Neal Schon Drops $10,000 On Butt Floss & Boobie Baskets

10/17/2011 5:00 AM PDT

Journey Guitarist Neal Schon Drops $10,000 on Butt Floss & Boobie Baskets

Michaele Salahi must be doing something right -- because her cuckolding rock star boyfriend Neal Schon just dropped more than $10,000 on lingerie ... during a Beverly Hills shopping spree this week.

According to our sources, the shopping spree came about after Michaele's estranged husband Tareq sold off all her underwear and bras at auction earlier this month.

Neal and Michaele hit up La Perla on Tuesday -- a ridiculously expensive lingerie boutique on Rodeo Drive. We're told the Journey guitarist hemorrhaged a massive $10,496.55 ... buying her 42 bras and 38 panties in a wide assortment of colors. Any way she wants it ... indeed!

On his way out, Schon flashed his silver bracelet, which features a two-word phrase we can't show you ... but is probably directed towards Tareq.