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Hollywood Publicist Murder

Tipster Sues

Where's My Reward?!

10/3/2011 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who claims he led police to the person accused of gunning down Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen claims he never got his $125,000 reward -- and now he's suing to get his money.

The tipster -- who only identifies himself as John Doe -- claims a bigshot publicist named Michael Levine offered a $25k reward for information leading to the identification and arrest of Chasen's killer. He also claims Palm Springs Film Festival honcho Harold Matzner offered $100k.

According to his lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, the tipster claims he called "America's Most Wanted" after learning of the reward offers and provided the name of a man named Harold Martin Smith ... who cops eventually concluded DID in fact murder Chasen.

Chasen was gunned down in Beverly Hills on November 16, 2010. Smith was cornered by cops at a Hollywood apartment complex weeks later ... but committed suicide when officers tried to confront him.

In his lawsuit, John Doe says the Beverly Hills Police Department can back up his claim that he is the "sole" tipster responsible for the identification of Chasen's killer -- and says the PD even put it in writing in a letter to his lawyer.

TMZ spoke with Levine, who tells us the claims against him are "totally false" ... adding, "I never arranged for a reward fund. I offered to call some friends, but was told by the family that the Palm Springs Film Festival was handling the reward."


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The Love Sponge    


1119 days ago


Sounds a lot like when wealthy countries pledge money to help out some disaster plagued country. Everyone is quick to look good pledging money, but when it comes time to pay up they are nowhere to be found.

Sure, the guy may well have done it with no reward, but if you offer one you should pay up.

1119 days ago


He should definitely get the money. The reason they don't want to pay him is because they initially thought it was a targeted hit. Now that everybody knows it was a random act, they feel giving out the money is not worth it. But he should definitely get the money. The fact he has to sue is shameful for the Film Festival and the Publicist.

1119 days ago


Give him the money you cheapskates!

1119 days ago


If they're not gonna honor their rewards, then people need to stop calling tip lines and let criminals be free.

1119 days ago


I don't like the fact that he said ,"the tipster claims he called "America's Most Wanted" after learning of the reward offers and provided the name of a man named Harold Martin Smith ... who cops eventually concluded DID in fact murder Chasen." Would he have ever come forth if no one would have offered a reward? Probably not...SAD

1119 days ago


Cheap basterd

1119 days ago

Timmy Boy    

thats why you should NEVER get involved.
They will claim award is only for the arrest and conviction. this dude however, alledgedly killed him self.

1118 days ago


Doesn't the person have to be convicted before any reward is given? The guy killed himself, which means, no money.

1118 days ago


Michael Levine, huumm... what did that million dollar date chick say about men about the Michael Levine types of the world? I forgot. They all lie, or something like that. I forgot.

1118 days ago


This guy provided the tip that caught the murder, so give him the money!!

1118 days ago


Michale Levine is universally recognized as the biggest sleeze-ball publicist in Hollywood. When his lips are moving he's lying. Here an interview I just saw with Michael Levine. He makes my skin craw:

1118 days ago


Lest we forget, here's what con man publicist Michael Levine said about Michael Jackson on the very day he died to TMZ. Read the priceless comments:

1118 days ago

C P B from Michigan    

i think its a little strange that if this was a random act how did this guy know who did it? also he may have been involved somehow.most people that call tip lines dont use alias names to collect rewards becouse your name is always anonomis.check your facts!

806 days ago

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