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Lindsay Lohan Sued

No Free Ride for Her

10/8/2011 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0916_lilo_EX_01Lindsay Lohan is being sued for not paying her limo bill ... but here's the fun part.  She racked up a $90,000 bill!

Elite Transportation Limo and Security Services claims Lindsay rode with them from February 2009 to May 2009. Elite claims Lindsay also booked limos for her friends and family.Some of the payments show a $6,000 an hour rate, which also includes security.

As for payments ... well, Elite says she pulled a Lindsay.  And with penalties and late charges, the $33,978 bill has now swelled to $90,585.79.

That's how she rolls.


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Why does this woman always look like she needs a bath? Her mother could use one too, and Lindsay looks older than her mother now.

1073 days ago


Yes, but Hollywood call girls make that in a night. No problem paying it, just a minor problem yanking it from her bosom.

1073 days ago

She's baaaack    

If she had not started her former career as a child I doubt if anyone would believe she is a day under 40. I also can't believe she's still alive. Fail.

1073 days ago


actually,i was wondering how lindsays love of cooking and painting is going,which she claimed to love during house arrest,the only cooking i've seen from her since is hooking,and painting up fashion shows and parties with bad outfits,oversize glasses,bruises,cuts and lets net forget blood!!!

1073 days ago


"Can I get the limo today,and Ill gladly pay you tuesday"...
havent people learned from wimpy on "Popeye"...he eats it all up and stiff the people for the bill..
right now there is a hamburger place going out of business because of him...
And just like that is how lindsay moshes though life...she eats it up for no regards to the people she owes...
same old story with her..take, borrow,steal..with no regards to their livelyhood...
from bar tabs to stores to limo intent of paying up...POS meh thinks they just make wimpy and lindsay cell mates..but even he would not try to eat those hamburgers

1073 days ago


That guy that found her cell phone - wanted to give it back to her ASAP - the thing was ringing off the hook with creditors calling!

1073 days ago


When I first read this, I thought she was taking the limo to her Community Service work.

OOOPS! No, she better get on the stick and get a bus pass, she needs to start showing up!

And you can kiss off limo rides on credit Lilo, from now on its cash only and up front, just like your coke dealer.

OOPS again, maybe you owe money to them too!?

1073 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

The whole family is like that they will cheat you as soon as look at you.This not from a hater but a well known fact in the business that they are real cheap and will F you over in a second.

1073 days ago


what sort of business continues to supply services for 15 months without getting paid? they're the idiots here.

1073 days ago

Ellie G    

Im shocked!! This sounds like something a lying, drunken, coked-out thief would do.....oh right this is Lindsay isnt it. Idiots, all of them.

1073 days ago


In her defense, I'm sure it costs a pretty penny to buy "friends" in Hollywood. The poor thing must go in debt buying people to be seen with.

1073 days ago

Bobby Fontaine    

BREAKING STORY - a gruesome tale of how Steven Tyler forced his teenage girlfriend to abort their baby while surrounded by doctors and lawyers as he snorted cocaine. (Note that Tyler was in Portland (Julia’s home town) over the weekend as a judge for American Idol. This story broke Monday. She first published a written version just before the last American Idol season ended. It seems she's intent on having her story answered by the news media at large and Tyler himself)

Julia Holcomb Interview Part 1 -

1073 days ago


"Elite" figured since the banks get away with the late fees, storage charges and penalties why not a limo company.

What a ridiculous company and ridiculous bill - you guys going bankrupt or something?

1073 days ago

Seacrest is a Shorty    

Nobody cares.

1073 days ago


Even though there is nothing slutty about ditching out on a limo bill bc your broke bc no one wants to hire someone that is talentless and a complete drug addict whore...I'll still call her a slutty piece of trash.

1073 days ago
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