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Steven Seagal

Gunning to Catch Illegal Aliens

10/17/2011 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1017_steven_segal_PCNMexicans looking to sneak into the United States have a brand new obstacle ... a gun-toting Steven Seagal ... who has just become an official border sheriff in Texas.

Seagal was sworn in as a sheriff's deputy in Hudspeth County, Texas this weekend ... and according to a sheriff's dept. spokesman, he'll be working full-time to help secure the border Texas shares with Mexico.

Shockingly, the rep insists Seagal's work with the department has nothing to do with his A&E reality show, "Steven Seagal: Lawman."

One of the sheriffs told, "It became very clear to me that Mr. Seagal is not in this for the celebrity or the publicity ... He's like the rest of us that live down here, he has a sincere passion for his country and he wants to do more to help."


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Can't see the two of them chasing skinny immigrants down on foot. They both look like prospective stroke candidates. Don't sheriffs have to pass a mandatory fitness check before being allowed to become sheriffs?

1066 days ago

Yep I said that    

Just imagine Seagal trying to chase some one, he was a dud at acting and looks like this venture isn't going to go well either

1066 days ago


Someone should be checking under Segal's shirt to see what HE'S smuggling! He's obviously got a few hundred pounds of something under there! All in all, about 350 lbs of dope!

1066 days ago


My kinda man! Shoot those dirty, money-sucking wetbacks!

1066 days ago


Is that Seagal or Fat Bastard?

1066 days ago


i still fail to see how he is a buddhist, as he lacks the basics of equanimity and compassion. publicity whore, sure. buddhist, not so much.

1066 days ago


Looking at potbellied Steven Segal, I wonder if he's snacking on illegal aliens (and on anything edible in range of his maw).

1066 days ago


Quina vergonya i quina pena acabar així !

1065 days ago


Really - how about Americans giving back the land that they stole from Mexicans????

1065 days ago


Shame on you Steven. I never want to see your movies again!

1065 days ago

Annie Perez    

Hey those are my pics of Seagal!

BTW, I love how others like to bash this story. Who the hell are any of y'all and what do you bring to the table to secure our country. It's nice to see people who actually gives a rat's ass about OUR COUNTRIES BORDERS then worrying about fighting other countries wars. Let's Secure our own borders before we worry about anyone else. And really overweight comments? Y'all sound like a bunch of pre school kids. Let's act like adults. Some of y'all just sound really crazy and ridiculous. Who are any of us to judge anyone.

1065 days ago


He's a loser

1065 days ago

Robert Callahan    

I noticed that this article specifically mentioned Mexicans that might cross the border "illegally". This offends some readers, although let's be honest here that is like farmers in Iraq being upset when you specifically mention them and the opium trade. You got to take the good with the bad! How many time have I heard a Mexican say " Mexicans are harder working than white people, we do the jobs that you white people won't". That is crap too but no one jumps up or gets upset over that.

1065 days ago


^-_-^ who knows how much violence this will bring to the border. Maybe no violence, but, its not up to me. Theres not enough violence here in mexico. SB1070 in arizona shows the hatered in your eyes. I wounder when Washinton will stop fighting each other and start taking america where it once was 10-15 years ago. Well we do have something in common. That is we both fight among our selves to. Who knows when the real violence will spill over to your side. when it does dont blame us, blame DC.

1065 days ago


Seagal need to lose some weight before he tries running after us Mexicans!! Fool is FAT as hell!!! Whats his plans? Rolling over us as we cross over?

1065 days ago
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