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CSI Creator's Wife

You Cancelled My Black Card!

10/23/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The estranged wife of the creator of the "CSI" shows -- who is embroiled in an epic divorce -- has learned a truism first hand ... once you go black, you can never go back.

Jennifer Zuiker claims hubby Anthony Zuiker shut down her American Express Black Card.  For those of you who aren't acquainted, it's something you will never have in your lifetime.

In the divorce docs obtained by TMZ ... Jennifer claims she had been regularly charging $40,000 - $60,000 per month on the Black Card, and now she's SOL -- left with a MasterCard with a measly $25k limit. FYI, with a Black Card, there's no limit, but cardholders must spend a minimum of $250,000 a year. That's not a typo.

But Anthony says, though his lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, "Petitioner's concern is that she will no longer have a black Centurion Card to use because it is a status symbol." Priceless.

And it only gets better. Jennifer wanted Anthony to foot the $181,381 bill for the Alexander McQueen clothing bill he refused to pay for more than a year. It was the Fall, 2010 collection ... stupid.

It appears from court docs the parties have now settled this beef, but the divorce is still bitter and ongoing.

Rich people's problems. Very, very rich.


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just the shock value of knowing there is such a "card" is like a public service announcement, like 60 Minutes, like Democracy Now, like

1098 days ago


I bet Harvey has or could have a black card.

1098 days ago


Time to earn your own money, cow. If one spouse is a main earner it should be made law that the other could get a maximum of 100k out of it from a divorce. It is time to take away the power from greedy lazy women.

1098 days ago


****. Id be happy just being able to spend $1,000. Thats not a typo. On disability I collect less than $12,000 a year. I couldnt imagine being able to spend $250,000 a year.

1098 days ago


only dumb asses own one of those cards.because you have to be a dumb ass to own something that requires you spend 250k a year on it just to have it.

1098 days ago


or, as talented folks of Yor living on Stanley Hills Dr. could

1098 days ago

The Real JJ    

Now i ain't sayin she a golddiger, but... You know the rest.

1098 days ago


She should find a nice job and earn some money and maybe she'll discover that there's no life without work. Yeah right!

1098 days ago


Just have her killed!

1098 days ago


"...she had been regularly charging $40,000 - $60...,000 per month on the Black Card..."

OK, stop right there. Someone needs to bitchslap this woman, and then tell her to get a job. I'm pretty sure she doesn't earn the money she's giving away like it's halloween candy; imagine her horrifying fall back to earth when she realizes that MONEY ISN'T FREE; you actually have to earn it...

1098 days ago


What´s wrong with these women??! Knowing the situation in the world today, with so many people starving or struggling to get money on the table every day this attitude pisses me off. Zuiker is obviously a smart genius having come up with such a successful concept - but I am sure he has worked his *** off making it happen. He deserves his fortune. Jennifer should go out and get a job and stop whining.

1098 days ago

There's a problem here    

Why is it these people live mega lives for mega bucks then will practically kill themselves because of the agony of not having carte blanche thousands and thousands of dollars at a toss? Screw you lady and everyone who looks like you. Try living like the rest of us peons. I'm betting even with struggling we're 100 X happier than you could ever be.

1098 days ago


The difference between a hooker and a gold digging wife? The hooker actually puts out for the money she gets.

1098 days ago

the real diva    

oh that poor woman. what ever will she do?i guess she will need to get a job. learn to budget and make her own money...what a shame.she will have to work like the rest of us.

1098 days ago


Suuuck it up, princess. Why don't you send some cupcakes to Alexander McQueen? And then, make do like the rest of us, with the fall 2011 collection at Sears...

1098 days ago
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