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Ashton Kutcher [Video]

'People Can Bastardize the Truth'

10/21/2011 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Ashton Kutcher posted a video online -- rambling on about the "state of honesty" and the "state of truth" in the media ... and even though he doesn't specifically reference the drama surrounding his marriage to Demi Moore ... it's pretty clear what he's talking about.


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How can anyone think this guy is handsome?? Ugh! Get a hair cut and clean up the face. what a loser.

1075 days ago


Would have watched this but I realized Ashton is in the kabalha (I don't care how it's spelled) cult.

1075 days ago


Looking for Truth,Ashton? Look in the Holy Bible. You will never find peace w/ God through that cult you're involved in.Christ Jesus is the answer.Hear me now---believe me later!

1075 days ago


Hobo, dysfunctional nerd!

1075 days ago


what does this say about the american education system? this douche is preaching about something that we should all learn in high school. i'm happy he can read and poorly summarize text. however, there is no original thought or content to anything this douchetard is saying. i'm so sick of america and the level of intelligence that is supposedly represented in celebrities who think they are educated. ps. he voted for president bush. that's enlightenment.

1075 days ago


Really! Its like a Sheen repeat meltdown in the there something in the water at 2 and half the exec's are going OMG not again!

1075 days ago


Is this kid full of himself or what? Does he have the remotest idea how ridiculous he sounds in his attempt to be "intellectual" or "contemplative"? Seriously: he and Demi belong together, imo. She's as vapid as he is.

1075 days ago


This guy represents and embodies pretty much everything that is wrong in Hollywood these days: minimal talent spun into something supposedly interesting; massive hypocrisy and phoniness; zero style with very little substance. He is a first-rate, uneducated media whore trying to pass himself off as something akin to Steve Jobs. The creators of Two and a Half Men were fools to pay this idiot what he is earning – horrible actor who doesn’t even come close to the talent of Charlie Sheen. Sheen has issues but he never claimed to be anything then what he was unlike this phony. He also has talent. If this guy is the best they can do, I’ve given up on supposed entertainment cranked out by HW.

1075 days ago


Ashton what the hell are you doing? Chucky is not going to be happy. You need to start by getting honest and faithful to your wife. Stay away from the call girls etc. and the crazy life. Look how Charlie went down living so wreckless. You are blessed to make good money. Dont take it for granted. Take care of your spiritual life. Be well balanced. Money can not feed your spirit.

1075 days ago


Where's his wedding ring?

1075 days ago


Where's your wedding ring Ashton??

1075 days ago


Please -- you can see right thru this world load of cr#p. All this drama to pump the show...make it seem like he is the same way on the pgm as he is in real life. Get a Life !! Attention hounds...real dogs !

1075 days ago


there is alot of truth to what he said...its sad so many people dont take the time to really listen and understand what he is saying.

1075 days ago


who cares. craw in your hole. take care of your face (the money maker) and count your money. and stop bothering us with your life. we do not care. you are irrelevant.

1075 days ago


Like who gets gives a flying ****, you did wrong, BRING BACK CHARLIE, Dude you ain't done it!! Bottom line, Go Back to acting class.

1075 days ago
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