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Dr. Conrad Murray

Massive Inconsistency In Murray's Story

10/7/2011 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray
's interview with LAPD detectives reveals a huge inconsistency that could weigh heavily with the jury.

In the tape, Dr. Murray says he left Michael Jackson's room for only 2 minutes to go to the bathroom, and when he came back Michael Jackson was not breathing.  Murray says he immediately began performing CPR.

But according to Sade Anding, Murray's Houston girlfriend who was on the phone with Murray, she says she was talking to him for a while when suddenly it appeared Murray dropped the phone and the emergency commenced. 

So now there are competing stories -- Either Murray went to the bathroom as he told cops, or he was on the phone -- possibly distracted.  If jurors believe Anding and the phone records, they could easily conclude Murray lied to cops.


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Either way, it's NEGLIGENCE. If he left the room with a controlled substance in Michael's reach, that would be negligence. However, I think it's clear from the way Dr. Murray tried to cover it up that he overmedicated Michael that day. Propofol should've never even been in that room. Period.

1120 days ago


LOL! this has been inconsistent since 6/25/09! and the fools here posting at tmz with their prayers, quotes, fake ass forensic proof and all the do***ents and files and all the other idiotic timelines and pill bottles and actors on the witness stand. unfortunately now, most of you have become washed out, lame ass, dummies that i will now use to insult. and since you all are here everyday, i can stop in when i have the time to catch urs stupid asses because this is where i can find you
The TMZ staff are doing the very best they can. Yes they are here everyday because it's their job. You come here looking for a hug. it's most likely the only way anyone would put their arms around you....even if you're on staff at tmz yourself.

I'm logging off. don't want you to get the idea that someone actually gives'ah!

1120 days ago


Murray has lied from day one and has been lying ever since. This whole matter should never have come to trial. If Murray had any honour or decency(that's a laugh!!) he would've admitted culpability right at the start and saved the tax payers MILLIONS of $$$$$ on this trial.

1120 days ago


Prayers for the Jackson family and Michael's children. May their bond of love keep them united and strong. Much love for the family.

1119 days ago


Thank You , Phantom for the informative interviews about Michael and his Super Hot concerts of "Come Together" and "Human Nature". The smooth moves and mellow songs are HOT!!! His concerts are stunning. Michael again gives his all. Thanks, Phantom.

1119 days ago


I want to give them that. I care about them, them angels. God wants me to do it. God wants me to do it. I’m gonna do it, Conrad.

CM: I know you would.

MJ: Don’t have enough hope, no more hope. That’s the next generation that’s gonna save our planet, starting with – we’ll talk about it. United States, Europe, Prague, my babies. They walk around with no mother. They drop them off, they leave – a psychological degradation of that. They reach out to me – please take me with you.

CM: Mmnh-mmnh.

MJ: I want to do that for them.

CM: Mmnh-Mmnh.

MJ: I’m gonna do that for them. They will be remembered more than my performances. My performances will be up there helping my children and always be my dream. I love them. I love them because I didn’t have a childhood. I had no childhood. I feel their pain. I feel their hurt. I can deal with it. Heal the World, We are the World, Will You Be There, The Lost Children. These are the songs I’ve written because I hurt, you know, I hurt.

(13 seconds: silence)

CM: You okay?

(8 seconds: silence)

MJ: I am asleep.
This recording is an effort to show the world that Michael and conrat were friends. Michael was a true friend and he trusted murray.
Murray on the other hand, took Michael's kindness and used it as an opportunity to destroy Michael's life.


