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Lindsay Lohan [Video]

The $80k Morgue Rejection

10/20/2011 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan hit the L.A. County Morgue in style this morning ... rolling up in an $80,000 Porsche Panamera ... before being turned away at the door.

Lindsay was spotted at a back entrance ... talking with a morgue staffer who appeared to be informing the actress that she needed to go to a different entrance ... redirecting her to the front of the building.

As we previously reported, LiLo was 40 minutes late ... and the Coroner's Office sent her ass home without credit.

Lohan claims she'll try again tomorrow.


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Hope she makes it there tomorrow. She needs to pick out a designer body bag and the table she wants her autopsy on.
She looked about ready for both yesterday in court.

1101 days ago

diane smith    

well some one please lock her up chuck the key away. im sick of reading about her on here, who in there right mind gives a .arp. im in the UK and i wish she would go away

1101 days ago


I only have one question: What was that chick doing with her mouth?

1101 days ago


Calling her Benjamina she working her way towards being nothing

1101 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Dilo just announced that Lilo is being made an example of and that everyone runs late in Cali because the traffic is bad. Dilo has contacted her attorney and is considering legal options.

Story developing......

1101 days ago


She did this on purpose! Oops wrong entrance that can be her excuse for being late. Does she really think she's going to fool the Judge with this. C'mon Lindsay grow up and realise you're not on the kiddie playground anymore!! If you want to party with the girls all night you have to get up and go to work with the women in the morning!
Seriously what a loser! Didn't even make her first day, and to think at one time I supported this idiot!! She'll never change of that I am convinced 100%. Lock this garbage up!

1101 days ago

AGENT smith    

Does anyone know when the last time Lindsay's dad had a job was? What does he do for a living? I know he did time in prison on several occasions for a total of seven years in prison. He lost his license to sell stocks for insider trading. Does he have a job other than selling false information to the tabloids and trying to destroy his daughters career because she won't talk to him.

1101 days ago


Yeah LA traffic is a valid excuse. I visit there several times a year and have done so for 15 years. Never been late once and Idon't even live there.

1101 days ago


Wow. That is one dumb azz. Looks fade and dumb is forever!

1101 days ago


Get a different camera man, this one suks

1101 days ago


That Porsche is probably a rental. Lindsay rents cars like that to give the paparazzi the ILLUSION that she's still a big Hollywood starlet.

That young actress Emma Stone looks a bit like Lindsay used to with the red hair and all that. She has a much better personality. She's a cool girl. Kind of hot too.

Lindsay has been UNCOOL for at least the last 5 years and she's not looking too hot anymore if you look at how she came to court yesterday.

Emma is getting all the good acting gigs like "Easy A" and Spiderman that Lindsay MIGHT have had a shot at if she wasn't so clueless and irresponsible.

1101 days ago


i like Lindsay Lohan and i think she is pretty and sexy and because she is an [Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominated Actress] i think she is also a good actress but i think if the 2 times she got caught driving drunk she that day would have taken a taxi instead of trying to drive intoxicated none of these problems would have happened, the same goes for P.a.r.i.s-H.i.l.t.o.n sometimes taking a taxi at the right time can save your show business career...

1101 days ago



1101 days ago

Ghost Rider    

@RW, It would be cool if you changed your avatar to Lindsay Leaving the courtroom in cuffs. I would do it myself but Im not that computer savy.

1101 days ago


Yeah, she's definitely taking this seriously, isn't she? I mean, to do this the day after being in court? She is seriously f'd in the head.

1101 days ago
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