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Sneezing, Coughing and Sniffles

Stars Who are SICK!

10/8/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No matter how famous a person gets -- there is no avoiding the dreaded fall flu... Check out which stars are starting to show the symptoms of the incurable common cold!

"Get down with the sickness."


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American Mom    

Everyone! Stay home if you are sick! Stop spreading illness. I think people should get a ticket if they go out sick. There are laws for everyhting else, cell phones while driving..ticket, littering..ticket,,ticket, the list goes on but why is it ok to knowingly go out and spread a nasty virus? This should be seriously discussed because it is assult. Seriously if a person spits on someone it is assult why isn't sneezing a hunk of snot that s infected with a nasty virus assult? I want it made into a law that if you go out with the flu or common cold you get a fine. If everyone stayed home when sick, there would be less sickness. Don't give me the excuse about work and school and can't miss it. How about in that case the employer gets jail time cause you know they'll tell you to come in anyway. Come on people! Wash up and stay clean!!!!

1050 days ago


Seriously? Someone at TMZ thought this was a good idea?

1049 days ago


Who cares?????

1049 days ago


If that's the same cold that's been doing the rounds for the last month, given air travel that's plausible, it's quite a nasty one. I normally bat colds off but it got me quite badly, chest particularly, for a bit.

+10 internet points for the 'Disturbed' reference.

1049 days ago


love that Will F is wearing a mask! smart man at least he is trying to not spread his germs, but seriously, if your sick you should stay home, rest up until better. I have a special needs son and we go into lock down this time a year until spring, to many people just go out and abpout when sick, and I cant risk a simple cold on my little man....

1049 days ago


If you are going to cough or sneeze, do it into the inside of your upper arm, to avoid spreading cold/flu germs.

1049 days ago


Seeing David Beckham jetting a snot shot was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.

1049 days ago


These guys need NasalCare nasal irrigation... like a neti pot but better, the solution flows through the nose and comes out other nostril... all natural drug free with aloe and sea salt. Man, Im so happy I had it when I got sick last week. Think their website is

1049 days ago


when you work at a crappy job like mine, ( AAA ) you CANT call in. I have seen people get fired from here because they needed a life of death operation, and they were out too long, regardless of any doctors note.

1048 days ago

American Mom    

See that's the thing, in Europe they have free health care and when someone is sick they can stay home till they get better ..PAID! There are less people walking around sick and people don't seem to abuse the system. Their work ethic is different too. They don't have to work 12 hour days to make ends meet, they all stop for three hours in the middle of the day to eat dinner with their families. They actually go home and eat with their families. It is wonderful to live in America but it wouldn't hurt if we took up some of these ideas for our country. There is so much greed to deal with that the idea of people simply getting to stay home when ill seems so far away.

1048 days ago


Wow, I agree we will be talking about this tonight from 8pm to 11pm , so log on to and give your opinion !!!! So join us!

1044 days ago


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