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Rival Maccabee Producer

Rosh to Judgment ...

We're Gonna Beat Mel Gibson!

9/30/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
's Hanukkah movie is in trouble -- TMZ has learned, another company is currently making their own Judah Maccabee film ... and they're racing to beat Mel to the punch.

Sources close to the production tell us, the untitled Judah film -- by producer Bruce Nash and writer Scott Abbott -- was fast-tracked once news broke that Mel was putting together his own Maccabee homage.

We're told Nash believes Mel is the wrong person to helm such an important Jewish story -- telling friends, the Hanukkah tale should be told by someone who has respect for the Jewish community.

As we previously reported, Mel's been developing his J Macc film for 10 years -- and sources tell us Nash has been working on his for 15. Nash doesn't have a shoot date yet, but the race is on.

Shana Tova!


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Whats with all the childish, immature men in Hollywood? Are they friends with Chuck Lorre?

1121 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Give it up fellas. You think anyone's gonna watch your Jewish movie when they can watch one by Mel? Take a look at all the Christian movies that cropped up when the Passion was made. Now name one... Hollywood may be Jewish, and that is fine...but it's high time that Hollywood realised that the majority of their customers are not Jewish or gay, or some other minority. We are a majority, looking for entertainment, not oneupmanship by people who think they are better...

1121 days ago


mel just wants to make another snuf flic

1121 days ago


say what you will, Mel Gibson is a superb film-maker and would no doubt do any interesting story justice

1121 days ago


I have never heard of the those idiots. Mel is know World wide. And oh the Jews get over it. Maybe all these 2 should move back to Israel.

1121 days ago


Reading through Nash and Abbot's resumes on IMDB, I think there is no question who has the skill to produce the better movie. Mel Gibson is the guy for the job.

1121 days ago


Hope Mel gives the story the "hollywood treatment" and makes judah a gay character

1121 days ago


wow there are some really antisemitic people out there, huh? Perez if they were leaving horrible gay bashing comments would you leave them up? I agree that although Mel is not a fav among the Jewish community his movie will obviously be watched before the other one just because of publicity, I don't however understand why anyone that hates jews as much as he does would spend 10 years making a movie about them.

1121 days ago


ite odd - only a jewish person can make a movie about hannukah? By that warped logic there should be no jews singing Christma songs -

1121 days ago


Wow can Hollyweird get any more childish. These guys are making themselves look like little childish bullies. Nah Nah nah nah hah we're going to beat you to it. Well go ahead and waste your money. Who is going to go see it when they have the choice between Pft and Wow. Mel will make an epic film while they will make a straight to DVD. This whole Jewish thing against Mel is going to backlash and bite them all in the ass. How many times must a man say he is sorry and not be forgiven? Will God forgive you when you meet your maker? I'm sure you will want to be forgiven for all your sins. So put your self in Mel's place, it's not to late to turn this all around. Better yet why don't you work with Mel and put all your efforts together and make a movie that everyone with be happy with. Just a suggestion.

1121 days ago


Get over it already...jews make fun of jews, blacks, gays do the same and that seems to be just fine. Anyone else does that it's racist or bigoted. Enough of the double standard crap. Im sick of hearing blacks calling each other Ni**ers, gays calling each other f*gs and so on. Why is that ok?

Gibson is a heck of a filmaker.

1121 days ago


Let them make it, and let it flop, Mel. You make a movie on what it is like to be a "true' Christian, and what $#!^ you have to go through to stand up for what you believe in.
You can also do a movie on what Hollywood is really like,and do the life of a movie star, or you can do one on how golddiggers do men. Then again, telling the truth about golddiggers will stir up Oksana to want to fight more. More so, if you do not star her in the movie. LOL

1121 days ago


Warner Brothers is in Mel's corner. Does this guy even have a studio behind him yet?

1121 days ago

Patent Attorney    

Producer Bruce Nash (Modern Marvels) is pulling together a version of the Hanukkah origin story for a potential feature or TV miniseries. News of the project comes just three weeks after Warner Bros. acknowledged that it is developing a Judah Maccabee/Hanukkah movie with actor-writer-director Mel Gibson and Basic Instinct screenwriter Joe Eszterhas.

1121 days ago


So Mel can't make a Jewish movie because in a drunken rant said something negative about the Jewish Faith. But it is OK for the leftist Hollywood whacko's to make movies bashing Christianity?

1121 days ago
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