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Steve Jobs' Estranged Father

Clings to His Son's Legacy

10/10/2011 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1010_jobs_father_npg_ex_wmSteve Jobs' biological father -- the man who put the former Apple CEO up for adoption as a baby -- can't let go of his son's memory ... gripping his iPhone 4 today outside a casino in Nevada.

80-year-old Abdulfattah "John" Jandali -- general manager at Boomtown Casino in Reno -- has claimed he wanted to keep Jobs when he was born ... but his soon-to-be wife (a student) couldn't handle it.


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Fat Mike    

That's a pretty nasty story, even for TMZ.

1088 days ago


Well, that's what happens when you hand your balls over to some bitch. Since you bought an've helped support your [biological] son's agenda. Now, go blow somebody!

1088 days ago


TMZ:This is not the appropriate place to put a story like this...

1088 days ago


Pretty low. Children are put up for adoption everyday. Usually it's in the best interest of the child. Who knows what Jobs would have become.. or not become had his bio parents kept him vs him being adopted. No real story here, just some poor 80yr old being called out in public because his bio son wound up making billions.

1088 days ago

James Schlesinger    

What a pathetic goldigger loser! Should have some decency and disapear. Cant believe this moron has the balls to speak forward trying to get some fame. Im sure glad neither Steve nor Mona fall for it and just ignored him.
What an ahole!!!!

1088 days ago


I agree with Sonja. My wife was adopted by a wonderful, caring family that couldn't have children. She grew up in a supportive atmosphere and became a well rounded, educated, person. It seems that Steve jobs did fine with his upbringing, and it is not like the father ever tried to get involved in his life while he was alive. The real parents are the one that adopted Mr. Jobs and I say good for you for being so selfless!

1088 days ago


He doesn't look like "some poor 80 yr old" to me. He looks like he is having a pretty good time and I doubt that it was the mother that couldn't handle it. Go back in the casino old man.

1088 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Don't you hate it when your kid grows up to be more successful than you after you've thrown him aside?

1088 days ago

Mel Zipskin    

F him! My lousy dad hit the road after the divorce if he was on fire I wouldn't pee on him this creep should drop dead

1088 days ago


Please, leave the man alone. He may be grieving, he may not be but other than the people close to him, he is of no matter to us. Unless of course we can have a positive influence on his life.

We do not need to invade his privacy, he did not seek the limelight, you seek him out.

1088 days ago


I don't understand why this is on here, and why people are commenting F this guy. He gave his son up for adoption, it happens all the time. It doesn't mean you don't care for that kid or hope the do well it means you aren't financially stable to raise a kid most of the time. I'm sure he's not happy that his son passed away even if he didn't raise him.

1088 days ago


I give the man credit - he said his pride kept him from contacting Steve, for fear everyone would think he was after his money. At least Steve knew of him, and he of Steve. Kind of heartbreaking if he really did want to keep him but the mom did not. Hope he is at peace.

1088 days ago


This story has been told by the old man already. Steve's father is from Syria. His then girlfriend wanted to marry him, but her White parents did not approve of her marrying a Syrian. She gave Steve up for adoption. Months later she finally married Jandali and they had a daughter Mona. A few years later the wife divorced him, and Jandali disappeared for many years. His daughter found him. Steve refused to answer his emails or meet him. It was Steve's choice until the end,it should be respected.

1088 days ago


It's not like that at all. I know his daughter, who is Steve's sister. The parents did the best thing they could -- and although they were in touch with Steve I hear he always honored his adoptive parents first. I am surprised if the truth is he's working for a casino, as I thought he was a professor in the midwest.

1088 days ago


Again--he didn't give up Steve for adoption.
His wife's parents made her. He had no say.

1088 days ago
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