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Dr. Conrad Murray

Massive Inconsistency In Murray's Story

10/7/2011 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray
's interview with LAPD detectives reveals a huge inconsistency that could weigh heavily with the jury.

In the tape, Dr. Murray says he left Michael Jackson's room for only 2 minutes to go to the bathroom, and when he came back Michael Jackson was not breathing.  Murray says he immediately began performing CPR.

But according to Sade Anding, Murray's Houston girlfriend who was on the phone with Murray, she says she was talking to him for a while when suddenly it appeared Murray dropped the phone and the emergency commenced. 

So now there are competing stories -- Either Murray went to the bathroom as he told cops, or he was on the phone -- possibly distracted.  If jurors believe Anding and the phone records, they could easily conclude Murray lied to cops.


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....The longer that Murray stayed out of the bedroom, actually gives more credibility to the possibility, that Michael was indeed the one that self administered the fatal dosage.

However, this presents the defense with a problem, and this is that Murray initially stated to the authorities that he had been out of the bedroom for only a couple of minutes, which now makes him look like a liar to the jury--and if the jury believes that Murray lied about the actual time of his absence from the death-room, then the jury will be more inclined to believe the Doctor is lying about everything else.

(See folks, this is why the moment authorities begin to ask in-depth questions-- always lawyer- up )---30% of the prison population aren't there because they actually committed the crime or not--they are there simply because they talked to the police without the benefit of an attorney.

Anyway, look for the good Doctor to take the stand--it will be the only way the defense will be able to clear up some of these inconsistencies....Artofwar

1110 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

hopefully, dr murray lifts weights or plays b-ball. otherwise he's gonna have to find some other 'prison hobby' to pursue.

1110 days ago

mj fan forever    


1110 days ago


Oh, go away already. This Dr was doing what MJ wanted and, we all know, when "royalty" doesn't get their way, they claw, step on, fire, slander, (you get the picture) until someone else does do what they want. PUHLEEZE. I'm sooooo tired of this story.

1110 days ago


propofol is a non-addictive sedative. it's not a prescription drug. jackson had anesthetics in his cosmetic procedures.

he said he felt "great" after giving himself drugs and going onstage. he was told repeatedly that propofol did not bring him sleep.

1110 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

What a disgraceful, lying piece of crap. This guy should try telling the truth for once, by proclaiming "I killed Michael."

1110 days ago


Posted elsewhere but worth a 2nd post, since TMZ has totally dropped the ball on this coverage:


It just keeps getting more and more embarrassing. Remember I told you way back when that the organizers were going to wind up dragging the homeless off the street to fill the empty seats because they wanted a full stadium in order to be able to film a "packed house" so they could livestream it and make their DVD? Well, I wasn't far off.

They already slashed ticket prices by up to 50% and offered partial refunds to those who paid full price, then they were selling tickets at even lower prices "subsidized" by anonymous third parties and refused to give any further refunds to those who paid more, they eliminated the upper tier of seats and pushed those people down into the middle tier seats that weren't selling (they concocted an excuse that they're going to have equipment up there so they need the space), they moved people around playing musical chairs trying to fill in all the bare spaces so that people who bought tickets together are now separated or people who were in the front are now in the back (and highly pissed off) and they're telling fans who complain essentially "tough, you're stuck with your new seat assignment," now they're GIVING AWAY hundreds of FREE tickets at a time to local employers to give out to their employees to get bodies in there, and the latest is that they're now selling tickets on Groupon at half-off the already reduced-price tickets and will not provide any more partial refunds to those who paid more for the same seats! They are GIVING TICKETS AWAY FOR FREE AND BEGGING PEOPLE TO ATTEND this MJ "tribute" concert.

Now on their official Facebook tribute page, they're claiming that "Golden Circle and General Admission tickets have now completely SOLD OUT. Limited availability throughout other areas." There are still plenty of tickets available for sale. With less than 33 hrs to showtime, they'll give the rest of those tickets away as well, and if that doesn't work, they WILL drag in the homeless. The stadium holds 74,000; for a while they were claiming there would be 50,000 fans there, but they refused to reveal how many tickets they'd actually sold. LIES, LIES, LIES. Now maybe that they're GIVING AWAY the tickets, they MAY achieve that 50,000 number -- we'll find out tomorrow.

Along the way the Black Eyed Peas were duking it out for a week with the promoters over rights to Michael's songs and using their image for the livestream Facebook concert, and then just decided to bail from the "tribute"!

