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Brad Pitt

Cops Swarm Movie Set


10/10/2011 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hungarian police raided the set of Brad Pitt's new movie today -- confiscating a massive stash of high-powered guns ... including AK-47s and sniper rifles ... filled with live ammo.

According to Hungarian authorities, the guns -- which were to be used as props in Brad's new zombie flick "World War Z" -- hadn't been properly disabled, and some even contained live rounds.

Authorities seized 85 weapons in total from a warehouse in Budapest -- and called the entire situation "a disaster waiting to happen." Brad was not present during the raid.

A publicist for the film claims ... "We are working with the authorities to resolve the matter and have no further comment at this time."

TMZ placed calls to several people in Pitt's camp -- including his production company and his manager -- so far, no word back.


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TMZ placed calls to several people in Pitt's camp -- including his production company and his manager -- so far, no word back......Why on earth would they want to talk to you. The Publicist already said they are working with the authorities to resolve the issue. Don't bother them.

1109 days ago

Binky Larou    

Oh no! Guns on a movie set!?!??!

1109 days ago


Yeah, I don't quite understand this. First, movie company or not you just can't bring automatic weapons or other firearms into Hungry without a permit and an inspection. So, the weapons were bought, leased, rented, whatever locally. That they hadn't been checked yet only means that they hadn't been checked yet. I'm sure before they were to actually be used in the movie...that would have happened first. Now, why was there a raid? One has to wonder how the cops found out about this and took this particular action. It's not like they were rolling film and blowing chunks out of sh*t with an AK47 and someone dropped a dime. Why would the cops make it a swoop instead of just asking the movie company had they cleared all their rented [movie prop] weapons. None of this makes sense to me.

1109 days ago


" far, no word back" There is no word back so far, TMZ, because Brad Pitt doesn't give a rat's ass about you, you morons.

1109 days ago

the truth    

other countries do not want Americans over there anymore!! its only getting worse!

1109 days ago


Live rounds???? On a movie set?????? Something doesn't sound right here.

1109 days ago


How did the cops know to raid anyway? And why the incompetent production company ready to kill the stars of the movie with live ammunition? Who's running this movie? And,Brad Pitt? Is Angie involved in this?

1109 days ago


And another plan by Angelina to avoid marriage is foiled!

1109 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Now we all know how guns are being smuggled.

1109 days ago


Whatever! Can't stand Pitt!!

1109 days ago


Live rounds? That's really bad. If the weapons weren't modified with blank fire adaptors they probably wouldn't cycle properly. If they did have BFA's and a live round in them, the weapon would explode, killing or injuring the user. Either way, the situation was not good.

1109 days ago


oh boy, another zombie flick!
there sure aren't enough of those!
we need more vampire movies too- still don't have enough of those!!!

1109 days ago


Damn, all it would have taken was ONE mistake, what a shame for this adulterous piece of crap

1109 days ago


Next year we could be saying " Gesus - that's just about the
most realistic movie I've ever seen. I wonder how the
special effects guys got the blood the right color. It even clots
like real blood! And the squibs going off in perfect sequence
as the bullets raced through the set. If I didn't know better I
would almost think those were real..........Honey? You look
a little ill, that couldn't possibly be...O.M.G!!!!"

1108 days ago

billy cema    

Where's George Clooney, to come and comfort Brad?

1108 days ago
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