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People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

Paramedic Testifies

We Could Have Saved MJ

9/30/2011 10:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Richard Senneff -- Firefighter/Paramedic #1 Testifies
Updated 9/30/11 at 8:45AM

One of the paramedics who rushed to save Michael Jackson's life at 100 N. Carolwood Drive just testified ... if Murray had called 911 immediately, Michael Jackson's life might have been saved.

Richard Senneff said Murray told him he called 911 the second he realized MJ was in distress, when in fact there was an approximate 20-minute delay.

According to Senneff, had Murray called earlier there was a good chance EMTs could have restarted Michael's heart.

Senneff also claimed Murray never mentioned Propofol while he was on the scene -- in fact, Senneff said, Murray patently denied MJ was on any medication whatsoever. Eventually, Murray claimed he had given MJ a sedative, Lorazepam.

Senneff said MJ was already dead when he arrived at the scene -- but they tried to revive him for 47 minutes to no avail. He said Murray refused to let them declare a time of death.

When he returned from the ambulance to pick up his equipment, Senneff said he saw Murray picking up "items" off the floor.


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Politico Pablo    

Dr. Murray is starting to look worried, and he should be. I'm surprised MJ was able to survive as long as he did under his care.

1128 days ago



I found someone who is providing a lot of trial coverage; some parts are missing, but they say they're eventually going to get them all up.

1128 days ago


More failed ObamaCare behavior.

1128 days ago


In his statement yesterday the paramedic stated that the IV bag was still on the stand when he entered the dormitory whereas MJ's safety guard Alvarez pretended in his prior statement that he put the vials as well as the IV bag into bags executing Murray's order. Alvarez was staying in the house during the whole time. So I assume that he had access to the dormitory during Dr. Murray's toilet absence. He surely knows who and what killed MJ - if he didn't even carry it out himself. For everyone who knows a little about psychology, his stutter, his mouth movements and his short eye angle looks to Murray showed clearly that he told lies. Besides: MJ told it several times prior to his death: there was a conspiracy against him. It would not have been the first time that someone who acts against certain interests or who holds the rights on thousands of pop songs and who holds 50% of the SONY shares be eliminated.... Do you know who holds the other 50% ?? You all know him.... AGAIN: THE PARAMEDIC STATED CLEARLY THAT THE IV BAG WAS STILL ON THE IV STAND WHEN HE ENTERED THE DORMITORY

1128 days ago


Why does this footage of the paramedic not show his key statement that the IV bag has been still on the IV stand? He answered the question clearly yesterday whether the IV bag was on the stand. You folks focus on the wrong things. His personal estimation whether MJ could have been saved can or cannot be true. But focus on the facts: THE IV BAG!!! It shows clearly that Alvarez was lying when he said that he put it into a bag. Nobody seems to notice this.

1128 days ago



According to preliminary testimony by Senoff, when he arrived he saw Michael on the bed with Murray attempting to move Michael to the floor.

When paramedic Martin Blount testified during prelims he stated that when he arrived he saw Michael lying on the bed.

Another paramedic with the last name of Love, testified during preliminary hearings that he was the last one to enter the room and he saw Murray holding Michael under his arms attempting to get him off the floor and onto the bed.

There is yet another paramedic who attended to Michael by the name of Goodwin, whose testimony I am having trouble locating.

1127 days ago


@ Mimi and the rest of you who are believing this BS. Here's the bottom line. We have a cariologist who asked security if anyone knew how to do CPR. he didn't know how to do it. It doesn't matter whether MJ's feet were on the floor, on the bed or on the ceiling. When medics got there he was cold. DEAD, cold.

1127 days ago


Seneff is an ego maniac. Being a former EMT, the brain is dead after 6 minutes. Cabbage, complete cabbage. It wouldn't have mattered if they were called right away b/c Murray wasn't even in the room when MJ died. I don't know the exact numbers, but I can tell you from experience, bringing someone back from a flatline is miraculous. Even a witnessed flatline.

1127 days ago

jazz that little michael jackson in your photo? that is seriously the cutest damn thing i ever did see.

1127 days ago


Gsharon 710: 1 day ago
It is apparent you know nothing about God. Since He is the creator, He can do as He please and not answer to anyone about it. God had bears kill children because they laughed at a man's bald head. We consider that cruel, but we are ants under the Almighty. Do you think MJJ's children are the only ones who have lost a Father?
Maybe Doctor Murray should administer CPR to you because you have no heart beating under your chest. You are cruel. God is love.

1127 days ago


"Barnum discarded the freak-show model and went legit. He did so by booking Jenny Lind, the “Swedish nightingale,” on a tour of America. Of course, he craved respectability, and the soprano’s art was a pathway to it. Jenny Lind’s voice was by all accounts quite extraordinary, and she drew enormous crowds wherever she performed. Building on popular enthusiasm, Barnum became a technician who artificially induced cultural hysteria through screaming uppercase advertising, letters to the editor, faked telegrams, publicity releases, and merchandising. “We had Jenny Lind gloves, Jenny Lind bonnets, Jenny Lind riding hats, Jenny Lind shawls, mantillas, robes, chairs, sofas, pianos—in fact, everything was Jenny Lind.” This sentence could have been written last week. The performances were almost secondary to the literal byproducts, a truly modern phenomenon."

1127 days ago


I seriously doubt this EMT is doing anything but blowing smoke out of his rear end when he claims he could have saved Michael Jackson. He really doesn't know that and to say so is just inflammatory.

MJ of course would have had a better chance had paramedics been called earlier. It was Murray's own quilt in providing Jackson with the drugs he wanted that made him slow down and muddy up the process of reviving him. Certainly, he couldn't have WANTED to kill his patient; he just didn't want to get blamed for his part in what happened. And look what happened anyway.

1127 days ago


I watched the trial and never heard any paramedics say they could have saved Jackson if they were called earlier.

1126 days ago

oscar romero    

The true of the matter is that another human being is being killed by a negligent MD. Lets just wrap the case up and give this so-called MD. the punisment He deserves.

1126 days ago

G. Carter    

Re: Michael Jackson

Doctor's Murray's defence that Michael Jackson self administerd propofol when he went to the washroom makes no sense. For one, he would not have had the mental and physical alertness to to do this, and second this doctor ought to have gotten someone to keep watch over him when he was gone. This doctor just simply did not care.

If Michael had decided his own fate this ought to been more reason for him to be open and candid with the paramedics and to provide every assistance to them, who tried in vain to revive the late legend. His first natural impulse if indeed this was the case would have been for him to call 911 immediately and within the first minute, and not 20 minutes later. The delay is very telling in itself.
My view is that this doctor waited and waited until life had left Michael and when he had accomplished his objective to then call 911.

The very fact that he pretended that he was crying on Tuesday of this week but showed no similar emotion on June 25, 2009 is also vert telling in itself.

Glen Carter
Glen Carter

1126 days ago
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