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Demi Moore

Flyin' Solo

at Hollywood Comedy Show

10/22/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Moore wedding ring close upWith no Ashton in sight, Demi Moore hit up Sarah Silverman's comedy show in L.A. Thursday night with some friends -- and she even brought her wedding ring along for the ride.

One source at the show tells us Demi appeared to be having a good time -- laughing and hanging out ... "like a regular person."


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TMZ, great job, as usual: I am positively incensed that you did NOT tell the whole story re: Demi & Ashton, a couple for whom you are clearly NOT rooting; this is clearly the case. IF you (journalists?!! puhleeeeze!!) were anything close to fulfilling the requirements to producing and representing some form of journalistic integrity, then you WOULD HAVE noted in the FULL ON video (posted ALL over the web by now), that Ashton DOES INDEED HAVE HIS WEDDING RING ON. In just one of at some "somewhat more honest and reputable pubs" out there, the ENTIRE VID is shown, that is, ALL 3 MINUTES and 59 Seconds!!! Keep showing US the whole thang, TMZ. Don't let up!!
At approx. the 48-50 second mark into the video, Ashton raises both hands and you see the WEDDING RING.

1036 days ago


I think what they had was beautiful at one time and for real but he is growing out of her due to his youth. Obviously she is far more stable. He might also now be thinking of procreating, being a Father etc. This cannot happen with her. I also think he is a "threesome" kind of guy. I bet she has done things she didn't want to do to "please him." Move on Demi. You are better off alone and start EATING. He ain't worth it I am sure. He isn't even funny. 2.5 men will sink very soon.

1035 days ago


Demi needs a more mature fellow - - he looks like her son and he acts like a loud teenager. What was she thinking!!

1035 days ago


Ashton was out bastardizing the word bastardizing. Guess you have to pull language out of another century in this situation.

1035 days ago


Hey folks just in case you didn't notice older women date younger guys now. We aren't stupid anymore and looking for old wrinkly balls.

1035 days ago


Demi usually gets divorced when her husband gets too old and successful. Now that Ashton is raking in big buck for Two and a Half Men she'll probably move on to someone younger. Maybe go lesbo this time around because she's never been quite the same since G.I. JANE. I'm thinking Demi Lovato. Wouldn't that be cute. Demi Demi.

1035 days ago


demi needs to go to rehab for anorexia and bulimia, alcoholism, and codependency. she is in severe denial..out of touch with reality. the marriage was a total mistake. i dont condone cheating, ever, but they need a divorce asap.

1035 days ago


demi needs to go back into rehab for her alcoholism, anorexia and bulimia, and have her wedding ring on goes to show you how pathetic, and in denial she is...what a tragedy..she wont get anyone...she is, and has been a total mess. talk about out of reality, marrying someone her kid's age. he needs to be with women his own age. i do not condone cheating, but he needs to be single.

1035 days ago


I don't know or much care what's going on with them. I do know that you have to have a real relationship left over when the hot cougar sex thing wears off.

1035 days ago


I love Demi. I think she still looks beautiful. I wouldn't have chosen Ashton as a husband for her though. It was just a matter of time that his over inflated ego tricked him into thinking he could do better than Demi or maybe get away with being a douchebag!!!

1035 days ago


she doesn't look that bad, and Ashton is a cry baby sissy girl, he goes on and on in his Bastardizing video Get A Grip and stop popping the downers.

1035 days ago


Yes she is older, but for anyone who thinks she LOOKS old is insane. She looks amazing for her age, always has. She doesnt look like a plastic surgery freak either. Go Demi, you are one fabulous woman

1035 days ago


I don't think she looks old, anyway she will always be prettier than most 20 yr. olds because of good bone structure. Ashton is not appealing to me at all - reminds me of the stupid brother-in-law in the Christmas Vacation movie. He's not that attractive either - however, I think Demi really did love him, and not just because of his so called "boyish looks" Everyone should leave her alone - it hurts very badly to lose someone you love, and I can't even imagine going through this in such a public way. Hollywood is one big lie that only shows itself to be once actors/ actressess reach a certain age. Most of us would've been duped by Hollywood also if we were thrown into fame. So why are we so cruel to her? She is human, she hurts like the rest of us. Pray for her. She is lost. Jesus is the only one who can give her hope.

1035 days ago


Demi Moore does NOT look GOOD at all!!!!!

1032 days ago
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