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Robert Downey Jr.

Forgive Mel Gibson

10/15/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Downey Jr Mel Gibson
Robert Downey Jr.
created what could become a turning point in Mel Gibson's public rehab last night, by heaping praise on Mel, telling a large crowd of celebrities that Mel deserved forgiveness.

Downey was being honored for his life work in Beverly Hills, when Mel took the stage and recalled how he had helped Downey when he was down and out, reflecting that people had warned him of Robert's bad ways, but all Mel could see was a good guy. Then Mel made fun of himself, cautioning the crowd to remember who was making the assessment.

Then it was Downey's turn. The two had worked together in "Air America," but more significantly, Mel had posted an insurance bond for Downey when all the movie companies refused because he was such a high risk.

Downey used a metaphor that he and Mel shared, telling the crowd, "When I couldn't get sober, Mel helped me" ... by giving him food and shelter. Downey said Mel told him to find faith and accept responsibility -- Mel called it "hugging the cactus."

Then Downey told the Crowd ... Mel hugged the cactus long enough, and the place erupted in applause.

Downey also noted he and Mel shared the same lawyer, publicist and shrink, and said the two of them should stage an intervention for the 3 professionals.


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the booze brothers!!!!

1103 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    


1103 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

How sad TMzg. Nothing nice to say--why post then? Is this the kin do fbehavior you promote in your children?

Face it: Downey is a goo guy. Mel is a good guy. Everyone has flaws--you too, everyone in your family too. How would you like it if they were dragged, harrassed, cut and hurt to the point of their lives being affected, their jobs being affected by people that don't know them day and it dne in and day out?? You wouldn't, I know that. Grow up?

1103 days ago


That's awesome news. Thanks Robert for coming to the aid of your good friend.

1103 days ago


Good luck with that!

Difference is Mel said he is sober and Oksana said the same thing! Rare that they agree - but makes it quite obvious his last blow-up was his true self.

When you're sober and you tell someone you're gonna bury them in a rose garden and that she is gonna be raped by a pack of ******s - then it's just who you are - (what's in the well, comes in the pail)!

BTW - Jesus said anyone against Israel/Jews is against him!
Can't hate Jews and be a Christian! Just sayin!

1103 days ago

Cheryl A.    

When someone shows you who they really are; BELIEVE THEM.

I believe that Mel showed the whole world that he doesn't like Jews and that he is violent.

1103 days ago


friends should stand by their friends. you don't see that sort of honorable behavior any more. kudos. :)

1103 days ago


Mel is an idiot. It's possible that he stumbled onto some truth accidentally. 9/11 is looking more and more like a zionist operation in cooperation with the us government. What we DO know for sure is that there were no muslim hijackers. Read my site for more details.

1103 days ago


I never judged Mel for his behavior with Oksana. Unless you have ever dealt with a person with a personality disorder (Oksana is a text book example of one), she would drive the kindest, most compassionate person out of their mind. It's like entering a world that's inside out. It is hardest for the most generous and compassionate, because they just have a hard time excepting someone can be so callous, selfish and without a soul.
Although I did not like nor approve of how he spoke to her, I understood how she got under his skin and why. All her actions in the following months confirmed what type of person she is----someone to avoid at all costs.
I wish Mel happiness and believe he is more deserving than most.

1103 days ago


Don't worry Mel it's only psycho liberals who don't forgive you. They don't count.

1103 days ago


Who in their right minds could not like Robert Downey, Jr? What a great guy. I agree with him about Mel.

1103 days ago


addicts of a feather, inebriate together!!!!

1103 days ago


OK, you Mel forgivers...the next time a celeb makes comments about Jews and repeatedly uses the 'N' word, you can't bitch and moan about it since you are OK with Mel using the words!

1103 days ago

nipples mugee    

Because TMZ is owned by a Jewish dude thet have been trying to destroy Mel for the past year or so, my opinion , we all say stupid things once in awhile, everyone should be allowed a pass ... Mel's a big talent, smart and a great director. Braveheart - Great movie. The Passion of the Christ - Damn good movie. Apocalypto - Watch it every time its on HBO. So, yes .. Mel is forgiven.

1103 days ago


TMZgossip: about an hour ago

the booze brothers!!!!

Well, you, Scotty and the Idiot are not the 3 Wise Men, that's for damn sure.

Please pick from the follow:

___ 3 Wise Azzes

___ 3 Stupid Fools

___ 3 Air Heads

___ 3 Jackazzes

___ All Of The Above

1103 days ago
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