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Harry Shearer

Breaks with Cast

In New 'Simpsons' Demand

10/7/2011 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harry ShearerHarry Shearer never told his fellow cast members he was planning on making a new demand to FOX ... and it has both surprised them and thrown a monkey wrench in the negotiations ... sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

As we already reported, FOX is asking the entire cast to take a 45% pay cut.  Shearer publicly stated this morning he would take a 70% pay cut in return for some profit participation -- something he says FOX is unwilling to do.

But here's the problem -- we've learned ... up until now all 6 cast members have been negotiating as a group with FOX, and the group NEVER asked for what Shearer is asking for now.

We're also told Shearer's profit sharing offer might actually be economically worse for FOX, given how much money "The Simpsons" currently generates. So, chances are slim the network would accept since it's said the standoff is all about saving money.

One source familiar with the negotiations thinks it's still possible for the group to get back on track ... but, as it was put to us, "Harry is the wild card."


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Delaware D    


1109 days ago


every year the cast demand's more and more, be thankful for what you already have, you're supplying cartoon voices not loading and unloading trucks by hand or selling flowers off the freeway exits

1109 days ago


I winder what kind of pay cut the senior execs at Fox are taking? The same as the cast right?

1109 days ago


For a moment there I thought the offer of an even larger pay cut was being done for humanitarian reasons by Harry. Alas, its all an end run to garner even more money for himself---no change from the Hollywood elite in asking the rest of us to do more, while they themselves get even richer. Even thought they might be willing to pay more taxes or something given the Wall Street thing. Even for them "greed is good". Carry on.

1109 days ago

nipples mugee    

Family Guy in , Simpsons out .

1109 days ago


Harry is the new Leroy Jenkins:


1109 days ago


I really think its time they ended the show. It just isnt funny anymore.

1109 days ago


Harry knows that if all 6 cast members worked for no salary and received just 2 per cent each of the profits they would all be ahead of the game. Fox is making beaucoup bucks for their talent.

1109 days ago

nipples mugee    

Who watches the Simpsons anymore, I switched to the Family Guy years ago.

1109 days ago


If The Simpsons is generating so much money, then why should the cast take any kind of pay cut? It should be reversed, and the cast should be receiving a raise. FOX is, without a doubt, able to afford it.

I believe Mr Shearer's idea is a good one. Taking less money, upfront, and having his salary based off of the success of the show make far more sense. After all, it is the people producing the show(director, production staff, assistants, etc), as well as the cast, that makes the show successful. FOX does nothing more than air the show.

1109 days ago


They get soooo much money for so little work....and some of it goes right to the koo-koo Scientologists.

1109 days ago

Polanski's Lovechild    

This show should hae been cancelled years ago. I haven'*****ched and episode in a few years. Don't get me wrong I love the show and there are some briliant episodes, mostly in seasons 1-12. But I think it's time to call it quits.

1109 days ago

the real diva    

hopefully some agreement can be made and they can keep the show on the air.. especially since i cannot tolerate family guy anymore. i am beginning to think the writers of family guy are on drugs to come up with that dumb show. but at least with the simpsons. it was truly genuine. and the writers have original ideas.not druggies like writers on family guy.

1109 days ago


I think this is exactly the point he was trying to make... Shearer's profit sharing offer might actually be economically worse for FOX, given how much money "The Simpsons" currently generates.

1109 days ago


They've made a fortune doing voice overs. Come on people, get real. I wish I could do that and make that kind of money. They didn't come up with the show, just did voices. Gaurantee they can be replaced!!

1109 days ago
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