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People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

Michael Jackson's Chef:

Murray Begged Me For Help

9/29/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kai Chase -- Michael Jackson's Chef Testifies
Updated 9/29/11 at 2:35PM

0929_girlk_on_standMichael Jackson's personal chef Kai Chase just testified -- claiming a frantic Dr. Conrad Murray begged her for help the day MJ died, ten minutes before anyone called 911.

According to Chase, she was in the kitchen preparing lunch for Michael and his kids -- and between 12:05 and 12:10PM, Murray ran downstairs, yelling for her to "get Prince, get help, get security."

Chase claimed she sent Prince to Dr. Murray and returned to work.

Chase admitted she didn't contact security -- a point highlighted by defense attorney J. Michael Flanagan.

Yesterday, MJ's personal assistant Michael Amir Williams testified ... Murray called him at 12:13 PM, and Williams immediately phoned security. MJ's security guard Alberto Alvarez eventually called 911 at 12:21 -- between 11 and 16 minutes after Murray allegedly asked Chase for help.

While Chase was leaving court today, we asked if she thought her testimony was helpful -- she responded, "Absolutely."


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get it right    

In other words: Asked her where she went after the Prince thing, and she said back to the kitchen. Ok. BUT... why wasn't she asked "Did you go back to the kitchen because somebody TOLD you to forget about getting help and security as they had already been contacted while you were getting Prince?" - "If not, then WHY did you go back to the kitchen INSTEAD OF running out to the security building?" - What TIME was it that Murry came to you screaming to get "Help, Security, and Prince"?

She said it was faster to get Prince FIRST then to get to Security but then .. pffftttt... just goes to the cleaning staff crying, and her/kids "prayer circle" thing.

Also... was she asked if it was Alvarez that brought the kids down to her - as he said he took the kids to another location in the house to get them away from the scene of MJ on the bed. BTW.. WHERE did Paris come from, okay?? Testifying all over the place she was there WITH Prince, she balled up and screaming but from where? And, what time did THAT happen???

F*ck it. My head hurts. NO DOUBT this will be a hung jury - exactly as it was planned from the get go. Guess I just wanted to see exactly how they were going to go about getting them hung. A bit surprised the Prosecution would be so helpful in getting them there them self.........

Or, maybe not, really.

** takes 2 Tylenol **


1084 days ago


i can't understand why the likes of john and some others have such hate for a chef!! you are so desperate to take the blame of the doctor that you will blame anyone and everyone including the person hired to make sandwiches. She wasn't in the room and didn't know what was going on..if it was a medical emergency then he was with a friggen DOCTOR...why does a doctor ask for security or a friggen 12 year old. What can a kid do that a grown up doctor cant. Unless michael died choking on one of those sandwiches then it is clearly NOT the chefs fault. Some of you just come off as plain desperate. Someone yells help, get Prince, get security and the chef is suppose to know the doctor has o.d'ed his patient and forgotten how to call 911....If someone said help, send up the 12 year old, i certainly wouldn't think the childs father was dying....why would a doctor call a child up to see that. Can't wait to see who gets blamed next.....maybe the ambulance officers since they didn't bring security or any 12 year olds with them, which is obviously what the doctor really needed.

1084 days ago


fanatics are liars. propofol NEVER PROVIDES SLEEP.
IT was not a prescription or medicine at all. IT WAS ONLY ABUSED BY A RARE GROUP OF PEOPLE to satisfy their desire for drowsy coma feelings.
if THE CHEF'S employer in a restaurant was in a coma, she wouldn't be cooking junk in the kitchen.
since when was it A SURPRISE THAT MJ drugged up and nothing FABULOUS OCCURRED? sneaky mj would never get more reapect and forgiveness. just suffering kids.

1084 days ago


first of all....what?
second.....why do you have to be either a hater or fanatical to have an opinion on a very high profile case? doesn't matter if the chef worked in a kitchen, if the boss is in a coma in his own bedroom the chef would not know about it. She didn't know what was going on, she was told to get a 12 year old....who calls a 12 year old for a medical emergency?

1084 days ago


Michael forever live with us, Michael is the king of music pop
Le Hung Cuong - CEO of

1084 days ago

Pete Beau    

A freak of nature who died as he lived, as a side show carnival freak.
Made a few records, molested boys.
The wolves ---his family--- continue to pick the bones for every penny they can find.
No shame whatsoever.
Go away.

1084 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Three favorite things or people coming out of this case to date:

1) Dr Conrad Murray greatest Dr. to live!!

2) The Cook

3) Profolol

All three helped to cleanse the world of a serial pedophile!

1084 days ago


Kai Chase is just so affected.

She so loves herself and the attention. Sickly.

1084 days ago


No wonder he didn't hook up with many women with the likes of Kai Chase fawning and dripping all over him.

1084 days ago


I am astonished and shocked ! How come the cook did not reach out for immediate help instead of letting a twelve-year-old boy approach a frantic Conrad Murray ?

1084 days ago


1) so you approve of unethical doctors....just because you don't like jackson it doesn't mean you should ever approve of the practises of a doctor that anesthetized someone in their house without proper equipment for $$$. Shouldnt matter who died, that fact that someone was that negligent and greedy is the real tragedy.

2) You must be easily pleased. The cook did was make it apparent that murray left jackson dead or dying and didn't call 911 or request she do it. She also said murray requested she send up jacksons 12 year old kind of doctor needs the help of a 12 year old.
3) i think you mean propofol...and what about should only be administered in hospitals by people with the correct training and resuscitation equipment which is why they guy is on trial in the first place.

..if you hate the guy, who cares, but grow up. Doctors don't kill patients.

1084 days ago


Murray is on trial because when paramedics were attempting cpr he did not tell him he gave propofol. The Dr. in the ER trying to save MJ was not told he gave propofol How do you save someone from an overdose if you don't know what was given to them?
The Dr. was responsible for getting proper help medical help not household help.
Im telling you MJ was dead for hours before Murray found him that way.
The Dr. was in charge , that is why paramedics did not call him doa they had to listen to the dr.

1084 days ago


There are just too many obvious mistakes for this to be an accident. it seems he waited until he was good and dead before he called for help.

1084 days ago


barbara why make a comment if you are so uninformed. The cook is a cook and did not know what was going on in jacksons bedroom. The doctor asked for the child so it is he who put the child in that situation. Seriously i'm starting to think all the idiots on here are not taking notice of the evidence or the case and are just the doctors family and friends. Stop trying to deflect the blame onto a a cook. The man is a doctor, and not a very good one if you all think the cook should have saved jacksons life after the doctor od'ed him

1084 days ago
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