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The Winklevoss Twins


Must Pay Lawyers $13 MIL!

10/12/2011 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Winklevoss Twins
The legal losing streak continues for Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss ... who've been ordered to pay their former lawyers $13 MILLION in fees after losing yet another appeal in their neverending Facebook saga.

The Winklevii have been at war with Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan -- the firm that represented them in the case portrayed in "The Social Network." The boys claim the firm committed malpractice by leaking information about their $65 million settlement with Mark Zuckerberg ... and they shouldn't have to pay them a single cent.

But an arbitration panel ruled against the twins ... so they took the case all the way up to a New York appeals court ... which just dished out some more bad news for the Winks ... they lost

Now, the Winklevii have no choice but to pay the fee ... or else the firm can take steps towards seizing their assets.



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So, that pair of spoiled brats still get 52 millions (less taxes)for their participation on a business they could have never developed by their own...jezz, the greed and sense of entitlement of some people (rich and poor) seems to have no bounds, I almost hope they refuse to pay and they give the lawyers a good excuse to screw them for good...but I don´t really like lawyers either, o well some people really need a reality check, I doubt this will be enough to correct the douchebaggery of this pair but is a good starting point.

1045 days ago


There was always something about how these douche bags looked that bothered me and I couldn't figure out what it is. Then it just hit me. These two losers look like Adam Carolla. LOL!

1045 days ago

TMZ Is Destined To Be The Next News of The World    

Fools and their money are soon parted. They should quit while they are ahead (still in the black) because soon they'll be left with nothing. Expensive lawyers don't always mean won cases. But they so always mean lighter wallets. They should also consider just dropping the suit with Zuckerberg since according to them they are owed more. If they are to believed then he is a douche for sure. But this could literally go on for years. Sometimes it's just not worth it. $13 million is already down the drain so they should just end it now and live their lives.

1045 days ago


Another example of the ultra rich not wanting to pay a penny for anything. Just look at Obama, Al Gore and Joe Bite-Me Biden. They make millions and give virtually zero to charity. These two d-bags have more cash then they will ever need but they want to be even more greedy and not pay for anything. They probably shoplift as well, just for the sport of it.

These two d-bags can be seen on the movie white chicks at the white party. The ultra rich, from Martha's Vinyard, hanging out, I say ol' boy, let's break out the horses and play a round of polo after we go yachting for the afternoon. Pip Pip, cheeri-o.

I hope these two d-bags end up penniless and destitute. I usually wish success for everyone, but not for these two silver spoon fed t-baggers.

1045 days ago


They got more then enough money for an idea they had. Mark was just smarter and quicker in putting the pieces together to make it happen. Mark got done what they couldn't do. Maybe it wasn't his original idea but it doesn't mean that he owes them everything. Sue everyone that has ever built a chair or a tv or a car... Business isn't about the original idea, it's about getting it done..

1045 days ago


Must be horrible being White, rich, and educated in America.

1045 days ago

Big T    

Be careful TMZ the gentlemen of Harvard might try and sue you for slander or something else they can dig up for Winkevil

1045 days ago

good as gold    

$13 Million for attorney fees to get out of a settlement that they already agreed to? Its obvious this law firm padded their legal fees and conned these guys into believing they could get a better settlement. These twins are NOT very bright and this law firm is nothing but CROOKS.

1045 days ago

good as gold    

Oh and I forgot to add an agreement is an agreement. Both parties need to honor agreements or dont settle. Finally I did the math based on $200 per hour legal fees and to get to $13 Million you need to bill for 65,000 hours. If you work 40 hours per week at 52 weeks in a year you get 2,080 hours. That means this law firm had 32 people work full time for 1 year on this case. Yeah right, they are CROOKS.

1045 days ago


Don't give TMZ credit for the Winklevii comment, Mark Zuckerberg referred to them as that in "The Social Network".

1045 days ago


I bet they'll STFU now. Enjoy your settlement money and move on is too short.

1045 days ago



1045 days ago


I wish these two jerks can go away.

1045 days ago

kade madison    

Yes, the awful problems they have.

1045 days ago


Hahahahaha what a bunch of losers. Didn't the movie send them the hint?

I hope 13 Mill was worth it lamers!

1045 days ago
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