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'Simpsons' Actor

I'll Take a MASSIVE Paycut,

But I Want ...

10/7/2011 9:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harry Shearer -- who voices Smithers, Mr. Burns and several other major characters on "The Simpsons" -- says he is willing to take an even BIGGER pay cut than FOX wants him to ... but he has a demand of his own.

Shearer and the rest of the cast have been asked to take a 45% reduction in salary in order for the show to continue. Shearer says he's willing to cut his salary a whopping 70% -- but he wants a percentage of the show's profits ... something he says the cast has been denied for years.

Shearer says his reps approached FOX with the idea ... but we're told there are "simply no circumstances under which the network would consider allowing me or any of the actors to share in the show’s success."

Ironically, Mr. Burns would probably have the same answer.

FOX has no comment.


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Family Guy > The Simpsons *that show has ran it course, get off the high horse, they rip everything on seth mcfarlane's genius!* ಠ ›ಠ)

1120 days ago


I watch Family Guy way more than the Simpsons, Family Guy Rocks.

1120 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

You dont write for the show, animate the show, incur any costs for the show or have to come up with funny ideas week after week. You show up and read a piece of paper, wearing whatever you want, and someone else records your voice and fits it into the animations.

SHUT UP and be thankful for how easy you have it voice morons.

1120 days ago


The network has been mega-profitting for YEARS off this show - now, after it's already reached the apex and, lets face it, is in a slow decline, they say NO?

I say DON'T MAKE ANY CONCESSIONS. Just another example of runaway Corporate GREED.

1120 days ago


wow. fox treats their employees like crap. they should give the actors their much deserved royalties. eff you, fox.

1120 days ago


I think that is fair.

1120 days ago


That's not what the "Daily Beast" has been saying. The 6 "actors" wanted only a 30% pay cut and part of the back-end profits. They are very greedy for 6 EMPLOYEES just reading a script on a cartoon. They are basically demanding to be paid at least 8 million dollars per season...that's like some clown entertaining kids' birthday parties demanding to be paid 8 million per year!

1120 days ago


I can't believe so many are deaf to the importance o*****ood voice actor. Well writing is usually most important, the voice must hold a close second. Imagine any voice other than Dana Snyder voicing Master Shake or a Family Guy with no Seth? I can only assume the ones commenting are not die hard fans of animation.

1120 days ago


This show is family TV time for our family. This is not the worse cartoon on the network. (ie The Cleveland Show...American Dad) Simpsons is a classic. They don't deserve this threat from the network. Stand up for this show.

1120 days ago


I'm trying hard, I really am, but somehow I'm unable to shed a tear for people who will make a quarter million an episode AFTER salary cuts for ensemble work on a half hour show.

1120 days ago


FOX is being greedy?
A movie studio is wanting to screw actors on both the pay and royalties?

Well holy crap tree batman color me shocked and surprised

1120 days ago

terry j vey    

Screw Fox and take the show to another network.

1120 days ago


What do you expect from the same company that produces FAUX News??? Greedy old white men. The actors (and they ARE actors) make the show. Sorry, but true. Lisa, Bart, Marge, Homer...none of those could be done by anyone else. But, no, they're OVERPAID (must be a republican that decided that one). They don't REALLY contribute anything to the show. All they do is read a script. The executives, THEY ARE THE ONES WHO HAVE MADE THE SHOW SHOW WATCHABLE for the last 23 years. THEY SHOULD GET ALL THE MONEY!!! Greedy Old Party indeed. EXCELLENT......

1120 days ago


They treat those guys like second rate garbage. They prove how much better they are than a listers as heard when they make guest appearances. baggerty

1120 days ago



1120 days ago
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