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Kelsey Grammer

No-Show At Kid's Dance Class

10/3/2011 6:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kelsey Grammer fought hard to get his kids this week, but hours after picking them up, he had the nanny take his daughter to her dance lesson.

TMZ broke the story ... Kelsey and Camille were in court Friday, because Kelsey wanted the kids while he was in L.A. this week but Camille had serious reservations.  The judge gave Kelsey the kids, provided he guaranteed they would attend their regularly scheduled activities, including soccer and dance.

Camille showed up in Malibu this afternoon for daughter Mason's dance class, but Kelsey was a no show.  We're told Kelsey has not wanted to be near Camille since they separated, and he's missed several of the kids' events -- including Mason's piano recital -- because Camille was there.

We shot video of Camille arriving at the dance studio, saying she'll be at all the kids' activities this week, and not to spite Kelsey ... she just loves her kids.


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bring back recent posts    

SUCKS when parents put the kids in the middle..I feel so sorry for them, dumbass parents have no clue of long term effects! UGH

1082 days ago


Being a child of a divorce, this man needs to suck it up and be there for his kids at these events. He is an adult and should not use his ex wife as an excuse not to participate in his children's lives. By not showing up, he is basically telling his kids that they are not as important as his need to feel comfortable.

1082 days ago


I don't blame him for not wanting to be around her! Why not let the man and the children have some breathing room? She doesn't need to be hanging over his shoulder all the time! Maybe he would like to go and enjoy these events if he didn't have to endure her bit.chiness while doing so! She needs to back off and let him enjoy his children as well!

1082 days ago


Uhm, Kelsey... You are starting to look like an as*. These are your kids. Get involved in their lives, or leave them completely alone. Stop being a jerk. It doesn't look good on you.

1082 days ago

Poopey Poopstein    

What a coward Kelsey is.

1082 days ago


What a baby! Its not like you have to sit together. Give each other respectful space and go watch your kids recitals. Sad to do this to the kids.

1082 days ago


Gotta admit, she looks good and was hot as f*ck 15 years ago.

But it makes my head spin just attempting to comprehend how absolutely horrible it would be to be married to this woman. She'd be the kind of wife that would ruin your mood every single time she opened her mouth. Which would be all the time.

Kelsey, bro, I'm so sorry for you man.

1082 days ago


Grow the **** up!!!!!

1082 days ago


Kelsey needs to look beyond his issues with Camille. This isn't about her, but about their children. As the mother, of course she's going to support her kids' activities, if she didn't, everyone would be talking worse about her than they already are. Kelsey's kids are going to grow up and resent him for not being there. I think he can swallow that lump in his throat and be there for the kids, not her. They did love each other at some point in time. The kids should come first, not the bitterness. He has remarried and is in love with his new wife. Camille is history. I'm sure I'll get a lot of dislikes for this, but before you hit that dislike button you should know that I'm not siding with either one of them. I don't know them personally, so I'm not in the position to judge either one. What we see is their public personas, so I'm just speaking as an outsider with no real information on their personal life. I'm just making a generalization of how I think parents should behave around their children. Children are very smart and they don't miss a beat. What we do as parents has a great impact on them and we as parents need to recognize that.

1082 days ago


Occupy Everywhere is going on and this is all you got TMZ.:(

1082 days ago


why is kelsey so angry? He cheated on her!!!! i guess the guilt of what he did.... (with someone young enough to be his daughter) is taking its toll!!!! much disrespect!!!!

1082 days ago

Mary P    

Look - I'm all for him stepping up... HOWEVER, every time Camille can, she runs her mouth - in front of her kids or not. There's a limit to being "with" your kids in someone's presence and avoiding being there so the kids can focus and not have theatrics of Camille on display. She's obviously selling out every bit of info she can, so let the kids do their thing since she won't let the kids even BREATHE without her.

Realize this - she not only didn't want him to take the kids "because" of these appointments, but she also told him she'd darn sure be there, regardless....... and then sold all that info of their agreement AND her forcing her way to show up AND her info on his nanny taking them. What do you think the presence of that relationship does to the kids?

1082 days ago


if this was Kelsey time with the kids then Camille should have stayed at home and not gone to the dance class, this is about the kids, not her, wouldn't hurt her to miss a few classes

1082 days ago


oh and Kelsey, regardless of Camille, you should have dropped your own kids

1082 days ago


She said right after court was done that she would attend all the children event while Kelsey had his time with his children.Probably better he stayed away it would have turned into a media circus.Why did she tell the media what she was planning to do this? Its not are business.I think she knew he would not attend after she said that.I think she is setting him up to look bad.They both need to grow up and stop making the kids suffer!!

1082 days ago
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