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Lindsay Lohan's Makeup

Oh, The Horror!

10/19/2011 2:20 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Lindsay Lohan makeup
Here's Lindsay Lohan getting her probation revoked in court today (left) -- and Tim Curry as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the 1975 film "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (right).

Despite what it may say on Lindsay's booking sheet, only one is a sweet transvestite.

We're just sayin'.



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Oh I agree! Too dark and coppery and too clear lines of demarcation. Did she do her make up in the dark or what? Try pink on sickly white skin

1046 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

;) @ magmax

1046 days ago


Makeup!!! D@mn, I thought that skank was huffing the exhaust from her neighbor's diesel truck which resulted in some blow-by being deposited to each side of her huffing-hole!!!!

1046 days ago


The new mug shot gave me a vague feeling that I'd seen this before. The hairline, the shape of the head...Then I recognized...Robo Cop without his helmet.

1046 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Honestly, looking at her newest mug shot. If the last pics of her I had seen were 3-4 years ago, I would not know who that was. I cant even say what she reminds me of, I am not that mean.

1046 days ago

Thank You Conrad Murray    

Lindsay looks AWFUL. Seriously.. she looks like a tranny in her late 40's.
I'm guessing she OD's within the next year.

1046 days ago


Tim Curry looking sexy. Lindsay pretty silly.

1046 days ago


Lindsay Lohan's Mom, Dina Lohan, Stunned and Upset Over Revoked Probation
October 20, 2011 01:05 AM EDT

There's always one person rushing to Lindsay Lohan's defense no matter how much she screws up. That would be her mom, Dina Lohan, who once again made excuses for her daughter's behavior. After today's court hearing, in which the judge revoked the star's probation and had her led out of court in handcuffs, Dina Lohan spoke to RumorFix about the injustice of it all.

Reaching out to her daughter immediately after the hearing, Dina Lohan said that their conversation "was just mommy telling my child, we'll get through this — just get through this." She said that she was truly stunned by the judge's ruling because "usually in New York state — the judge usually follows the ruling of probation and they didn't in this case." Lindsay Lohan's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, must not have told Dina Lohan that what happens in New York won't have any effect in the California case.

Not only was Dina Lohan stunned that the California judge didn't do what New Yorkers do, she thought that the judge was quite unfair. "She [The judge] was cutting Shawn [Lindsay's attorney] off a lot and wouldn't let her speak and tell the court about all the hours Lindsay completed already," she said. In her eyes, her daughter has done nothing wrong and is just "trying to juggle a lot of balls right now and survive." Judge Sautner actually revoked the probation because the former Disney star got herself kicked out of her court-mandated service at the Downtown Women's Center. Dina Lohan may want to get a grip on reality for her daughter's sake and speak to some of the homeless and low-income women helped by the Downtown Women's Center. Maybe then she'll realize what it really means to fight to survive.

1046 days ago

Good riddance!    

Ah, once again the wildlife photographers of TMZ have captured the autumnal migratory flight of the brown toothed crack mallard as she flies from bar to bar, crack house to crack house, paid escort gig to paid escort gig, before settling in her natural habitat of warm bosom of the nurturing LA County Jail system. Fly home, young crack mallard! Fly home......

Right back to jail.

1046 days ago

Willy Brown    

ignore the **** and she'll go away to a waffle house near you

1045 days ago


Lindsay's next court date is November 2 and she's supposed to serve at least two days per week on cleanup duty at the morgue between now and then. [NYP]
Supposedly Lindsay is telling friends that she's going to try to impress the judge by cleaning up blood and guts and the morgue every day until November 2. She says this is the "big warning she needs to get her act together" — as if there haven't been dozens of warnings in the past. [TMZ]


I heard 16 hours a week as well, so why are so many people saying differently? Do you not have ears?

1045 days ago


Well maybe she figured since she has a chance of being locked up for 6 months - she needed to put on 6 months worth of blush today??

1045 days ago


Lindsay didn't take into account the fact that she lost her tan during house arrest and that it is now OCTOBER. Had her skin a few shades darker, as it was, let's say, in July, her choice may have worked. Clearly she has a dismorphic view of herself and reality. She doesn't need a psychologist, she needs a psychiatrist, her "schizm" or break from reality, to me, seems like the onset of schizophrenia, in its true definition. This is opposed to Hollywood's and the media's false, mistakan protrayal as a multipersonality disorder. Instead, its more a hallucination of perception and ideas.

1045 days ago

Lt. Markinson    

She looks terrible, send her a*s to jail tho. She deserves time.Still thinks she is better than the rest of the world.

1045 days ago


She is so freaking ugly. She is history in HOllywood! Gosh, she is so messed up.

1045 days ago
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