Murray is trying to save his own neck now. It's vital that Murray wins in the court of public opinion first. That's impossible since the only public opinion that matters is that of Michael's billion member fan base. The media has never been able to change or convince his fan base of anything. the fans only believed Michael. Now that Michael has been murdered, the medical evidence by the coroner speaks for michael.
The medical evidence says Michael Jackson was murdered. This case is a homicide. Not a soap opera presentation by the defence via an iphone.
Just continue to avoid the release of Michael's actual phone records for the last 48-72 hours of his life.
No one is interested in last hours of murray's girlfriend's life nor a tmz article written about the last hours of Michael's.,,,,,,,,,and please spare me another "according to murray" version of what happened.
I Can't believe a well educated practitioner and father of seven or eight could be this foolish and silly. perhaps if murray did not receive so much support, a free pass and a new financial lease on life damn near immediatey after killing Michael and fragrantly flaunted it in public for over two years with media and big money approval, he may have had a chance to pull it off. yet murray and the culprits blew it. this man conrad murray murdered michael jackson.
Even while heavily sedated Michael's heart is filled with hope of helping millions of needy kids. while his trusted friend wants the world to believe he committed suicide because he could perform to earn the money to help make that dream come true for the less fortunate.....the conventiently the rest of the conversation can't be detected? "I'm alsleep now" who goes to sleep and says I'm asleep now? Michael was still awake and talking under sedatation.....but those words just like Michael's phone records &surveillance footage at the staples center and holmby hills......can't be located or purposely withheld as
part of a major cover up. I'll never ever believe anything about this investigation or trial without this vital information that will once and for all explain and confirm
what really happened to my king michael. Not murray's version of what happend.
The electionic do***ented truth of what happened. Not phone calls and email that are not related to the case. you know the hours i'm speaking of: 10pm on 6/24/2009 thru 8am 6/25/2009.

1119 days ago


A bit off topic, but have to say this. Murray´s girlfriend, Nicole Alvarez has got to be the dumbest chick on the planet. Saw a photo of her and Murray and their little boy. They had been out for lunch together on one of the trial days.
This bimbo looks THRILLED to be photographed and get in the media. She looked THRILLED on the stand, because she was in the media. Talking about MICHAEL JACKSON, "It was MICHAEL JACKSON!", she said many times in an excited tone of voice, THRILLED.
The cir****tances of the case seem not to bother her in the least: the fact that her "boy"friend killed said MICHAEL JACSON.
That poor kid they have. Dumbest parents on Earth!

1119 days ago


@juan lopez (aka your alter ego/clone)
You'd have to have a life first. if you've really got it like that, you don't have to tell anybody......i've said it before and i'll say it again, you don't know exactly whom it is you're talkin too when you're online. fans are here to defend michael because the judicial system nor the media will do it. you on the other hand are here because you're jealous, nobody is devoted to you nor cares for what you believe.

When it comes to my king Michael Jackson I WILL: dissect, analyize, exemplify, pinpoint, respond , debate, check off, correct, redirect, emphasize, interpret, explain, translate,construe, read, expound, render, explicate, clarify, enlighten,reveal, illustrate, compare,elucidate, weigh in, unfold, question, define,structure,express, organize, detect,identify, demodulate, extract, focus,intercept,underline,reconstruct,address,discuss,argue,comment,explore ,examine,survey,inspect,scrutinize,observe,
watch, notate, remark, dispute, eliminate, scalp the lies and chop-to-pieces the events of the murder until all doubt is fully erased from my being.
Until then, I guess you'll continue to step away from your family, friends as well as something alot bigger 2 or 3 times per week just to see what I have to say!

Those palpable hugs you get from your dog dont't count.

btw: Bhaaahh!

1119 days ago

juan lopez    

no pets here. all i know is your here everytime i log on. and like i said im doing well, but in so many words. i dont need to know who you are but what i do know is this,

When it comes to my king Michael Jackson I WILL: dissect, analyize, exemplify, pinpoint, respond , debate, check off, correct, redirect, emphasize, interpret, explain, translate,construe, read, expound, render, explicate, clarify, enlighten,reveal, illustrate, compare,elucidate, weigh in, unfold, question, define,structure,express, organize, detect,identify, demodulate, extract, focus,intercept,underline,reconstruct,address,discuss,argue,comment,explore ,examine,survey,inspect,scrutinize,observe,
watch, notate, remark, dispute, eliminate, scalp the lies and chop-to-pieces the events of the murder until all doubt is fully erased from my being.

this is enough to keep you glued here.

try stepping out some to get some fresh air or exercise. it will do you some good, kiddo.