Did you ever think that any Michael Jackson concert would have a more scandalous ticketing ploy than the Victory tour? The Michael Forever Tribute organized by LaToya and her business associates takes the cake! Did MJ ever have to give away FREE tickets and BEG people to come to his concerts?

Here's their plan. They want to be able to advertise before Saturday that this concert is entirely SOLD OUT to generate excitement and buzz so that people will think this is a hot concert and want to pay $5 for a pay-per-view livestream. They anticipate a potential global audience of 800 million. Do the math: 800 mil X $5 = $4 BILLION DOLLARS, not including merchandise that they plan to sell on Facebook, plus the DVD about the "making" of the concert that they said they're going to produce. There's a rumor that Usher is somehow involved, although he doesn't appear as a performer on their official page. I think they may have Usher up their sleeve and they're going to pull that card out at the last minute and heavily advertise it to pull those Facebook users in.

Meanwhile, GLE CEO Chris Hunt admits that he's "not entirely altruistic," and that this is KATHERINE'S tribute to her son. In other words, he's after that potential $4 billion, just like LaToya and Katherine. They refuse to say how much, IF ANY, of the Facebook, merchandise, and DVD revenue would go to "charity."

Check out some of these comments from fans on their official Facebook page:

I am looking forward to the concert but would like to know how is it fair to reduce ticket prices by half on Groupon? Then offer premium tickets for less than we paid for general admission (which originally was £96 I might add!)

Tickets are flying now they are £22 on seatwave

Go on living social or groupon general admission £24, gold £45

I won tickets today for the Tribute

I won my tickets on the radio 3days ago...

What is going on with Groupon now selling tickets at a fraction of the original price ??? We paid £96 originally for general admission then you reduced ticket prices to £55 so refunded the difference, now Golden Circle is only £45 !!! Please Please can someone explain why those of us who bought tickets early or registered online are being treated this way !!! surely we should be refunded the difference in cost or at least upgraded to golden circle seen as there appears to be a large number of spaces still available in that section !!!

Bit annoyed at how cheap gold circle is now lol.

with cheaper tickets this thing is gonna be massive!!!!

I think people should stop moaning and go and enjoy a bloody good nite. Can understand the anger at getting crappy seats tho.

just read in the telegraph black eyed peas out

I will now be contacting Martin Lewis the Money Saving Expert, Watchdog Anne Robinson and The Ferret from Cardiff as well as the newspapers

im frightened of ordering anything off line incase i dont get it im still waitin for my confirmation for my parking tickets they better come tomorrow

I just saw the video from Wales tonight an by the sounds of it there are going to be plenty of spare seats :(

they were just saying how there's still plenty of tickets left, and chris hunt said he's confident that more will be sold this week (although I doubt that will happen now bep's have pulled) and then they interviews a few ppl on the street who said they had barely heard anything about the concert!!!

Does anyone else have a bad feeling to what we may wake up to tomorrow news wise? Like other artists dropping out or even worse the concert being cancelled? I really hope it doesn't!! I am still looking forward to it despite bep's dropping out!

it was never goin to be a sell out think they should have realised that and I'm sure nobody else will pull out have to keep positive

thought they may have shown some footage of michael throughout the concert but they’re not shame

Yesterday on living social, today on groupon, im so angry that becasue they cudnt get ticket sales they allowed this discount in price, so basically stuff all the MJ fans who bought full price tickets! Disgrace

i paid full price for mine but dont think you can do much about it now it is wrong tho

Cheap tickets for this concert for those not already going.

Surely we must be able to get some kind of refund for this?

or at least some free merchandise or something

why r fans who registered and paid full price being RIPPED OFF??????

I am still looking forward to the concert, however I still think its unfair that tickets are so cheap now and we have paid full price for them

I have been moved from the front to nearer the back... No good crying over spilt milk, there isnt much more we can do I have tried believe me. It isnt fair for people who have payed top dollar but its obvious no refunds are gonna be given...

Just saying that it isnt fair on the people who have paid full price!! The people i persuaded to go with me are gutted aswell as we all paid alot of money for i feel like i have ripped them off too!!

I was 'upgraded' twice and ended up right back where I first started off. I have emailed and basically they told me tough !! Dont think there will be anymore refunds !

