math makes it look like it took between 15 and 20 minutes, at least, from when MJ's heart stopped to the 911 call. Hard to believe that there was no one who could stay cool and do the right thing. Panic is a bad thing. He had to call 911, not the chef, and certainly not the kid. Probably hiding evidence was more important than MJs life. And the chef was stupid enough to send a kid to handle something that had the doctor freaked out. May be it is true after all that MJ managed to hire not very smart people.

1064 days ago


Why is TMZ not reporting that the testimonies so far, dont match up. This is a soap opera!

1064 days ago
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