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Michael Jackson

Drug-Induced Rambling:

"I Had No Childhood"

10/5/2011 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson I had no childhood
Michael Jackson
wanted to dedicate his "This Is It" concerts to his children -- and in a heartbreaking conversation Dr. Conrad Murray recorded weeks before the singer died, MJ claims, "I love them because I didn't have a childhood."

You can hear MJ's voice in the recording -- slurred, incoherent -- explaining how he wanted to outdo The Beatles and Elvis with his final concerts, and go down in history as the greatest entertainer who ever lived.

Michael becomes extremely emotional while speaking about his children -- claiming, "I had no childhood. I feel their pain. I feel their hurt."

Murray recorded the conversation on his iPhone on Sunday May 10th, 2009 at 9:05 AM. It's unclear why -- but according to prosecutors, it documents MJ under the influence of "unknown agents." It also shows Murray was familiar with Michael in altered states of mind.

At one point in the clip, Murray asks Michael if he's okay -- and Michael responds, "I am asleep."

The recording -- a clip of which Prosecutor David Walgren played during his opening statement -- was uncovered by investigators after they seized Murray's device.


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There was no one he could trust. What a horrible way to live life.

1116 days ago


Michael: "God wants me to do it. I'm going to do it, Conrad."

Conrad Murray: "I know you would."

1116 days ago


Not one of his better songs. Think the tempo is too slow. Didn't really understand the lyrics. Its no Dirty Diana. Cant wait to hear the rest of the new album.

1116 days ago

Kelly Lincoln Ne    

it doesn't even sound like him. i know he's drugged up and all but make me wonder if his high pitch voice was fake.

1116 days ago


Where was MJ's family? To me they are as guilty as the Dr.

1116 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Who could have saved Michael Jackson? Michael Jackson. He should have got himself together a long time before he made the Dr. part of his life.

You say MJ had no childhood. Boo Hoo, it's not like he was working in a coal mine. A kid growing up on a farm would have had a much tougher life and would consider singing and dancing a more play like activity. What he did as a kid set him up for his future success. Also, I'm pretty sure a lot of kids got a smack or two in the 60's especially a black kid in middle America.

1116 days ago


what i want to know is why would a doctor tape record his patient really... for what reason and i bet MJ had no idea it was going on... they should also get him for doing that i think its against the law to take someone without there knowledge in the state of Callie.. i wounder if he also took pictures of Mj when he was asleep to set him up... its just a sick thing to do... that doctor is a shame for all doctors out there who really try to do right... he never should treat anyone else ever...

1116 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Few kids had a better childhood than him. Most of his fans would kill to have the opportunities he did.

1116 days ago


Use your brains people! These are not rambling statements.Complete sentences and complete thoughts.Not ramblings,just slowed down.With technology today you can fake anything!

1116 days ago


Maury is fried like a sliced potato, this is GREED at its extreme but at the same time KARMA is a B, he took all that money to care for one man, recorded MJ drug induced rants , secretly taped it in-case his services is not needed and you know what he was going to do...........and today it is used against him.
He sure recorded his own death sentence, lesson learned.

1116 days ago


I am starting to believe that maybe something really really bad and terrible happened to Michael Jackson when he was a child and he blocked the memory in his mind and it hurt him to think about his childhood so much that he developped this huge messiah complex that urged him to help children all around the world have a better childhood themselves. The Jackson family is hiding some deep dark secrets about little Michael and unfortunately nobody is talking.

1116 days ago

Jimmy jamz

1116 days ago


his acquaintance Don Berrigan says the mj drug recording showed no incoherence. don bragged that mj was different and powerful and was never abused by joe.

1116 days ago


CaraElyse: 5 hours ago
MJ problems go way beyond addiction, no doubt back to his childhood
Elizabeth Taylor once said that MJ had the worst childhood ever. Maybe MJ confessed something to her. She was his confidante.

1116 days ago
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