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Michael Jackson

Drug-Induced Rambling:

"I Had No Childhood"

10/5/2011 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson I had no childhood
Michael Jackson
wanted to dedicate his "This Is It" concerts to his children -- and in a heartbreaking conversation Dr. Conrad Murray recorded weeks before the singer died, MJ claims, "I love them because I didn't have a childhood."

You can hear MJ's voice in the recording -- slurred, incoherent -- explaining how he wanted to outdo The Beatles and Elvis with his final concerts, and go down in history as the greatest entertainer who ever lived.

Michael becomes extremely emotional while speaking about his children -- claiming, "I had no childhood. I feel their pain. I feel their hurt."

Murray recorded the conversation on his iPhone on Sunday May 10th, 2009 at 9:05 AM. It's unclear why -- but according to prosecutors, it documents MJ under the influence of "unknown agents." It also shows Murray was familiar with Michael in altered states of mind.

At one point in the clip, Murray asks Michael if he's okay -- and Michael responds, "I am asleep."

The recording -- a clip of which Prosecutor David Walgren played during his opening statement -- was uncovered by investigators after they seized Murray's device.


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ho liz taylor publically encouraged his child obsession and face changing procedures.
when mj humiliated himself with the chandler payoff and lunatic spending sprees for thieves janet and gavin arvizo, mj went over the edge into severe insanity.

1077 days ago


Ok, so this recording is hard to hear....................but are people really listening? The first thing I thought was VINDICATION!!!
Which could be a good thing in the long run for MJ's legacy no matter what happens in the long run with the trial. I do believe the doctor is guilty of negligence.
And yes, he did have the worst childhood and any fan would know this.
He also did have many aliments,Lupus, vitiligo, many broken bones from falling off the stage when the lights go out, one fall was a bad one and did damage his back. Then you remember the Pepsi thing....well yes he had a lot of pain in his life...physical and emotional. And the MEDIA just added to immensely!
I just wish people would put themselves in his shoes, without thinking of the money aspect. It really is too bad there was not a natural approach for his medical needs.

1077 days ago


Well I think this tape shows the sincerity of MJ. His heart was truly pure. He was an old soul and certainly on a higher level of ascension spiritually than most people even while under the influence of medication.
On this site we see people who are bigoted, mean and unkind while under the influence of alcohol/drugs and people excuse their behavior but that's often when the true character is shown.
Heartbreaking. How difficult life must be for respective geniuses and the famous. Yet, most of us envy their fame and accomplishments.

1077 days ago


This truly breaks my heart. Poor MJ. He put the pain of the world on himself. I know what it is like to not be able to make your mind turn off. I am always thinking too, when I just want to sleep. I can understand his need for wanting sleep so desperately. What I cannot understand his how a doctor could do that to his patient, whom he had an oath to care for and let no harm come to. For giving a drug that he wasn't supposed to and then for leaving the room Conrad Murray is guilty and MJ is dead. Murray needs to deal with those consequences. Too bad it can't bring MJ back tho! I hope you now have peace Michael.. in death that you couldn't get in life! Now you can forever sleep..

1077 days ago



1077 days ago


Michael Jackson would never had thought of killing himself. He loved his children to much. They were his world, and important to him in his life.

And in the right mind why on earth would Dr. Murray recorde Michael like that just weeks before his death? Not right at all.

1077 days ago


Michael didn't need a drug dealer; he needed a real doctor who would help him face his addiction problems and seek treatment to live a drug free life. Michael was no saint; but he still did not deserve what he went through.

1077 days ago


My favorite subject.... kids and drugs! Awesome....!

1077 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

it's obvious that he was drugged up and probably addicted to the drug. Conrad Murray was his legal drug dealer and he should pay just like any drug dealer in the street would if they sold drugs to anyone. Conrad Murray was selfish he took advantage of MJ vulnerability.

