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Powerful Catholic Org.

Slams Susan Sarandon

You're Ignorant and Obscene

10/17/2011 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The largest Catholic civil rights organization in the United States is lashing out at Susan Sarandon for referring to Pope Benedict as a "Nazi" this weekend -- calling the comment, "positively obscene."

TMZ spoke with Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League, who told us, "Susan Sarandon's quip about Pope Benedict XVI being a 'Nazi' bespeaks unparalleled ignorance."

Donohue adds, "Joseph Ratzinger (the pope) was conscripted into the Nazi Youth the way every other 14-year-old German boy was at the time. Unlike most others, he not only refused to go to the compulsory meetings -- he actually deserted the Hitler Youth! Which is precisely why Jews today regard him as a friend, not as an enemy."

"In short, what Sarandon said is positively obscene."

So we gotta ask ...


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Kelly Ann    

You would think that by the age of 75 Susan would know that spewing her hate about what she doesn't agree with is just what the Nazi's did. Her career is over and she is trying to stay in the public eye. She is so full of hate. I will pray for her.

1079 days ago


Wait, didn't Catholics confirm he wasn't a Hitler Youth? This is why these religions are the biggest hipocricy ever

1079 days ago


you are all non catholics who donot know what you are talking about?! Why should you even talk about this? Why should SS? It amazes me that in 2011 there is such ignorance. God forbid anyone say anything bad about blacks, the jewish religion etc...then they are racist. Well then I guess so is SS and some of you other here
You all are angry at the world and love to blame other....obviously you are full of hate and just dumb.

1079 days ago


Wow, can't believe I didn't know he had been a member of Hitler Youth. That is a bit shocking.

1079 days ago


Idiotic, moronic, witch. Typical Hollywood trash. U r forgiven.

1079 days ago


Tim Robbins was a good influence on her. Now that they're broken up, she's turned into a complete idiot. Her milk commercials are gross too.

1079 days ago


I don't get it, what's the problem? She's a liberal she's allowed to call people Nazis.

1079 days ago


Susan Sarrandon is totally ignorant & a typical loose lipped liberal. However, the catholic church does NOT hold the moral high ground here; they purposely hid pedophiles & child molestors from the police, moving them from Parish to Parish (allowing them to molest new children each time) for decades. The Catholic church values its priests more highly than the people they serve and think they're better than anyone else; a completely arrogant position. Must be from that "we're in this world but not of this world" blather of theirs...

1079 days ago


Good for her...Stand your ground Susan you have nothing to apologize for. Religion is nothing more than a personal belief, and I agree with what you said.

1079 days ago


To those of you who keep spamming the same comment over and over again: TMZ does not choose comments to air on TV based on the number of times any one person leaves them - they choose the ones that have something intelligent to add and, if you really have something intelligent to say, you only need to say it once.

1079 days ago


We've got free speech here in America. She can say what she wants. It does seem hypocritical here that she can call the Pope a Nazi without repercussions but when some sports singer (I have no idea his name nor do I care) called the President a Nazi and likened the Speaker to the Jewish head of state, he was fired. I'm not a conservative at all, but I do think it's a bit of a double-standard of who can say what. Regardless of what the Catholic church says or has done in the past isn't the issue, she uses the same language someone else did recently and isn't held to the same standard of scrutiny.

1079 days ago

suzanne robertson    

Technically, as a member of the Hitler Youth, Pope Benedict WAS a Nazi. Susan Sarandon is therefore correct. While Pope Benedict obviouly is NOT a Nazi at THIS time, at one time he was. Saying that he was not an "active" Nazi is just splitting hairs. Saying that everyone else joined Hitler Youth is just splitting hairs. Pope Benedict WAS a Nazi as part of his youth, and he DID hear all the anti-Jewish and anti-homosexual nonsense while he was a member of the Hitler Youth. No matter how you spin it, Pope Benedict WAS a young participant in the Nazi Party. As unpleasant as that may be to Mr. Donovan, it is, nonetheless, the truth.

1079 days ago


God loves everyone equally. We are his.
The pope will be judged at his appointed time

1079 days ago


So let me get this...she call the Pope the leader of the Church a Nazi and people think it's cool, but when Hank Williams calls the POTUS one he gets fired...right? Hmmmm....
not to mention all this talk of pedophiles, the facts are if you look up the stats that there were higher percentages of abuse among all the other Christian denominations and the Jewish Rabbi's than in the Catholic Church but of course that didn't make for as good a story I suppose.

1079 days ago


This dried up old hag needs to shut the hell up. The Catholic Church is way less dangerous then all these insane liberals who never even graduated high school.

1079 days ago
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