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Mel Gibson, Oksana Grigorieva

Settlement Hits a Roadblock

10/17/2011 9:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva just made a beeline for family court after her settlement with Mel Gibson hit a snag ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Oksana and Mel struck a deal in which Oksana would walk away with $750,000, the house she's living in, and some other stuff. In return, she'll leave Mel alone.  They also agreed to 50/50 custody of Lucia.

The settlement agreement is scheduled to go before the family court judge tomorrow for final approval, but we're told the lawyers are still fighting over how it's worded and they've reached a stalemate.

Our sources say Mel's lawyers asked the judge for more time so they can hash it out, but Oksana showed up to court this morning to fight the request ... because she wants the deal done STAT.

Judge Scott Gordon gave Mel and Oksana an extension to sort out their differences -- but only until November 1st ... less time than Mel's people were hoping for.


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She is a piece of work. God help Lucia.

Ox has nothing going on. No hollywood A-Listers for her, which is all she ever wanted. Does she even have any friends?

I have always said Gibson want's nothing to do with her at all in anyway. Hey, remember when she wanted to play nice. Gibson didn't go for that at all.

1040 days ago


Just think of all the things Mel could sue her for.
1. Lying about being barren (twice to two different men) - But walla she's pregnant AGAIN.
2. Taping him without his knowledge which is against the law.
3. defamation of character - Making up lie after lie about him and trying to ruin his career.
4. Faking Mel out into believing she was real - Which we know everything about her is fake and plastic.
5. presenting herself as a singer and pianist to waste Mel's money.
6.Just because.....

I could go on and on but you all know everything she has done. So maybe we all should sue her for wasting our time, mental anguish, pissing us off for over a year and a half, defiling our judicial system and making us see her ugly inner and outer self which was a burden on our eyes and the terrible singing and high pitch banshee wales which was a burden to our ears.

1040 days ago


Oh hi Ox,
you must be my one dislike that follows my every post. I don't even think you have time to read it before it pops up. LOL

1040 days ago


Hold on let me get my great Grandma, she loves new entrys to the domestic diary Harvey keeps on Mel

1040 days ago


Hold on, Let me get my Grandma,
She loves this ol guy and the domestic diary of Mell Harvey keeps.

1040 days ago


This woman is ugly beyond words. Mean as all get out. Mel Gibson is right, she has no soul. Sing in hell to the devil, bitch, he is the only one that will lie to ya and say you sing great! lol

Oh, you are such a good singer, why fight Mel Gibson for money? Your new cd should make the money for your ugly piss poor azz. Oh, that's right! The first cd crashed and burned.
Well, when your evil azz crashes and starts burning in hell, don't go looking for Mel Gibson for help, sweetie. Mel will be in Heaven singing with the Angels, which you will never be one.

1040 days ago


Oksanity reminds me an awful lot of Dina Lohan. Neither has an iota of talent, both rely on their children to support themselves because neither works, and their personalities make them God awful UGLY!

1040 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

She's is a hurry - she must know there's a gigantic profitable loophole that she was hoping to cash in on... don't let her get one more dime Mel! @onlinecriticbabydoll - why the F should she get any money from him??? She was his whore, not his wife. The kid deserves the cash, not OXY!

1040 days ago


Is there anyone out there that doesn't have this freak's number yet? Are we going to have to look at her fug face for the next 16 years while she drags Gibson in and out of court. She's like a rabid mongoose.

1040 days ago


Enough is enough! How much of her crap are Mel and his lawyers supposed to put up with! She's causing trouble again. I thought she was supposed to keep her mouth shut and take her $. I think this is a breech of the settlement that they agreed on. She should lose the $ and the house and Mel should have full custody of Lucia. It's got to be obvious to the judge involved now what she has been up to all along. They shouldn't let her get away with it or it will happen over and over again. I still believe she's jealous that Hollywood is slowing starting to accept Mel back thanks to his friends like Robert Downey Jr and Jodi Foster, and that her career(or whatever it's called) is dead.

1040 days ago


Don't you fricken dare say anything about Mel being an unfit father, when YOU YOURSELF have seen more of the inside of the court room than the inside of your little baby's diaper. Leave Mel Gibson alone, your little girl needs her mother, damn it!

I am sorry, but people like Oksana really pisses me off !!

