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People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

Cardiologist Testifies:

Dr. Murray Messed Up Big Time

10/12/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cardiologist -- Dr. Alon Steinberg Testifies
Updated 10/12/11 at 08:45 AM

1012_cardiologist Dr. Alon Steinberg -- one of the leading cardiologists for the California Medical Board -- just told the jury ... Dr. Conrad Murray demonstrated an "extreme deviation" from standard practices in his care for Michael Jackson.

* Dr. Steinberg made it clear he is a cardiologist... not an anesthesiologist.
* Steinberg testified he reviewed Murray's case relying solely on transcripts from his police interview because he wanted "to judge Dr. Murray on his very own words."
* He found 6 separate and distinct deviations of standard of care – each one amounting to "gross negligence."
* Steinberg said Propofol should only be used for procedures in a hospital and should never be used for sleep.
* According to Steinberg, Murray lacked basic equipment to keep the singer alive in case of emergency.
* Murray should have had an assistant at all times.
* Murray should have called 911 immediately. 

* Steinberg said after calling 911, Murray should have given bagged him with an ambu bag, then administered Flumazenil ... Instead, Murray went for chest compressions,  which MJ wouldn't have needed if he was still breathing.
* When Murray did finally call for help, he phoned MJ's assistant ... which caused further delay.
* Steinberg told the jury that "for every minute of delay there's less and less chance the patient will survive."
* Steinberg called Murray's behavior "bizarre."
* Murray did not take notes. This is important, not only for insurance and legal purposes, but also to make sure everything is documented so that no mistakes are made.
* Steinberg said Murray's breeches in care "directly contributed to the untimely death of Michael Jackson."
* Steinberg condemned Murray for leaving the singer alone unsupervised, saying "it's like leaving a baby that's sleeping on your kitchen countertop,"
* He said, according to the transcripts, Murray gave MJ a drip of Propofol the night he died ... in ADDITION to the 25 mg. he gave him initially.
(during cross-examination, Murray's lawyer argued Murray never mentioned when describing the night of June 25th. After an long back-and-forth, Steinberg shrugged, "Can we agree to disagree?")
* Murray's lawyers asked Steinberg if it was possible Murray left the room for more than two minutes ... suggesting the doc may have had his timetable confused.
* Dr. Steinberg made it clear ... MJ would be alive today if Murray had simply called 911 right away.


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Darn straight he did!

Nail him State of California. Murray was a GREEDY, incompetent, quack . I have no sympathy given the blatant LIES he fed the paramedics and ER docs who worked on Mr. Jackson. I hope he is jailed and loses all his medical licenses.

Keep it coming Cali!

1107 days ago


That's a no brainer!

1107 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

LMAO at you emotionally challenged train wrecks! Here you are acting as if MJ was the second coming of Jesus himself, all while empathizing with HIS family! My how quickly you rode lizards forget, MJ had 2 very huge and public pedophile cases to face in his lifetime! A lifetime that lasted much too long, IMO.

Boys, you can come out now, MJ is DEAD!

1107 days ago


flumazenil is an antidote for benzos, not propofol. clearly something is wrong this cardiologist too.

1107 days ago


This Dr. is such a windbag, it's uncomfortable to watch him. He loves to talk and I hope he doesn't turn the jurors off with his loooooooooong-winded speeches, answering questions that are not even asked of him.

1107 days ago


Prayers for Michael's children, the Jackson family members and their extended families. May their bond of love keep them strong and united. Much love for all of them.

1107 days ago


This Dr can join the club with Kato Kaelin and Nicole Alvarez

1107 days ago


Thanks, Phantom. Loved the video pics of Michael.

1107 days ago

Freddie from the UK    

Many people have said that Dr Murray will never work again - however if I were in charge of a prison in the USA I would shortlist him for the job of giving the lethal injection to the condemned inmate. - after all he has the experience.

1107 days ago


Dr. Murray has performed open heart surgery on how many people?

With Jacko gone the childern are in a safer place and his victims can be at peace.

However, Dr. Murray should not be able to practice medicine ever again!

1107 days ago

Linda Murray    

Was Michael Jackson taking Propfol before he met Dr Murray...all these years that he's been using drugs who was supplying the drugs for him...Michael Jackson wanted the drugs..Jackson was a heavy duty drug user..

1107 days ago


It's obvious Doctor Murray didn't know what he was doing because he didn't consider the consequences or prepare himself for an emergency.
If I were desperate enough to take that job I would ensure that everything was up to par and I had the best monitoring equipment along with an assistant.
I'm not medical personnel but for my employment I have to re-certify in CPR annually. I understand that Dr. Murray panicked. Who wouldn't? The difference is that even in panic mode I would get on the horn immediately to 911. Murray didn't because of consciousness of guilt. That's why he didn't mention propofol. He was worried that his rear end was on the line. He should have put the patient's life first regardless of the consequences.
I have extreme dislike for the defense strategy of blaming the victim. Murray's statement to police when he was lawyered up came after much criticism. His comments were intended to make him look good if he was charged later. It makes him look worse if MJ did take any medication himself (don't believe it for a second) because he should be monitored at all times. The only thing is that it helps Murray sleep at nights if he can blame the victim. In the long run he will have to live with himself. Who knows, he may need propofol himself to sleep in the future.

1107 days ago

West Coast    

Dr. Murray needs to play the race card... and soon.

1107 days ago


Rogue Warrior, clearly, you've had your nose in the National Enquirer too long. People empathize because this man was a human being who died because of someone else's negligence, regardless of who the patient was. Secondly, I don't see anyone acting like Michael Jackson was Jesus, but I certainly see you behaving as though the man was the anti-Christ, which he obviously wasn't. As far as empathy, what is known is that this guy was the largest charitable contributor in music, his work saved countless lives, so why shouldn't people care about his? Lastly, Michael Jackson was found not guilty by a court of law and unless you've been living under a rock, you know that both of Michael's accusers had parents with well do***ented criminal histories of false claims and extortion in their past, not to mention the only tangible evidence that anything may have occured was the boy from 1993's description of Jackson's private parts, which turned out to be inaccurate, which is why this was never introduced as evidence in the later case. As such, I can only go by the facts and not rumor, and there is nothing to link him to these crimes. Being eccentric and having a Peter Pan complex isn't criminal. It's unfortunate anyone should lose their life under the care of a physician they are paying to provide care and abide by the Hippocratic Oath. I hope this doctor gets the book thrown at him as well as all those celebrity 'doctors' out there harming patients for profit.

LMAO at you emotionally challenged train wrecks! Here you are acting as if MJ was the second coming of Jesus himself, all while empathizing with HIS family! My how quickly you rode lizards forget, MJ had 2 very huge and public pedophile cases to face in his lifetime! A lifetime that lasted much too long, IMO.
Boys, you can come out now, MJ is DEAD!

1107 days ago
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