1119 days ago


this is enough to keep you glued here.

try stepping out some to get some fresh air or exercise. it will do you some good, kiddo
guess you haven't heard of wireless internet either.
However, What I find most fascinating is how hard you are squirming over my comments. My comments reflect me, not you. They have nothing to do with you. Yet you're responding like a maggot with a fire ant up its anus!
Thanks for the confirmation. Evil opposes what is viewed as a threat. The fans are on the right track. Keep coming back because you're right! i'm on here just about every day. wireless communication makes it easier. I said I was going to drop this site once the verdict is handed down.........but thanks to YOU I might stay a little longer. simply because it will alienate well as provide you with an opportunity to leave something far bigger than this to fill that void that's lacking within you!

I love michael. I will defend him here, or somewhere's else. Who knows, perhaps the defence has sequestered you and your obvious immaturity to try and start an online fight to get me to stop posting. believe it or not, I'm holding back. I have not even started to fight for my king michael!...!
Somebody does not want anyone questioning the BS of this trial. They don't like my remarks. Too bad. Either I say it here or somewhere else where there are millions of bloggers/fans who love michael too!

Not that I'm taking your advice, but I have to leave to get my nails done. All this typing can be brutal on a sistah's nails (i think I'll get the american manicure with a light cotton candy shade of the evening sky called sunset blue)

.....don't panic pull your boxers out your buns. I will not continue posting from my phone.....don't want to keep you away from your friends and family dog, your friends's dog......or whatever you've got going on bigger than least I'm proud to admit that getting my nails done is far more important to me than your next response about my unyielding devotion to Michael Jackson's life and memory.......for goodness sakes........pleaszzzz!

1119 days ago


juan lopez: 7 hours ago
i dont have a dog.
A dog wouldn't have you!

1119 days ago


Dr.Conrad Murray: about an hour ago
You're just a RABID.
I can help you with
The culprits are gonna use you for shark meat once this trial is over. Other than feed and bait, you serve no purpose to them now. None at all! You did their dirty work, it's only a matter of time before they cover you in it. They put a hit out on Michael, what's to keep them offahyowazz?

1119 days ago


shark meat??
yes true I am going to Hawaii after
I am acquitted however I will not be
going in the water where the sharks are
besides I will be busy working on my book
& fooling around with my baby momma.

Best Regards:
Dr.Conrad Murray
naaah, neeguh, naaaah! they are going to offyowazz as soon as the trial is ovah! you are not making any money for them. you are a liability now. once this trial is over, yo'nuccwazz will be disposed of. they treated michael like one......and you don't have assets for them to covet. we've seen the last of yowazz when this trial is over. the culprits play for keeps, but there's no reason to keep footing the bill for yonuccawazz once the trial is over. no appointment needed. they're simply going to rush the gates on you.......and michael's billion member fan base will say.....justice served!!!
they're going to get I can't help you with that. no one can help you with it. it's your fate., and you don't hold any of the cards...........

dem dudes aint gonna play fair, nice or for long....

1119 days ago


Dr.Conrad Murray: 3 hours ago

Do you also see black helicopters flying around you?
I can help you with that,call my office for an appointment.

the culprits are still going to offyowazz when this trial is ovah!

1119 days ago


Michael Jackson called hiring me 'divine guidance,' Murray saysBy Alan Duke, CNN
updated 8:48 PM EST, Fri October 7, 2011

Toxicologist disapproves of questioningSTORY HIGHLIGHTS
"I've got to sleep Dr. Conrad," Murray says Jackson told him the morning he died
'I'd like to have some milk, please, please give me some," Jackson begged, Murray says
Jackson's nickname for the surgical anesthetic propofol was "milk," Murray says
Jurors will hear the second half of Murray's interview with police next week
Tune in to HLN for full coverage and analysis of the Conrad Murray trial and watch live, as it happens, on and CNN's mobile apps.