Oh, and learn not to go nuts when they hurt/cut themselves.
Do I stop the bleed? I mean really, Oksana! No, Oksana, let him bleed all over the place and lose a lot of blood. UNREAL, and you actually think you have any right to say things bad about Mel Gibson being a unfit father, or not doing right by his daughter on visit days.
Oh, and if you do find another man (highly likely, get preggy again, please do not try to breast feed the poor child with fake azz boobs, you moron!!

1040 days ago



I know what you mean by I can't leave. I just check in every once in a while to see if there is anything new about Mel because I know the gangs all here. I love the comradery and I love to sock it to the Ox as pay back for what she has done.

1040 days ago


I think she may still be hoping Mel will give in. She could not believe that he no longer wanted her in his life. The whole scenario about having to pay Alexander 100K so he can promise not to sue Gibson later - is confusing.

In the being "devious" department I believe Ms G is queen. Even having the agreement dealt with in public did not stop her prolonging this final settlement, just to hurt her child's father. How sick is that?

I suppose as it is still in family court, Mel may still have to pay her legal fees.

What is comforting to know is that Mel has family and friends to help him through this tough time and help him pick up his life again, whilst Ms G has an army of lawyers, most of whom have left her already. There is some justice.

Quote from EoD springs to mind: "It's never what it is; it's always what it can be made to look like"

1040 days ago


So this must be what the leak to ROL was all about. She probably wants more custody thus more money.

1040 days ago


Re: Mel Gibson, Oksana Grigorieva Settlement Hits a Roadbloc
tmz =Horowitz propaganda is lying...
Oksana asked for primary custody of Lucia..

Mel Gibson an absent father, claims custody battle ex

Read more: ... z1b4MkykFG

Mon, 17 Oct 2011 9:17a.m.

Mel Gibson’s ex-girlfriend will return to court next week to renegotiate custody rights over their child.

Mel and Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva have 23-month-old daughter Lucia Gibson together.

As a result of a recent incident, Oksana is now unhappy with their joint custody arrangement.

When Mel was allotted time to spend with Lucia this week, he was reportedly not even in the same state as his daughter. While Lucia stayed at his home in Malibu, California, the actor got into a fender bender in Arizona.

“On Monday, Mel was in the midst of a four day custody visit and he chose to go to Arizona,” a source told RadarOnline.

“We’re told Lucia was left at Mel’s Malibu mansion in the care of a nanny, at the time he crashed his car.”

As soon as she heard about the accident Oksana was stricken with worry.

“When Oksana read about the accident on the Internet, she became panicked because she thought Lucia was inevitably in the car with Mel at the time,” the source explained.

Oksana felt communication was highly lacking and did not appreciate being unaware of her child’s whereabouts.

"Mel had not informed Oksana that he was travelling nor did he provide regular updates about Lucia’s welfare,” according to the source.

Oksana will ask the judge to provide her with primary custody of Lucia.

In August family court required Mel to pay Oksana $750,000. Oksana and her daughter were also granted permission to remain living in the house that Mel owns.

Oksana will visit family court on Tuesday October 18 to discuss the matter.
17 Oct 2011 6:46p.m.
Well said Rose.

17 Oct 2011 11:09a.m.
Someone failed to mention Mel was in Phoenix, AZ to visit his ailing father in a local hospital. Besides it being over 100 degrees during his stay, I'm sure Lucia wouldn't have been allowed to visit Hutton if she was there. She would no doubt have been in the care of a temporary nanny at best. I don't think Mel has to announce to Oksana his every move with Lucia while Lucia's under his care. Oksana was worried sick that Lucia was involved in the accident. She better learn to get a grip and that life happens. She needs to get her emotions in check as it's going to be a long 16 years co-parenting with someone that won't be communicating one-on-one with her. He ain't talking to her. Not now, not ever. I don't think the judge will take too kindly to a mother that's going to be a real pain in the azz everytime she thinks her "joined at the hip" daughter is out of the eyesight of Mr. Gibson. She should be more concerned about her son Alex who is now a teenage with raging hormones and who will be driving next year and possibly out all hours of the day and night. Now there's something to worry about. Lucia has a wonderful nanny, plus she was in familiar and comfortable surroundings at Mel's house.

1040 days ago
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