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Amanda Knox vs. Casey Anthony

Who'd You Rather?

10/3/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Amanda Knox was just found not guilty of the murder of her college roommate, while Casey Anthony was acquitted for the murder of her daughter earlier this year.

Question is ...

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Iam so happy Amanda Knox was finally let free,I belived in her innocence all along.The whole story is just another normal story about someone who traveled to another country and got F***ed and Framed by the country I guess that's the risk people take when they decide to travel to another country.

1087 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Amanda makes Casey look like a freaking Beagle, in fact Anthony's not attractive at all, in any way. She's a mother who killed her own child, what could be attractive about that? Knox is a little babe who was wrongly accused of murder because she's good looking and had a mental prosecutor. BIG difference IMHO

1087 days ago


With Casey, the baby killer, you had the twelve village idiots from Pinellas County set her free. With Foxy Knoxy, the roomate killer, you had six jurors and two judges deciding her fate and only four had to agree to let her go. Great law Italy! Rumor has it that those four were also from Pinellas County.

1087 days ago


Who would I rather "what"? Bang..... Amanda, all day long.

1087 days ago


Why are people comparing Amanda Knox to Casey Anthony? I don't understand this. Casey Anthony had several peices of evidence that pointed to her as the murderer of her daughere whereas there isn't ANY hard evidence of any kind that makes Amanda look like she committed this crime. There was, however, DNA evidence that did lead them to the person that actually did commit the crime. If you ask me, Amanda is being treated this way BECAUSE she's a single white female which is just as wrong as assuming she's innoncent for being one. Forget what she looks like, lets look at the facts instead.

1087 days ago


They have the same eyes

1087 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

The world has 99 problems, and neither Casey nor Amanda are one of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1086 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I'm on a mission to direct and produce the first sex tape with each of them! Be back soon....................After 4 years in jail, they must be like virgins again........

1086 days ago


One of your worst questions!!!!

1086 days ago


that's messed up to even be thinking about them that way, wtf.

1086 days ago


....Wow!!-- Now here's a rarity--both FOX and CNN News have this as their leading news story, and as an avid reader of both news agencies, I can enthusiastically testify this almost never happens--not even in cases where the stories had been about hundreds being killed in foreign lands, due to war, or climate disasters.....

Yet a white female from Seattle gets released from prison for one murder that happened several years ago, and---POW!!!---it's the biggest story in the land since the BP debacle.

When it comes to the "White Woman" and her level of such obligatory importance bestowed on her by Western societies, it kind of puts every other issue into priority--- as in every other issue, or anything in general for the matter--- comes in somewhere far behind the importance of the "Epitome of Virtue" we are all force-fed to believe is the "White Woman."

You all want to know how to make people forget about the high unemployment rate, the multi-trillion dollar deficit--the collapse of the economic system in Greece-- which could lead to a domino effect through-out Europe, diminishing the Euro to nothing-- which would lead to the financial collapse of the financial system in the U.S.A.-- which could lead to a grab-all orgy by China--- which could cause China and The United States into a military face-off-- that would force Russia to choose sides-- which would ultimately lead to the start of a conventional weapons Word War III scenario-- which with no doubt lead to the loser choosing to take it out of the conventional weapons stages, and into the nuclear option stage-- which would lead to the end of all humanity.

You all want to know how to make people forget about all these very possible dastardly and world ending scenarios???---Let another White Female come up missing in Aruba, that's how.

Go figure....Artofwar

1086 days ago


They're both fugly and killers, so I'd rather j/o and let the human race die out if we were the last three people.

1086 days ago

george fudge!    

Well, they both look psycho in the pics above, Casey Anthony looking crazy killer psycho and Amanda Knox looking mad psycho.

And we have a good idea what her porn star name would be, expect TMZ should be reporting on the employment offer from Steve Hirsch by tomorrow.

1086 days ago



1086 days ago


Casey is evil. Amanda was wrongly convicted in my opinion!!

1086 days ago
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