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Casey Anthony's Attorney

Kudos to Amanda Knox's Parents

For Supporting Her

10/10/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Knox
Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox have a lot in common -- they were both recently freed from jail, they're both big celebrities now and they're both hot. What they don't have in common ... supportive parents, at least according to Casey Anthony's lawyer.

Jose Baez tells TMZ he was very happy for Amanda Knox and her family when the verdict was overturned. Baez says he watched the verdict and it was " a very surreal moment for me because I remembered being in that situation -- where a young woman's life hung in the balance -- and in a split second, her life was given back to her."

Baez says he felt Amanda's family played a key role in things, saying they should "be applauded" for sticking with her through the entire process -- unlike Casey's parents, who did not support her and instead, he feels, "hurt her case."

In the end, Baez says they're just a pair of "all-American girls."



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Patty Schoen-Jones    

All American Girls?? This statement does not apply to CA I wish Baez would just disappear as well as CA You cannot compare the two girls at all.

1045 days ago


i would like to thank the caring person who mention the victim of Knox. all the people commenting here seem to care more about Armana Knox and not the victim.that goes to show that most of the people have an agenda here.

1045 days ago


Huge difference here. Amanda Knox is innocent, everyone knew it. Casey Anthony is a child murder and everyone knows it. No parent in their right mind would "stand behind" their child murdering daughter.

1045 days ago

venom truth    

Simply said; both girls are guilty of murder and both were set free.

1045 days ago


I DO NOT believe Casey's looks had anything what so ever, to do with her Verdict.I DO BELIEVE the jury wanted the fastest way out,and did not want to take the time to review,question or go over any testimony.PLUS the slander from Baez,and I sure would love to know,if it was Casey idea to slander her father,or someone else.Any one that could KILL A CHILD and throw that child in a swamp for the rats to eat and go,dancing.drinking and bedding every guy she could bed,would have no trouble slandering her own father if she benefited.WHAT SET CASEY FREE WAS A DISGRACE OF A JURY,NOT CASEY LOOKS

1045 days ago


"all-American girls" ? he's not serious. he has drank too much of kc's koolaid. he should just keep his effing mouth shut.

1045 days ago


Baez knows the media is now fixated on Knox instead of his vile client Anthony. This is just a pathetic attempt to keep Anthony in the news. Cindy Anthony perjured herself by calling Casey "an awesome mother" to save her; a direct contradiction to what she posted on her MySpace profile to Casey in July 2008 & what Casey told her friend Amy. Baez has no credibility & lies, lies, his client. Hope he's disbarred and soon.

1045 days ago


Jose Baez should be struck mute forever. The lies and twisted precpetions just keep coming. He, like his Client, will never stop lying to cover their his ass!

1045 days ago


Hey Jose, the difference is that Amanda did NOT murder her roommate, but Casey DID murder her child. Amanda never threw her family under the bus, but Casey did, blaming everyone for HER evil acts. Amanda is not a mental case, but Casey severely mentally and emotionally disturbed. Amanda is not evil, but Casey IS the definition of evil! Amanda did not deserve to be jailed but that is exactly where Casey Anthony should be, for the rest of her sorry life!

1045 days ago


Baez says Casey Anthony's parents hurt her case? How? The Mother perjured herself for Casey. Plus, Baez & Casey made up despicable and totally false allegations against George to make him look like the s*** of the earth taking the emphasis off of the real and only guilty party, Casey. Unfortunately the jury was stupid enough to fall for Baez's lies and Casey's.....

1045 days ago


Is this guy serious? Anthony lied her way through the entire ordeal. No one knows for sure if Knox is truly guilty or not, she did accuse an innocent man. But Knox never placed the blame on her parents like Anthony did, like the abuse accusation.

1045 days ago


Are you serious? Please do not refer to Casey Anthony as "an all American girl". It's insulting Mr. Baez to even use Casey and Amanda in the same sentence. Shame on you!!!

1045 days ago


Gary Giordano’s Lawyers Ask Aruban Judge For Immediate ReleaseGary Giordano’s Lawyers Ask Aruban Judge For Immediate Release
Posted on Oct 11, 2011 @ 09:00AM print it send it By Radar Staff

The lawyers for Gary Giordano have demanded that he be released from an Aruban jail immediately, has learned.

