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History Channel

Cherry '57 Chevy

Bursts Into Flames

9/30/2011 10:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A History Channel orgy that brought together the stars of "American Pickers," "American Restoration," and "Pawn Stars" has ended in a fiery wreck.

In case you missed the 3-show special -- "American Pickers" found a classic, '57 Chevy fixer-upper ... "American Restoration" brought it back to life ... and then both shows gifted it to the Old Man from "Pawn Stars" as a birthday present.

But in a tragic turn of events, it overheated this morning ... and burst into flames.

Bad luck for the Old Man ... it's the second time this year one of his cars was incinerated by fire -- back in February, his 1966 Imperial Crown Convertible -- another cherry car --  was engulfed in flames.


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Cars don't burst into flames from overheating. If even there wasn't any coolant in the engine, it would got hot, run like crap, and stall out. Could have been a lose gas line fitting to the carb, throttle body, or fuel rail. That or he's cruising around while drinking some heavy stuff and drops a cig. I don't know cause I don'*****ch the show.

1018 days ago


I bet Chum has been storing his lunch in the engine compartment.

1018 days ago


INSURANCE FRAUD!! indeed I think it is insurance fraud. Do you know how much you can get out of a claim for a vehicle this rare. I think they intentionally did to cover some of the losses that has been happening over at the shop. all they do is rip people off like any other pawn store sell it for a higher price, but alot of the things they have nobody can afford hence bills piling up and time to unload for some quick cash. Now they are the pawners!!

1018 days ago


Two car fires in one year?... sounds to me like the Old Man's son Rick might want him out of the picture so that he can have the pawn shop to himself... not to mention the ratings/publicty the show would get. Where's Navadas finest when you need them.

1018 days ago


WOW! it's time for the old man to launder his karma!

1018 days ago


Cheap a*s piece of sh*t! They probably didn't pay much for it cause they cheap b*stards themselves. good for 'em.

1018 days ago


sounds like insuarnce fraud?

1018 days ago

Cheryl A.    

I agree that they rip people off royally but why doesn't anyone ever tell them "I'll put it on E-bay"?

1018 days ago


i LOLd they probably ripped off the people they got the two cars from.

1018 days ago


Not only are they cheap b*****, American Restorations put frigging used motors in the cars too.. don't know how good that motor was. I would never buy a car that they have restored.

1018 days ago


k, I call BS on those restorers...jeez

1018 days ago


That's too bad. I think that's a 210 model...very rare.

1018 days ago


Okay, okay! The wife just corrected me. She says that's a 150, not a 210, that I should STFU unless I know what I'm talking about. Excuse me while I go to the garage and put some duct tape on my balls.

1018 days ago


Wow, what a shame...the old man was not in the car when it burst into flames, he is a masagonist and deservers to die.

1018 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Car makes it over half a century then simply overheats & burns up? Over HALF A CENTURY? Let's see what changed here.

Car is bought new in late 1956 or early 1957 by a proud car owner who takes care of it, & doesn't "modify" it by doing anything STUPID to it so it'll "go really fast!" They take care of it the way you're supposed to take care of a machine that gets heavy use. Maybe it changes hands a couple times, maybe not, but whoever owns it during its life takes exceptional care of it.

Enter: A bunch of new-money redneck f***tards who think they know better than the engineers at Chevrolet, & start making changes to it that they have no business making, & FLASH, the glorious history of that car is now history.

I have to laugh when I see all the reality show bike & car builders getting requests from celebrities & others with money to burn, to build a bike or modify a car for them. Every time you see one of these shows, whatever they're working on has a problem. F*****g idiots. All of them.

1018 days ago
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