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Kelsey Grammer

No-Show At Kid's Dance Class

10/3/2011 6:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kelsey Grammer fought hard to get his kids this week, but hours after picking them up, he had the nanny take his daughter to her dance lesson.

TMZ broke the story ... Kelsey and Camille were in court Friday, because Kelsey wanted the kids while he was in L.A. this week but Camille had serious reservations.  The judge gave Kelsey the kids, provided he guaranteed they would attend their regularly scheduled activities, including soccer and dance.

Camille showed up in Malibu this afternoon for daughter Mason's dance class, but Kelsey was a no show.  We're told Kelsey has not wanted to be near Camille since they separated, and he's missed several of the kids' events -- including Mason's piano recital -- because Camille was there.

We shot video of Camille arriving at the dance studio, saying she'll be at all the kids' activities this week, and not to spite Kelsey ... she just loves her kids.


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He had his nanny drop his daughter off? Wasn't his complaint that Camille had her nannies raising their kids? Man up!

1118 days ago


In an acrimonious post-divorce relationship, the only ones that suffer are the children who pick up on the parents hostilities. If you love your children, give them time and space with their 'other' parent when it isn't your access time. Let these little kids enjoy they're dad and their dance class in peace. They're too young to take sides in your silly "adult issues' and might even respect you more if they don't have to deal with confrontation. Bravo Kelsey! Hopefully one day you can take the girls yourself and Camille will respect your right to peace and privacy with your children.

1118 days ago


Oh, Kelsey doesn't want to be around her? Who started this in the first place? He did!

Geez. Is he that big of a baby that he can't just go and sit on the other side of the room? Who is more important, the kids, or him? He can't suck it up? Unbelievable.

Question: What is all the hostility about anyway? What in the world did Camille do to HIM? He ran off with another woman and let it all play out on television so that Camille and his children could be publicly humiliated -- and whether or not you like Camille, this had to be a very painful thing to go through. I can't imagine thinking you are in a marriage, you have children, and you believe you have this happy family and a forever mate - then one day you wake up and someone tells you that it's over. It's got to be like a death. Your family is destroyed in a matter of minutes. So yeah, remind me again why Camille is the bad guy?

I think he's completely stayed away from her because deep down, he's ashamed. He can't face her. He needs to be a man now though. He hasn't been one for a long time, but late is better than never.

1118 days ago


She's completely transparent and it's disgraceful she is so willing to use her own children in this vendetta against Kelsey. He would attend the kids activities if she were not there, plain and simple. She's a disaster and he is the better parent.

1118 days ago


What a piece of crap. Way to put your kids first.. no one said he has to sit next to his Ex.. he should be there for his kids. What a little p*ssy.

1118 days ago


What difference does it make if they both show up at the dance class. They can't put their animosity on hold for a few hours for the sake of the child. Kelsey don't have to speak to Camille and vice versa. After it's over let the child say hello to her mother then take the child back home. He don't have to say a word to Camille.

Kelsey needs to grow the f*ck up. This is suppose to be about the child not about hi*****red of Camille.

1118 days ago


Oh my God go up Mr. Grammer this is not about you its about your don't get time back so you should put your feelings aside and show your kids what a man is who loves his kids.

1118 days ago


If Kelsey grammer is skipping his kids' events, he is a lousy parent. He chose to have children with Camille and for the sake of their children he needs to co-parent with her and that includes communicating with her. He is behaving like a spoiled brat with no consideration for his CHILDREN!

1118 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

What up all you emotionally illiterate, Nancy Disgrace following, irrational, rode wet, mental midgets?

Seriously folks, if you don't want to buff Amanda's beaver after 4 years in the clink, you're either as gay as Harvey, or you don't have a bisexual bone in your body!

1118 days ago


Kelsey Grammer is a douche bag!

1118 days ago


Camille is such a beeotch. If she was a reasonable woman at all and truly cared about her kids, as she claims, then she would stay away from their activities duriing the time that he has them. I totally understand his position, because she is trying to manipulate him into opportunities to slap him around with her bitter body language. That is not womanly, and it is not a good mother. Her kids need to be able to perform for their dad too, and they can't do that if she won't stop being bitter and stay away so they can have that opportunity.

1118 days ago


What are you all 12 year olds? They can both show up at the kids activities and be polite and civil to each other. The worst thing they can do TO their kids is make them feel bad that the other couldn't come. Just because it's his week doesn't mean she shouldn't come. ********.

1118 days ago


Kelsey's been ducking this psycho ever since he drove off waving in his BMW SUV on the RHOBH. I think he's terrified of her and so is his new wife.

1118 days ago


i know at the start of my parents divorce they just kinda split activites... i respect that and understand that later once things cooled down a bit they both would attend and just sit way far apart but i understood she is tottaly being selfish

1118 days ago

Endof Daze    

That ex-wife is sort of smoking hot if you can get over the bizarre bolt-ons, but she is clearly bat **** crazy. Suprised that the actor stayed with her so long. He deserves as Oscar, or maybe a lifetime achievment award...

1118 days ago
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