1077 days ago


it's heartbreaking actually. Hearing him so out of it. I agree with those questioning why it was recorded, maybe murray was getting a kick out of the power of having complete control of a superstar. The tape of Dileo is some of the most incriminating imo as at shows they were worried michael might be doing something and wanted murray to blood test him to see what it was....well it was murray supplying, administering and ultimately killing him. He was already covering his own ass up. Will be interesting to see how Murray got out of it, did he tell them he tested jackson and nothing showed up, did he tell them he was medicating and monitoring him to let dileo think he had it under control. What a mess, he would have been better to plead guilty and cop it on the chin. Whether the defense put doubt in the jury's mind as to who administered the fatal dose it doesn't matter, that fatal dose would not have been there had murray not been doing what he was doing.

1077 days ago

What I Think    

I listened to the recording and now will go to sleep LMAO. What a sick and twisted junkie he was.

1077 days ago


Murray recorded the conversation on his iPhone on Sunday May 10th, 2009 at 9:05 AM. It's unclear why -- but according to prosecutors, it do***ents MJ under the influence of "unknown agents." It also shows Murray was familiar with Michael in altered states of mind.
____________________________________________________________Murray set this hole thing up from the very begining. Go ahead play phone recordings and show footage unrelated to the murder. murray has no defence so they are trying to build a case against an image of michael's orchestrated by murray and the culprits. Gee I wonder why murray did not record michael calling him complaining of dehydration at 1:00am on 6/25/2009? I wonder why no one has seized that recording from murray's phone? I wonder why Michael's phone records calling Nurse Lee to complain of feeling hot and cold have not been seized!! Where's that recording? Where are Michael Jackson's phone records that will confirm all these claims by murray? Nothing has been released that clears murray of killing michael jackson. not a damn thing. They just keep spinning their wheels hoping something will stick. The defense team will forever be remember as a team of cooky goofy retards.....

There next line of questioning will be about the organic salad dressing ms. chase made for the family. Or why did michael eat the same salad for dinner that he had for lunch on 6/24/2009? When Michael Jackson ate the salad was he chewing? Did he swollow the food? All of it? Did Ms.Chase clear the table? Alone or did she have assistance? No further questions your honor?

Call your next witness.

Yes your honor, the defense would like to call Pizza Hut to compare how long it will take to have the food delivered to the courthouse. We will attempt to show that Dr. Murray's calls to 8 people prior to calling 911 equates down to second with the delivery of a Pizza............

i know, i know........BBBhaaahhh

1077 days ago


Their next line of questioning....

1077 days ago


Michael Jackson wanted to dedicate his "This Is It" concerts to his children -- and in a heartbreaking conversation Dr. Conrad Murray recorded weeks before the singer died, MJ claims, "I love them because I didn't have a childhood."
Michael did not have a childhood? Now murray is trying to use this angle? There's no connection Murray. None !Michael's emotional state will not clear you of murder. If Michael was speaking under the influence of medication it does not make him suicidal nor does it clear you of your actions. If anything it confirms what YOU were doing to michael for weeks. You Murray were poisoning him all along. That voice recording confirms what a low life you really are Murray! Clearly Michael did not know you were recording him.
This is just too much effort for anyone to go through over a man who allegedly commited suicide. Medical evidence says you're a liar murray. The coroner is right. you killed michael. this is a homicide. michael was murdered!

1077 days ago


If the Propofol was found under the glass table - as the investigator stated - then that pretty much proves that MJ did not inject himself. Because for anyone who has recieved the drug for a procedure knows - that you do not just wake up and pop up. You fade in and out for several minutes. Plus, with all the other drugs in his system - he would have been like a drunk. Had he tried to get out of bed to get the drug to self medicate - he would have collasped and odds are knocked the chair slightly out of the way and the stands and everything on them. They would not have been neatly placed. Also, had he collapsed or stumbled or whatever - Murray surlely would have heard the noise and returned to the room. So the self injection theory is BS! Besides, MJ was afraid of needles!

1077 days ago
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