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Don Lapre's Mom

Jail Officials Took His Meds Away

10/4/2011 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don Lapre
The mother of TV pitchman Don Lapre, who committed suicide in jail Sunday, tells TMZ she blames jail officials for taking his anti-depressants away ... and also blames the FBI and U.S. Attorney General for her son's suicide.
Shirley Cleveland tells us ... her son was being treated for severe depression, just before he was jailed for 41 counts of conspiracy and fraud, in connection with his product -- The Greatest Vitamin in the World.

In fact, Shirley says Don had attempted suicide in the past.  She says when she learned jail officials took his meds away she called his lawyer and begged for her to intervene.  Shirley says the jail gave him another medicine, but it did not treat his depression.

And, Shirley insists, her son was innocent of all charges. 

The U.S. Marshals tell us they do not comment on medical history.


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"Not my Donny, he's a good boy." Yikes!! Whose fault was it the other times he attempted suicide. You're precious little boy [RIP] was unstable, and I'm guessing Mom didn't help matters enabling him.

1081 days ago


If that's true, expect a lawsuit. Of all the stories portrayed on here, this one truly is sad.

1081 days ago


If people are stupid enough to fall for some shyster on t.v. promoting "vitamins" then why should he have been thrown in jail? Presumably as an adult you have a brain to make sensible decisions.

1081 days ago


Guess "authorities" can't afford to be bothered with inmates medicines.

Just pray you're never in the wrong place at the wrong time and end up in jail and innocent.

1081 days ago


It's pretty common for jails to discontinue meds, particularly if it's anything expensive. Sometimes they replace it with a cheaper alternative, sometimes they don't. Everybody knows you don't just stop taking psych meds, but it happens every day in American jails. If that's what happened here, she's got grounds for a lawsuit, 'cuz the jailers are obligated to provide reasonable medical/psychiatric care.

1081 days ago

Annoyed in MD    

This guy was a s***bag, period. Yes, the mom will sue because its "all about the money". This guy never sold an honest product in his life. Absolutely, amazing that so many fell for the scams!

1081 days ago


dayum..that's jacked if its true!

1081 days ago


That is totally jacked if it is true!

1081 days ago


I wonder if his mother, Shirley, benefited from his thefts? Her good son probably bought her a house and all sorts of stuff that is now going to be seized because it is part of a scam fraud case!

1081 days ago


Who cares why this dirt bag died? The important thing is that he's dead and the world is a better place.

1081 days ago


In the early 90s this guy gave me hope that as a young person you could make it in business. Though I never purchased any of his products (how to place ads, 1800 numbers etc.) He was young,a hard worker and he was persistant. Its sad that he had depression issues.I feel for the people that he scammed but everyone should know that if its too good to be true? RIP Don you will be missed.

1081 days ago

Quinn Stone    

I guess bilking money out of hard working people and getting rich off nothing can make you depressed. I have absolutely no sympathy for him or his family. One of my family members was one of those he stole, from so to hell with him and his depression.I was overjoyed to hear he took the chicken **** way out, what a weasel.

1081 days ago


Lawsuit countdown, 3-2-1

1081 days ago


If he had had a physical ailment and died because his meds were taken there would be a huge investigation, charges etc... but because it was a mental health problem no one seems to care. It is that thinking that keeps millions from getting the help they need. I hope the Dr. gets in a lot of trouble for this. NAMI member

1081 days ago

Big Daddy    

They should of given him his product! The Magic Vitamin!

1081 days ago
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