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Dr. Drew Pinsky

Rx Meds Are Killing Our Celebs

10/11/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


 Lil Wayne's "sizzurp" habit is a lot scarier than maybe even he knows -- according to Dr. Drew Pinsky ... who joined us to break down Weezy's videotape confession, and the prescription meds epidemic in Hollywood.

Plus, Dr. Conrad Murray's defense took a HUGE hit today when MJ's autopsy doc said it's highly unlikely Michael self-administered the fatal dose of Propofol -- but Jason explains how the prosecution took a few hits of its own.

Also, Kris Humphries avoided disaster when he lost and FOUND his wedding band -- but is it really that big of a deal? The fellas share some ring-related horror stories.


(5:00) Lil Wayne admits he used to be hooked on "sizzurp" -- so Dr. Drew Pinsky calls in to talk addiction.
(7:01) Dr. Drew says doctors accidentally fuel addiction by prescribing their patients drugs they can get addicted to.
(16:10) Max ... today's voice of reason?
(17:30) Damning testimony against Dr. Murray today -- a doctor thinks the theory that MJ injected himself right before he died is baloney.
(23:03) Did Murray back himself into a corner by saying he only left MJ's side for two little minutes?
(24:01) Jason says the prosecutors had every right to show a photo of MJ's naked body.
(31:40) Jason thinks Murray's people scored two victories today.
(33:40) Brian gets ripped for his ironic t-shirt.
(40:05) Is Beyonce really pregnant? Ridiculous arguments from both sides.

No Avatar


Maybe Beyonce already had her baby, it backs up the pregnancy conspiracy theory of the tmz staffer. She's just currently working off her baby fat!

1105 days ago


A lot of you had an issue with CNN posting that exicution video online but I find it equally disturbing to have that picture of MJ's dead naked body on the front page of your site. Just sayin'...

1105 days ago


that guy with the hat makes stupid comments...get him off

1105 days ago

who dat    

ya the guy on the left is a total dork.

1105 days ago


The song "I'm On One" mentions "lean" which is adding a jolly rancher to the sizzurp. This is getting really dangerous.

1105 days ago


come on guys i refresh your page a million times a day EVERYday .. .you could at least let me see TMZlive

1105 days ago


I think we all know that she is faking her pregnancy. Why? I have know clue. But that would be the question... Why?

1105 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Geez. I hate when Jason talks. He just blah blah blahs with too many words and drones on and on. He is the Sarah Palin of TMZ.

1105 days ago

mac the knife    

OF C OURSE.. THIS WITLESS,HAPLESS.. SELF-SAERVING TWIT QUACK CONRAD MURRAY-- KILLED MICHAEL..he was too damn busy & agog to make his phine calls.. keeping in touch with his hoes.. he just pumped MJ with all that diprivan to keep him quiet..

and now.. his defense are tryinbg to nit-pick the coroner how that diprivan got to his veins.. DUH.. like it matters..

please.. i loathe this Fannagan. arrogant bastard.. like his client.

1105 days ago


Let's be real, guys— the only reason Beyoncé would ever lie about her pregnancy would be if she secretly had a Destiny's Abortion.

1105 days ago


Didn't you post a swimsuit picture of the pregnant Beyonce?

1105 days ago

who dat    

Mike looks pregnant right now. Guess the TMZ fat club is working.

1105 days ago

who dat    

I'm starting to rethink watchin this show. it sucks

1105 days ago


Charles, Do you find it ironic that yesterday some of the TMZ staff found it inappropriate that CNN broadcast the Afgan sentencing yesterday but yet you have the MJ pic in full view with no warning to those who visit the site. What are you thoughts on these two points

1105 days ago


This has become a really unkind and outrageous place to visit anymore from the dead pic's of Michael Jackson to the other crap like a model naked on a bed with ink spilled on the pic. It shows that Harvey is loosing it and I have lost much respect for him and honestly think he has become a coke addict,. if not cocaine then he is just insane at this point. I think it's obvious that the contents on TMZ show his lack of proper respectful news that is something we may want to know. Not this stuff that is just absolute crap. Go to rehab Harvey !! It time to get your head together because you are loosing it.

1105 days ago
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