I think its strange how tickets are available IN FRONT of me when i registered, paid full price and so on.....Yet i didnt get put up front anyway!!!!!

ok not only are groupon offering reduced priced tickets offering premium seats at cheaper than general admission

they are now letting peple get in for cheap....its unfair as these are most likey i would say 99% non michael jackson fans and more like party-goers or fans of the other acts there. Im not happy about it and as Sian says there are people who have paid for their tickets at the begining who will now have these other people sat infront of them for cheaper!! Sorry but MJ wouldnt have stood for this shambles, lol as if he needed Groupon to get rid of his ticket though!

Dear workers of Cardiff, due to underwhelming demand, have a free ticket to a concert courtesy of GLE. They can't shift them, so they're giving them away. Never mind some of the people who have paid to go, GLE don't value them enough, just their bank balance, like we said from the start.... CASHING IN!

Do you remember what I said when I first joined your page about giving tickets away free on the night!!! I think you'll find some very pissed off people who paid good money to be seated nearby those who just walked past and walked right on in.

that is unreal. How are they getting away with this

If they know these tickets aren't going to sell then they may as well give them away and hope to make the money back on merchandise and bar sales.

It's not normal practice to give away over 60 per cent of the tickets for free while allowing the rest to pay good money!!!

It's not normal for tickets to get given away for free.

I think everyone who bought a ticket should apply for a damn refund and go and try and get one of those free tickets.

They can't have a empty looking arena.

Well hopefully that won't end in pandemonium like one event I went to, where people nearly ended up in a punch up over it.

The original fans of Michael Jackson just KNOW he'd be turning in his grave at all this. The 'new fans' .... well they ain't got a clue lol

I have been saying for weeks its all latoyas work .

Go and read the terms and conditions and then return when you have educated yourself. Katherine Jackson didn't organise this LATOYA DID! It was her idea and she and Paul Ring presented it to Chris Hunt who ran with it, Tied Katherine and the Kids in through contract and a $100,000 payoff. Wake up and smell the coffee!

1110 days ago


Posted elsewhere but worth a 2nd post, since TMZ has totally dropped the ball on this coverage:


Many of us were waiting for the other shoe to drop on this concert. Actually, so MANY shoes have dropped, this is just the LATEST.

LaToya and her posse of "business investors" didn't do their homework, didn't dot their i's and cross their t's, and/or (more likely) thought they were just going to run roughshod over copyright law. THE PAY-PER-VIEW LIVESTREAM OF THIS FIASCO ON FACEBOOK TO A POTENTIAL GLOBAL AUDIENCE OF 800 MILLION AT $5 EACH HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS.

Also, THE PLUG HAS BEEN PULLED on the live relay from Cardiff in 3D to the ODEON THEATRES IN THE U.K.

Unidentified music labels that own the rights to Jackson's lyrics have brought "legal challenges" to prevent the show from being streamed.

FURTHERMORE, it is rumored that Katherine, as well as other artists (besides the Black Eyed Peas, who already bailed), are jumping ship as if it were an exploding tanker.

The silence of GLE admin on the official "tribute" Facebook page is deafening.

And to top it all off, there's heavy snow in Cardiff with a freezing drizzle...

Seems fitting somehow.

Here's an article do***enting that the broadcast is indeed cancelled:,2817,2394286,00.asp#fbid=923m9ddJhdd

Michael Jackson Tribute Concert Broadcast Cancelled on Facebook

By Mark HachmanOctober 7, 2011 12:06am EST

The Facebook broadcast of the Michael Jackson tribute concert has been cancelled due to rights issues, technology partner Milyoni will announce Friday morning.

Milyoni originally teamed with Ridgeline Entertainment to broadcast the show online via Facebook. After a PCMag reader noticed that the link to the show now generates a "page not found" error, however, he contacted PCMag. When asked, the Milyoni representative said that music labels had brought "legal challenges" to prevent the show from being streamed.

The live broadcast from Cardiff, Wales, scheduled for a 10 AM PT start on Oct. 8, was scheduled to cost $3.99 via PayPal or $4.99 the day of the show. Users could also purchase access to the show using Facebook Credits, either 40 Credits in advance or 50 the day of the concert.

That money will now be refunded, Milyoni president John Corpus said in a statement.

"Due to legal challenges brought by the music labels that own the rights to Michael Jackson's lyrics, concert promoter Global Live Events has notified us that the live Facebook broadcast of the Michael Forever tribute concert has been cancelled," Corpus said. "As the technology provider behind the live Facebook broadcast, Milyoni will fully refund all customers who pre-purchased access to the concert using Facebook Credits or PayPal.

