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Halle Berry's Ex

Loses Big in Court

10/18/2011 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

halle berry gabriel aubry
Another win for Halle Berry in her bitter custody battle against her ex -- a judge just shot down Gabriel Aubry's request to ditch his nanny-supervisor while he's with their daughter.

TMZ broke the story ... Gabriel was trying to amend his visitation rights -- which require a nanny to be present while he's with Nahla -- claiming he wanted more alone time with his daughter. Halle opposed the change.

We've learned the judge issued an order yesterday, siding with Halle, upholding the original agreement requiring supervised visitation on Gabriel's part.

Sources tell TMZ, Gabriel is pissed -- and he feels the nanny is ruining his relationship with his daughter.


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Just another example of the unfair justice in the divorce courts of America.

1072 days ago


To the idiot who said a lot of black people will defend Halle - You're an idiot! Are you defending Aubrey just because he is white? I am a black woman and on the face of it, I don't agree with Halle unless her daughter is truly at risk. Since a judge agreed that the nanny should stay in place, I am gonna hold my tongue on outright condemning Halle. I do think that Nahla should be allowed to develop a relationship with her father that does not include supervision - he does not seem like he would knowingly put his child in harms way.

1072 days ago


What a joke, what reason did the Judge have to come to that decision? Unless this guy is a Freak and Child Abuser that is an insane decision.

1072 days ago


Halle, you should have used an anonymous sperm donor. You know that you are not relationship material. I understand you wanting to be a mother, but that is the route you should have taken. Just sayin, girlfriend.

1072 days ago


He is not a child abuser, drug addict or alcoholic so there is NO reason that he has to have supervised visitation! Halle is a horrible psycho b!!ch! I think the judge only sided with her because of her her celebrity or maybe she paid him off. Halle used to say that he is a good father and now because he wanted to exert his parental rights she is treating him like a criminal. It is digusting and I hope that karma will get her. I think when her daughter grows up she will hate her for keeping her away from her father.

1072 days ago


Puzzy whipped courts---It's going to take a and Occupy The Court's Movement to put a cap on this BS. These f-ed up 1st Circus Celebrity Judges are out of control

1072 days ago


Why should he have a "nanny supervisor"? Halle is the crazy one. What did he do wrong? Oh, right...he broke-up with a rich, famous vindictive bitch.

1072 days ago


Why does he have to have a spy,I mean a nanny in order to spend time with his own daughter? I don't get it...I don't really care but since I am here, I don't get it.

1072 days ago


The picture of Halle TMZ selected for this article about sums her up. She should be used to that position....
He must of left her for her to be so vicious. Typical Hollywood!!!

1072 days ago


I missed if it was ever stated why Gabriel would require someone supervising his visits, anyone know?

At this point I wouldnt trust the guy not to take off with the child, he has been trying to make Halle's life he// through the child for very long time.
He is a spiteful fatle attraction but that's just opinion, there has to be other reasons a nanny was part of the agreement.

1072 days ago


Good! Halle Berry is doing everything right. While Gabriel Aubry is doing everything wrong. I just don't understand why every time she away or going away to work he has to try and cause a problem. I don't know what going on behind close doors, but I think it is safe to say the judge knows what's going on and is baseing is his/her decision on that knowledge. I hate to say this but Gabriel is going to continue to lose if he keep on playing this sad con game of his. It's obvious the Judge isn't buy it. One other thing? do Mr. Abury knows the meaning of the word agreement.

1072 days ago


I am beginning to think there is something off with Halle Berry. She always has these very messy breakups, with horrible accusations against the men involved. People outside her circle don't know anything about her, but they just assume that she is this poor victim all the time. I didn't really care until now, but there is a little girl involved this time, and I get this feeling that Halle is playing her little games and she doesn't care who gets hurt. If I were Olivier Martinez I would think twice about ever being alone with Nahla. I guarantee when Halle tires of Olivier there will be nasty accusations hurled at him.

1072 days ago


I really don’t understand why everyone’s buggin. It should not matter if there is a nanny or not!!! So therefore having a nanny should not conflict with how you spend time with the kid.

If he really loves the kid and miss having quality time with her, then he should have no problem ignoring the Nanny!!!

Like for real, do people go around not having the true quality time with their kid because they are scared that the cops are watching them? NO!!!! If so, then there’s a major problem and honestly you need to check yourself. Only convicts, or people in the major wrong have to worry about stuff like that.

The only time he may have to worry about her is when he knows that he is doing something wrong, which should not even be a factor!! To top that off every parents make little mistakes, and forgets stuff sometimes, so it would not even be that big of the deal, unless he does something of extreme.
He has the right to say that he feels like Halle thinks that he can not handle their child on his own. BUT saying that the nanny is ruining their realtionship is unacceptable!

1072 days ago

truth hurts    

Judgmental folks should leave the judging to the judge :-)

1071 days ago


Daughter Nahlia looks so much like her dad. Her coloring, nose, eyes, eyebrows..... It's shameful that this man isn't allowed to have a close relationship with his daughter and has to have a spy with him at all times.

1071 days ago
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