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Michael Jackson begged for his "milk," his nickname for propofol, after a sleepless night and just hours before he died from what the coroner said was an overdose of the surgical anesthetic, the singer's doctor Conrad Murray told detectives.

"I've got to sleep, Dr. Conrad," Murray said Jackson pleaded to him. "I have these rehearsals to perform. I must be ready for the show in England. Tomorrow, I will have to cancel my performance, because you know I cannot function if I don't get to sleep."

Jurors in Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial heard about half of the two-hour police interview on Friday, before going home for a three-day weekend.

Los Angeles Police Det. Scott Smith, one of two investigators who questioned Murray, is heard telling Murray at the start that he would make the interview "as painless and as quick as possible."

The audio recording, however, was too much for Michael Jackson's oldest sister, Rebbie. After she whispered to a bailiff, she walked into the jury box, next to the alternate jurors, and through the middle of the courtroom to the exit.

Police interview with Murray played

Murray: Jackson asked for 'milk'

Murray on CPR efforts, antidotes, death Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor stopped the audio playback and appeared angry at the disruption. "I can't have people walking through the courtroom!" Pastor said.

Murray is not expected to testify during the trial, but the interview playback means that jurors will have heard his story -- at least as he told it two days after Jackson's death.

"This is divine guidance," Murray said Jackson told him when he asked him to work as his personal doctor.

"He wanted me to be around forever. And he wanted to open a children's hospital where children all over the world can get treatment, and he wanted me to be the medical director," Murray told the detectives about his relationship with the pop star. Earlier this week, jurors heard a recording in which Jackson -- using slow and slurred speech -- talked to Murray about his dream of having a children's hospital.

The prosecution is playing the interview between Murray and the detective to help prove their case that the doctor should be held criminally responsible for reckless medical treatment that they say significantly contributed to Jackson's death.

Still, it does benefit the defense in some ways. The jury hears Murray's reasons for not immediately calling 911 for help, his explanation of his much-criticized CPR techniques, and the story that he was trying to wean Jackson off of a dependency on propofol. At the same time, the defendant is not subjected to a cross-examination by prosecutors.

Murray said that when he agreed to be Jackson's personal physician for his "This Is It" shows in London, he had no idea he would have to give him regular infusions of propofol.

But it was a drug Jackson told him he had used for years to get elusive sleep, he said.

"I was a bit surprised of his pharmacological knowledge," Murray told police. "He explained that he used it frequently on his tours."

During his two months on the job, he gave Jackson propofol "30 days a month, every day, with the exception of three days leading up to his death," Murray said.

"Michael Jackson may have a had a dependency to the substance," Murray said. "I was trying to wean him off."

The morning of the day Jackson died was after a third night of trying to wean Jackson from the drug, he said.

Murray described a long, restless night and morning for the pop icon, that began with the use of a series of sedatives -- lorazepam and midazolam -- without effect, Murray said.

Jackson found brief sleep early that day using meditation, but at 10 a.m. -- after eight hours of frustrated efforts -- Jackson begged for propofol, Murray said.

"He said, 'I'd like to have some milk, please, please give me some."

By 10:40 a.m., Murray said he gave in.

"So, I agreed at that time that I would switch over to the propofol, and I would give small amounts that would help him to sleep," Murray told detectives.

"I loved Mr. Jackson," the doctor added. "He was my friend, and he opened up to me, and I wanted to help him as much as I can."

On the recording, Murray insisted he kept a close watch on Jackson after he finally fell asleep. The physician never mentioned the long list of e-mails and calls that cell phone records later revealed.

The doctor said he left the room for about two minutes to visit the toilet. When he returned, he realized his patient had stopped breathing, Murray said.

"Immediately, I felt for a pulse and I was able to get a pulse in the femoral region," he said. "His body was warm. There was no change in color, so I assumed that everything happened quickly."

Murray told police he immediately started one-handed CPR on the bed alternately with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Jackson.

