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Lindsay Lohan [Video]

The $80k Morgue Rejection

10/20/2011 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan hit the L.A. County Morgue in style this morning ... rolling up in an $80,000 Porsche Panamera ... before being turned away at the door.

Lindsay was spotted at a back entrance ... talking with a morgue staffer who appeared to be informing the actress that she needed to go to a different entrance ... redirecting her to the front of the building.

As we previously reported, LiLo was 40 minutes late ... and the Coroner's Office sent her ass home without credit.

Lohan claims she'll try again tomorrow.


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Why did they have to put that haggard assistant in the video? That bitch is delusional and trash.

1108 days ago


Maybe they turned her away because they thought she was a zombie trying to eat them!

1108 days ago


Interesting her assistant can call to tell them Lindsay is possibly going to be late, but can't ask for directions or where she needs to enter the building. I can hear Judge Sautner telling the Sheriff to ready a "room" for Lindsay now.

1108 days ago


Are you kidding me? 40 minutes late after the way things went in court yesterday! Wow!!

1108 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I LOVE the thought of this! Funny how most of us are beyond this type of work in our lives, and to think her first exposure to real work will be at the morgue! She will wish she were in jail after Day 2 of this, when and if she ever shows up!

Linds will clean tables where autopsies are performed - and various body parts and fluids often remain for disposal - per Judge Stephanie Sautner's orders.

She will also be sweeping floors, cleaning toilets, washing windows and picking up trash. Lindsay must do 16 hours at the morgue before November 2.

Lohan is telling friends she gets why Judge Sautner threw the book at her today and intends to put in those hours - plus overtime - at the morgue.

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1108 days ago


Lindsay needs to hire a big, burly woman assistant who used to be in the Marines to keep her out of trouble and "save her from herself". Seriously.

Lindsay thinks everyone is out to get her when SHE is actually her own worst enemy.

1108 days ago


Yeahhhhhhhh, I can get there fashionably late, 5 - 10 min., smoke a last cig in my Porshe w/my cute assistant, stroll in at quarter after, shouldn't be a big deal,....sign in & grab a coffee & stroll back outside for another quick smoke & come back in at 8:30, should be o.k., doubt they really get going till after 9:00, & then I can say hi to everyone & answer all their questions about being a movie star & sign a few autographs, take pictures,etc...& then around 10:00 I imagine everyone will get a coffee smoke break & then after I'll be ready for work, I'm sure that's what will happen & then I can zoom out of there for an hour lunch & come back a lil late, ......&&&&....

1108 days ago


I don't like Micheal Lohan , but he is not living off of Lindsay ...No he's not...He has his own businesses based out of florida and california..... He' is not the one on Speed dial....he is not the one handling her "career"....he is not the one pimping out his kids to make money and live his dream life off of their backs....Dina Lohan is.......
Yes she likes media attention thats his business and he will use it to make money for himself ..but he is trying to get help for his daughter whom has shown the world that she is a heavy weight drug addict with mental problems that her Mother still refuses to acknowledge ....If anyone needs to share the blame for Lindsay it is her mother not Micheal Lohan.....anytime he has been in the news with Lindsay he has been trying to get her help not denying the obvious...... Dina has waged a massive campaign of hate and malice against this man for several years each time he tries to help or get close to his kids she goes on the attack...and it is a Attack, Lindsay didn't learn her conning, lieing, and whoring from a idiot but a expert who is Dina balance out what you have read and what you see and tell me who comes off with the shyty end of this stick......Dina Lohan so give the man a break he doesn't want to see his daughter in the morgue working or in a body bag.........!

1108 days ago


Screw doing all this pathetic excessive court ordered **** Lindsay.
Just max out and you will do a few weeks max now that non violent felons are being given county jail sentences instead of a prison sentence.

Go Lindsay and Shawn.


1108 days ago


Why doesn't she just get a driver who can follow directions? Just get dropped off and no need to park.

1108 days ago

Thank You Conrad Murray    

What an idiot. She was probably too busy doing meth or crack to show up on time.
I'm this is all for nothing. She'll OD within a year.

1108 days ago


I'm sorry but her being late again to an appt she had to have made with the morgue and then denied entry looks bad. Period. There is no two ways about it people.

1108 days ago


"Hello. Crate And Barrel?
Yes, may we help you?
"This is LNor. Can you sent all your champagne glasses real soon - like right now, please?"
All of them?
"Yeah. Everything you've got. Money means nothing to us".
OK. Can you give us the name on your account, please?
"It's Linds. You know who she is".

1108 days ago


What did her lawyer say? She needs to earn money to support her family? I think maybe she's full of doo doo.

1108 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Attention seeking females shouldn't be allowed to buy and drive cars and roll around in them at a rated speed of 65/70mph that was meant to breath at nothing less than 100mph. That is a waste of professional craftmanship and a total insult to its designers.

1108 days ago
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