TMZ Live Dr. Drew Pinsky Rx Meds Are Killing Our Celebs

10/11/2011 12:00 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Dr. Drew -- Prescription Medication Abuse Is Killing Our Celebs

 Lil Wayne's "sizzurp" habit is a lot scarier than maybe even he knows -- according to Dr. Drew Pinsky ... who joined us to break down Weezy's videotape confession, and the prescription meds epidemic in Hollywood.

Plus, Dr. Conrad Murray's defense took a HUGE hit today when MJ's autopsy doc said it's highly unlikely Michael self-administered the fatal dose of Propofol -- but Jason explains how the prosecution took a few hits of its own.

Also, Kris Humphries avoided disaster when he lost and FOUND his wedding band -- but is it really that big of a deal? The fellas share some ring-related horror stories.

(5:00) Lil Wayne admits he used to be hooked on "sizzurp" -- so Dr. Drew Pinsky calls in to talk addiction.
(7:01) Dr. Drew says doctors accidentally fuel addiction by prescribing their patients drugs they can get addicted to.
(16:10) Max ... today's voice of reason?
(17:30) Damning testimony against Dr. Murray today -- a doctor thinks the theory that MJ injected himself right before he died is baloney.
(23:03) Did Murray back himself into a corner by saying he only left MJ's side for two little minutes?
(24:01) Jason says the prosecutors had every right to show a photo of MJ's naked body.
(31:40) Jason thinks Murray's people scored two victories today.
(33:40) Brian gets ripped for his ironic t-shirt.
(40:05) Is Beyonce really pregnant? Ridiculous arguments from both sides.