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Kelsey Grammer

No-Show At Kid's Dance Class

10/3/2011 6:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kelsey Grammer fought hard to get his kids this week, but hours after picking them up, he had the nanny take his daughter to her dance lesson.

TMZ broke the story ... Kelsey and Camille were in court Friday, because Kelsey wanted the kids while he was in L.A. this week but Camille had serious reservations.  The judge gave Kelsey the kids, provided he guaranteed they would attend their regularly scheduled activities, including soccer and dance.

Camille showed up in Malibu this afternoon for daughter Mason's dance class, but Kelsey was a no show.  We're told Kelsey has not wanted to be near Camille since they separated, and he's missed several of the kids' events -- including Mason's piano recital -- because Camille was there.

We shot video of Camille arriving at the dance studio, saying she'll be at all the kids' activities this week, and not to spite Kelsey ... she just loves her kids.


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hey Charlie Sheens Watch, that statement you made makes me realize you are so a waste of good sperm. do everyone a favor and extinct yourself.. :)

1081 days ago


Hey Charlie Sheens Watch, that statement alone makes you one hell of a waste of good sperm... Do everyone a favor, extinct yourself.. :)

1081 days ago


LoL guys on here have nerve talking about how horrible this woman is. Kelsey cheated on her and got engaged before they were even divorced. The only reason Kelsey has money right now is because of Camille and her good investment decisions. Now douche can't hang out with HIS kids if she's in the same building? Are you kidding me? If it's the new wife being a jealous psycho you should have waited to get to know her first before you put a ring on her finger. If guys get with someone who is that jealous you are doing wrong by your kids.

1081 days ago


And yet just more proof of what an incompetant, immature jerk Kelsey is. It's about your kids...not you or your ex. He could have easily have gone and made sure they didn't speak to each other but that is obviously too much for him to do. So..let the nanny handle it as I'm sure happens all the time. He puts on quite the show for court but not where it matters. Hate them both.

1081 days ago


Kelsey Grammer is a pig. What a loser to not go spend time with his children because his ex wife is there. Disgusting. How does he think this will make his kids feel? Be a man and be there for your kids. You are the adulterer who caused the upheaval of their lives as they knew it, the least you can do is be there for them - LOSER!

1081 days ago


Hey Kelsey, how many events do you plan on missing for your children? How many first things will you be missing because your ego is worth more to you than your children? Hmm Kelsey when you chose to have children with Camille you made a LIFETIME commiment to them, you are so failing them and yourself! When you chose to act like a pig, you chose another woman over their mother, you chose to do this all yourself! Kelsey just saying that if your kids mean anything to you, deal with it! Go to events, talk to their mother, do what is in the best interest for the children! Not for your ego! YOU ARE NOT THE IMPORTANT PERSON HERE, THEY ARE! You chose to create this hostile and hurtful enviornment for your children, not Camille! SO grow the hell up, put your man pants on and be a father and a man! Hey Kayte I hope your seeing this with open eyes, and not rose colored glasses because if you chose to have a family with this man, and he leaves you, you will be in the same position as Camille is now! SOL!

1081 days ago


What a *****! Can't face Camille so stand up your kids.

1081 days ago


What a loser.

1081 days ago


Nice father, manning up for the children he created. What a self-centered individual to make this about his ex. Even *if* she was there to spite him, she still has bigger balls for showing up at all (and I'm not a fan of Camille's either).

1081 days ago


camille is a publicity seeker, she thinks this will make her look better in the courts eyes, when really, she is helping to alienate the kids from the other spouse. A real NO NO in most judges opinion. GTFU camille - this ISN'T about you. get over yourself. he did.

1081 days ago


This website is such BS! Last month everyone hated Camille, now miraculously everyone loves her and hates Kelsey! You're all so full of s h i t !!!!!!!!!!

1081 days ago

Nick Jackson    

Amazing story.This is mus*****ch video.

Nick @

1075 days ago
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