"While social media presents a new opportunity for artists and concert promoters to reach global audiences, it is still a new and disruptive frontier ripe with challenges," Corpus added. "Milyoni will continue to work closely with our music and entertainment partners to pursue this new channel of distribution, beneficial to both artists and fans worldwide."

Mother Katherine Jackson announced the "Michael Forever The Tribute Concert" with Marlon, Tito, Jackie and La Toya Jackson earlier this year.

The reported lineup includes Christina Aguilera, The Black Eyed Peas, Jennifer Hudson and Smokey Robinson, plus Cee Lo Green, Leona Lewis, Craig David, and 3T, otherwise known as Tito Jackson's three sons.

1110 days ago


Posted elsewhere but worth a 2nd post, since TMZ has totally dropped the ball on this coverage:


Fans Enraged, Tickets Given Away for Free After Initial Price Gouging, Copyright Laws Violated, Plug Pulled on Facebook and U.K. Odeon Theatre Livestreaming

LaToya made an announcement recently that she was retiring from music after her latest album release (which, she claims, her "fans" were "begging" her for) to concentrate on "various business projects." Clearly, her current "business project" is an indication of exactly what we can expect more of in the future.


1110 days ago


If you look at the case sticking to the facts Joe Jackson killed Michael. Very, very, very slowly. But he killed him.

1110 days ago



Friday October 7th, 2011 11:56

I have to admit, the planning for the big Michael Jackson tribute concert in Cardiff this weekend has seemed, from the outside at least, so shambolic, I’m curious to see how it turns out on the day. However, without train tickets booked for Cardiff, it’s looking like I won’t get to see the show, because, according PC Mag, and in the latest shambles associated with the concert, the Facebook live webcast of the event is off.

Promoters Global Live Events only announced that the show would be webcast last weekend, offering fans the chance to see the show live via the Facebook platform for four dollars, or five dollars if they paid on the day. But, it seems, it didn’t occur to anybody that such a webcast would need licences from the publishers who own the songs being sung at the show, and given that Facebook itself doesn’t have any licences from music companies, the whole thing’***** a hurdle.

PC Mag initially noticed that the Facebook page meant to host the webcast had gone down. The magazine contacted the technology company which was managing the live stream, which explained: “Due to legal challenges brought by the music labels [or, rather, publishers] that own the rights to Michael Jackson’s lyrics, concert promoter Global Live Events has notified us that the live Facebook broadcast of the Michael Forever tribute concert has been cancelled. As the technology provider behind the live Facebook broadcast, Milyoni will fully refund all customers who pre-purchased access to the concert using Facebook Credits or PayPal”.

The statement continued: “While social media presents a new opportunity for artists and concert promoters to reach global audiences, it is still a new and disruptive frontier ripe with challenges. Milyoni will continue to work closely with our music and entertainment partners to pursue this new channel of distribution, beneficial to both artists and fans worldwide”.

So there you go, now Facebook users won’t be able to watch the Black Eyed Peas not performing. They, of course, pulled out of the show earlier this week, leading to tabloid speculation their current hiatus was about to become a proper split. Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, Smokey Robinson, Cee Lo Green, Leona Lewis and Craig David are all set to perform though.

As previously reported, while the show is endorsed by part of the Jackson clan, including the late king of pop’s mother Katherine, some of the family have criticised the show because of its timing, in the middle of the high profile trial of Conrad Murray, the doctor accused of causing Michael Jackson’s death.

1110 days ago



Just a few hours ago, the "tribute" Facebook page was FILLED with comments of E-N-R-A-G-E-D fans -- I mean they had their PITCHFORKS AND TORCHES out. They were out for BLOOD. They wanted heads to ROLL.

Now, ALL of those comments have been deleted from the site, and all that's left are the comments of Happy Shiny People claiming to be soooooooooooo excited and who CAN'T WAIT!

I can't wait for the lawsuits to begin as soon as the concert ends...

1110 days ago


To all the Conrad Murray fanatics prematurely celebrating his acquittal, just remember free ain't always free....

1110 days ago


Whatever!! I am all ready sick of this case!! The Dr. is guilty and MJ was a sick drug addict who is responsible for his death as well!! End of story!!

1110 days ago
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