The prime suspect in the murder of missing Maryland woman Robyn Gardner, Giordano has been held since his arrest on August 5, but has not yet been charged with a crime.

Giordano's attorney Michael Lopez filed a petition on Monday at the Court of First Instance of Aruba, "in which the Judge of Instruction was requested to set client G.Giordano immediately free from his detention or at least to postpone his detention until eventual sentence against him has been passed after trial," the firm Lopez Law informed in an e-mail.

PHOTOS: Robyn Gardner And Richard Forester In Happier Times

The legal request comes a week after Aruban authorities brought in cadaver dogs to search for the 35-year-old missing woman's body.

As previously reported, investigators chose the area near Baby Beach to focus the sniffer dog search based on information gathered after a reenactment of the events leading up to Gardner's disappearance on August 2.

Jose Baez, the high profile defense attorney got Casey Anthony released, is now in Aruba assisting Lopez and voiced his disagreement at the introduction of dogs so late in the investigation.

PHOTOS: Celebs Involved In Murder

"I think it's grossly incompetent for cadaver dogs two plus months after the fact," Jose Baez told ABC News last week. "Whatever scent of decomposition they expected to find is long gone."

"It's unfortunate what's happening to him and it angers me, which is why I got involved," Baez went on to say.

In August, a last month a three-judge panel in Aruba rejected Giordano's appeal to have his 60 day detention repealed and ordered that he remain in jail until the end of this month while the police build their case against him.

PHOTOS: Richard Forester And Robyn Gardner

Giordano can be legally held for questioning until October 31, at which time he could be allowed to go back to the United States, unless a judge decides there is evidence produced to continue to keep him there.

While no body has yet been found, authorities say Gardner is presumed dead.

1045 days ago


Tot Mom Attends Deposition In “Disguise,” Refuses To Answer Questions
Wearing what one attorney described as an “elaborate disguise,” Casey Anthony attended a videotaped deposition Saturday in the civil defamation lawsuit filed against her by Zenaida Gonzalez.

While Anthony did appear via video from an undisclosed location somewhere in Florida, she did not answer many of the questions posed to her by Gonzalez’s attorneys. In response to most inquiries, her attorney invoked her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

According to Gonzalez’s attorney Matt Morgan, Anthony did provide a few brief responses, such as acknowledging that she was present for her murder trial and stating that she last spoke to her parents on October 14, 2008, the day she was indicted for her daughter Caylee’s murder. The whole deposition lasted approximately 45 minutes.

Morgan said Anthony wore a hat and large sunglasses, along with what appeared to be a braided wig.

Gonzalez is alleging that Anthony falsely accused her of being the “Zanny the nanny” who abducted Caylee. Gonzalez’s attorney John Morgan told the Orlando Sentinel that being sought out during the investigation has left “a scar on her life and on her soul probably until the day she dies.”

At Anthony’s criminal trial, one of her attorneys dismissed “Zanny” as one of her many “imaginary friends.” Her civil attorneys have argued in court filings that she never identified the Zenaida Gonzalez who is suing her as the same one who took her daughter.

Gonzalez’s attorneys intend to try to get the videotape of the deposition released to the public early this week. They also plan to file a motion asking a judge to compel Anthony to answer their questions. If that motion is granted, a new deposition will be scheduled.

1045 days ago


I think Mr Baez is upset because George and Cindy went on Dr Phil show,making it harder for Casey to have her (comming out party) Casey daddy told it like it was and is.and I will tell you folks,It is one thing to work hard as a defense Attorney to get your client free,it is all together another thing,for a OFFICER OF THE COURT(Attorney) to SLANDER a person using the court and the justice system to cover your BUTT,and then keep up that slander,"The All American girl" in no way fits Casey Anthony,nor does blaming her parents for her plight.Clayee,for the few Years she had on this earth,had everything a GRANDPARENT could give,SHE WAS LOVED,WELL FED,I LOVED HER LITTLE HOUSE AND MAILBOX.I am glad I am no where near Baez,because I would love to slap his face silly,

1045 days ago
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