"I couldn't lift him off the bed by myself," Murray said. "What I did was to improvise. His bed is fairly firm, so I got my left hand under his body and I compressed with my hand not moving in place."

Jackson security chief Alberto Alvarez, the first person to join Murray in the effort, testified that he questioned Murray's knowledge of CPR techniques because he was trained to put a patient on a hard surface and use two hands.

Murray said he did not call 911 for help immediately because he expected answering the emergency operator's questions would take too much time away from the resuscitation efforts.

Instead, he ran down the stairs and shouted for the chef to summon help, and he placed a call to Jackson's personal assistant, Michael Amir Williams, to ask that he send a security guard upstairs, Murray said.

Murray said he tried his best to revive Jackson.

The second half of Murray's interview will be played in court Tuesday morning, when jurors return after the Columbus Day holiday.

Defense confronts Coroner about testimony

Detective witnessed Jackson autopsy

CSI evidence in Jackson death trial

Defense questions coroner's methods Earlier Friday, Murray's lawyers questioned the coroner's toxicologist in their effort to convince jurors that the sedative lorazepam, not the surgical anesthetic propofol, was the drug most responsible for Michael Jackson's death.

Toxicologist Dan Anderson testified Friday morning that while all blood and urine samples collected in Jackson's autopsy were tested for propofol, the coroner's office did not test all of them for lorazepam levels.

"I think it has its importance but it was not the red flag that caught my eye," Anderson said Friday. "Propofol in any case that we handle is important, probably more important than any other drugs that we deal with."

The Los Angeles County coroner concluded Jackson's June 25, 2009, death was caused by "acute propofol intoxication" in combination with sedatives, including lorazepam.

Lawyers for Murray contend Jackson swallowed eight lorazepam pills and self-administered a dosage of propofol while Murray was no*****ching. The result, they contend, was near instant death for the pop icon.

Prosecutors contend the high level of propofol found in Jackson's blood was the result of Murray's reckless use of a makeshift IV system with no monitoring equipment to put Jackson to sleep with the drug.

Jurors Thursday and Friday heard about the drugs found in Jackson's blood. The scientific evidence, presented by a coroner's toxicologist, is tedious and often hard to follow, but is the cornerstone of the prosecution's case.

Jurors who will decide if Murray is criminally responsible for Jackson's fatal overdose appeared to pay close attention as they took notes while Anderson detailed the lab results from Jackson's autopsy Thursday. Anderson returned to the witness stand the next morning for more defense cross-examination.

A higher level of lorazepam was measured in Jackson's stomach contents than in the blood from his heart and leg, defense lawyer Michael Flanagan noted as he questioned Anderson.

"The concentration is about four times as concentrated in the stomach as it is in the blood. You think that's an important number?" Flanagan asked.

"Not really," Anderson said. "It doesn't necessarily mean it's oral administration."

Along with propofol, Lidocaine and lorazepam, tests of blood taken from Jackson's heart and leg also tested positive for Midazolam and Diazepam, drugs commonly used to alleviate anxiety or induce sleep.

Jackson did not have Demerol in his blood, which is significant because of the defense contention that Dr. Arnold Klein addicted Jackson to the painkiller in frequent visits to his Beverly Hills dermatology clinic in the weeks before his death, without Murray knowing.

Defense lawyer Ed Chernoff said in his opening statement that Jackson was unable to sleep because he was going through withdrawal from Demerol since he had not visited Klein for several days.

Murray's fingerprint was found on the 100-milliliter propofol bottle that coroner's investigator Elissa Fleak testified Thursday she found inside a saline bag that had been sliced open. The prosecutor contends it was that bottle that contained the drug that killed Jackson.

Prosecutors argue that Murray, who was Jackson's personal doctor as he prepared for planned comeback concerts, is criminally responsible for the singer's death because of medical negligence and his reckless use of the propofol to help Jackson sleep.

If convicted of involuntary manslaughter, Murray could spend four years in a California prison and lose his medical license.

1119 days ago
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