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Dina Lohan

Lindsay Is A-OK!!!

10/15/2011 11:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan
A child can do no wrong in their mother's eyes -- and no matter the situation, that motto is always true when it comes to Dina and Lindsay Lohan.

Our photog caught up with Dina outside East Hampton Studio last night where she described Lindsay as "great," "wonderful" and "really on it" when it comes to doing her community service.

Her community service is a huge issue right now. As we previously reported, Lindsay was booted from the Downtown Women's Center -- because, according to our sources, she repeated failed to show up and when she did ... she didn't stay the required four hours.

Lindsay is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday -- we'll see if the judge feels the same way Dina does.


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I didn't know that Skeletor was Lindsay Lohan's mom!

1067 days ago

John T.    

Why does she even have custody of these kids. She is never home with them. The state needs to go into that home and see what kind of mother she is. She lives off pimping them out, does drugs with them , parties and even is proud of being seen tading spit. If this isn't a unfit mother I don't know who is. Child protective services needs to be called .

1067 days ago


Worst mother- Ever. Not saying she has to trash Lindsay in the press, but a simple "no comment" or "we're all praying for Lindsay" would have been sufficient. Dina is a delusional enabler of the worst kind... and she'll end up contributing to the death her daughter with that kind of attitude.

1067 days ago


I don't know why anyone interviews her anymore. She says the same thing every time. All you have to do is find an other one and play it over again and you get the same reaction.

1067 days ago


It's been said a thousand times but Dina is the worst. Lindsay is nothing to her but a meal ticket. I'm sure someone must be writing this book as it plays out.

1067 days ago


Dina, you are right. Lindsay isn't on drugs, she isn't going to jail, and she is getting tons of acting roles. Please keep repeating this to your daughter so after the autopsy, I won't have to hear about her gashing fire crotch anymore.

1067 days ago

squeeky could have done us all a big favor...
you should have SWALLOWED Lindsey...too bad
your mother didn't swallow you too..
and Michaels' mother swallow him too...then
there would be NO to
BORE us every day. TMZ...enough with the Lowlife
and Kartrshian trash...don't you have any REAL
celebs to write about?

1067 days ago


Lindsay is A.O.K. alright, an Alcoholic On Krack!

1067 days ago

Yawn Dhoh    

based on past disinterested experience, when Dina says everythings great with LiLo, about a week later it all hits the fan. Whats the dealy-0 Di-Lio?
and Dad will step in with his own wacky take on it. disturbing that more and more he's the saner one.

1067 days ago


Lindsay who?

1067 days ago


Why doesn't the media stop reporting on this loser! She can't be rehabilitated. One sick sorry POS.....

1067 days ago

Good riddance!    

The delusion is stron with this one!

Lie much?

1067 days ago


OMG..the entire family is a Petrie dish of cluster B personality disorders...
Borderlines, antisocials, histrionics, and narsacists. Get into therapy all of you!

1067 days ago

Alan Carver    

For the sake of PUBLICITY she has no choice but to say that Lohan is OKAY! What else would she say? Let's face it, this family will always stick up for each other regardless of what the REAL truth is. And let's face it ... every family does that celebrity or not. We all do this to others ... we do not want others intruding, asking, and then having to give the real answers. Lying is so much easier than having to explain the truth ... I.E. DINA LOHAN! I rest my case.

1067 days ago


Sounds like another version of did she or didn't she steal the necklace...there's always a space cadet rationalization from a Logan while the real world is calling in the truth.

1067 days ago
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