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'Dance Moms'

Banned From Dance Competition

10/21/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The producers behind the Lifetime reality show "Dance Moms" have been banned from one of the biggest children's dance competitions in the country ... after event organizers complained about the way the event was portrayed on the show last year.

"Dance Moms" is a show about intense mothers who enter their young daughters into dance competitions ... and during Season 1, the second episode focused on a HUGE competition in Pennsylvania called StarQuest.

TMZ spoke with SQ associate producer Michael Ian Cedar who claims producers did not air the true results of the competition ... and edited the footage in a way that misled viewers into believing certain dancers were competing against each other .... when in fact they were not.


Cedar also claims "Moms" producers misled him into thinking the show was about young girls in the competitive dancing world -- not about their catty foulmouthed mothers.

Despite SQ's grievances, Cedar tells us "Moms" producers once again reached out to SQ ... hoping to feature a StarQuest event on Season 2. Cedar claims he shot down the request.

TMZ spoke with "Moms" producer Jeff Collins ... who brushed off Cedar's editing allegations as "nonsense" ... adding, "We're sorry he feels misled ... we'd love to work with StarQuest again."

Collins also insists the show has not had any problems with any of the other competitions featured on "Dance Moms" ... claiming the show has been welcomed back for Season 2 by every organization except StarQuest.


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I like want to see this show gone.

1066 days ago


I would like to see this show off the air as it warps the competition dance world into something terrible. As a fellow dance teacher I find Abbey Lee despicable, she is a terrible teacher and incredibly rude to those around her. She thinks so highly of herself, when she runs a very bad dance studio that cannot compete at the same level as the rest of the dance world. The only reason these girls are on the show is because they are her exception, and are her only trophy winners. Starquest is an amazing competition run by some amazing staff and I am proud that they are standing ground against this show. From my understanding, they are also not the only ones to do this. Many other FDC comps will be banning this show from competing with them. The studio tried to slither out of competition fees, and even wanted to bend the comp schedule around to fit their schedule which would ruin the experience for hundreds of dancers coming to the competition. Ridiculous. That woman and her show should be laughed out of the dance world. She is an embarrassment. Though I do wish the best for the girls because they are incredibly talented.

1066 days ago

Cris Ericson    


1066 days ago


I have mad respect for Michael Ian Cedar , need more people in the world like him.

1066 days ago


This is BS, its just because StarQuest wants free press... if they were SOOO unhappy with Dance Moms, then why is StarQuest starting their own youtube show called "Real Dance Moms of the USA"?? Check it out...

1066 days ago


Don't fret you crazy stage mom bitches, 'Toddlers and Tiaras' is still available.

1066 days ago


To clarify,......NONE of the moms of these dancers are overweightm the woman you idiot who you 'think' is a mom,is in fact the dance instructor Abby Lee Miller, who's talent as an instructor is phenominal; don't lat her looks fool you, she is quite good. It's heartbreaking for the little girls who try sooo hard to dance and perform. If it's not one of the mom's up in the child's facem it's the instructor. But to be honest Toddlers and Tiaras is far worse,....little girls looking like little hookers,.....and wriggling their little hips,and chests (with no boobs). Dance Moms are mothers who have failed at their chance of being a famous dancer or celebrity. FACT, NOT ALL moms are horrid,but the najority are. Some of the little girls are quite gifted and show a lot of talent,.....their moms are vicious, just like high school.

1066 days ago


As a director of another national dance competition I hope everyone isn't fooled by this story. I work with and know many of the people who have worked with Starquest and other competitions who allowed Dance Moms to film at their events. I know what really goes on behind the scenes at these events - the changing of scores, etc. There are competitions who are in it for themselves and the publicity and there are others who avoid drama. Hopefully people will start supporting the competitions where the focus always has been on the children and offers more than just hype.

1066 days ago

Mary P    

Abby Lee's studio is not-for-profit. She has the kids training on income levels and hardly takes home anything from it. Her dancers are going on to ridiculous amounts of success, one even runs the dance crews for.. Wicked I think it was in four countries. She's a wench because the Mom's all think they know better, but obviously Abby does if the Mom's keep staying there. It seems Abby wants more out of the kids than their parents. She takes them out on their own stuff - if you look at the cache and pages from before the show was even signed, Abby did all this stuff so she didn't put on a show for the cameras by taking the girls out for ice cream while the mother's get drunk. I don't know if it's the best way, but obviously, she has a ridiculous amount of success and does it non-profit, so she has some passion and commitment for kids.

1066 days ago


I do not like the dance instructor or the over the top moms who curse/argue in front of the kids BUT--- let's not comment on her weight when we have pro football coaches and others who are HUGE-no way they could "show" an athlete how it's done. There are horse trainers who cannot ride like the jockeys. There are dance judges who know the craft but are not in shape themselves. There are techers/coaches everywhere who are not in good shape, but can TEACH a skill.

1066 days ago


The statement that DM was not banned from any other competition is not true. Thunderstruck, another competition featured on the show, sent out an email to ALL STUDIO OWNERS/DIRECTORS last month saying the SAME EXACT THINGS that StarQuest is saying in this piece. They told DM producers that they were not allowed to return this year either. What a shock... a reality show stretching reality. The moms featured on this show and Abby Lee give the whole competitive dance industry a BAD NAME. Toddlers & Tiaras is protrayed pretty accurately on their show. Dance Moms is NOTHING like the real world of competitive dance.

1066 days ago


sorry TMZ but you gotta do your background work....StarQuest is NOT a big competition they barely go around the country!! however every other competition that the show went on actually were very big competitions!!

1066 days ago


Jeff Collins is full of crap. DM's has been banned from other competitions. Some have only banned their cameras.

1066 days ago


I am a Dance Studi Owner and I know for a fact that a few other competition feel they were misled. They sent out emails to inform Dance Schools that they would not be allowing Dance Mom's to compete with them again!
Just saying!

1066 days ago


The students from our school were at this competition (good for them for banning) and their two dances came in first and second in the division that Abby's kids lost. I am glad that they did because it was so inappropriate and the parents said it was embarrassing to watch the kids dance like little hoochie mamas. I know that we are not even allowed to do most pelvic movements and use two piece costumes, thank God!! This show is a travesty to dance!

1065 days ago
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