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Lindsay Lohan

Does Shopping Count

As Community Service?

10/15/2011 5:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan did her part to support the local shop owners in Beverly Hills ... hitting up a few stores with her sister Ali this afternoon.

A new outfit for court, perhaps?


No Avatar


I heard Ali is trying to grow her penis by using duck calls

1067 days ago


holy double chin

1067 days ago

cherie cortes    

at least she was not stealing it this time progress

1066 days ago


She looks like she is her early 40's.

1066 days ago


I dont get how these people can shop and party and not have to work.
Maybe I could get a job like that. Unfortunately, i don't have time because I work full time!

1066 days ago


And she's says that she doesn't have money for therapy?

1066 days ago


Where does she get the $ to shop & party? She doesnt get acting gigs....

1066 days ago


TMZ keeps milking non stories rather then do some work beating the bushes to find real stories.

1066 days ago


For someone decked out in Chanel, she still looks trashy.

1066 days ago


Wow, what a way to make Chanel look cheap!

1066 days ago


put her in prison and lock the doors and leave her alone.
nobody cares anymore what she dose all it's doing is pi$$ing people off even more that the system is playing her little game.
if it was somebody else playing this little childish game they would be in jail for life.

free OJ, free OJ, free OJ.

she is done move on let's find someone else to watch.

maybe she can find another way to make a life for herself maybe a strip club in mexico they would love her there right about now. lol

1066 days ago

Alan Carver    

Once again, instead of finding the time to at least attempting to show the Judge she is serious about her probation, she just goes off and goes shopping. How lucky for her she has so much time and money to blow. Something Judge Saunter needs to look at is why she LIED to her when she told her she had no MONEY for therapy and now all of a sudden can go shopping!

This whole thing about Lohan every time she has to go to court (her only camera time these days) just shows that she has NOTHING GOING FOR HER ... at least in the acting arena ... the only place to show her lousy acting skills is in the courtroom! LOL! This twit has no business what-so-ever being in Hollywood anymore, but being the famewhores that the entire family is ... what else do they have going for them? NOTHING! NOTHING! NOTHING! That is the reality and they know it. Lohan is not a commodity anymore, never was really, and they know her time in Hollywood is over with, she is too plagued with judicial issues ... she is not reliable, she is not anything other than what the courts are saying and seeing right now ... a booze bag (alcoholic), cocaine addict - pill-popping (Drug Addict), and THIEF! She is not acting when it comes to these things ... she did this to herself and she knows she has a long row to hoe before anyone will ever take her serious, if ever, again! The likelihood of anyone in Hollywood ever taking her serious again is simply preposterous.

1066 days ago


She looks terrible! She doesn't look like she's living a clean lifestyle. Something is very wrong, here.

1065 days ago

piper paper    

What a frigin loser, i am a mother of 2 girls, 14 and 17, who are smart, athletic and feel a personal responsibility for their own actions and the true!!! injustices of our community, houston a pretty big town. If I thought for any reason our girls would end up like LL, my God I don't know what I would do. She is a pathetic, spoiled, maladjusted drug addict and alcoholic who looks horrible, with her puffed up plastic surgery lips, cracked discolored teeth, blotched skin and worthless values. Wow, what a loser.

1063 days ago


why is she dressing like she's effin 40?

1062 days ago
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